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What "was" your first car?

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Well, back in my day, Cubs didn't have PWD! But that got me thinking. I posted that my first (owned) car was a 1948 Ford F1 panel truck, and that is true.

But the first car I DROVE (dad wouldn't let me try the family cars yet, and I doubt if he ever found this out), belonged to the next door brothers, who were about ten years older than I at the time and had a good garage (the family owned a farming/sawmill/logging business). I was , oh, maybe 12 or 13. They were what we might call "modifiers" now. They took a 1948 or so CROSLEY (!) and shoehorned a small Ford V8 and 3 speed manual into it. That thing could burn rubber, or at least tear up the farm roads behind their house. I remember the floor board under the front seat was non-existant, being that the transmission took up most of that space.

Ah me......

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>You all call yourself Scouters but NO ONE has reported that their first car was a Pinewood Derby car!<


Oddly enough...


The pack I was in didn't do pinewood derby until a few years after my crossover to the troop(This message has been edited by oldisnewagain1)

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1973 chevelle 2 door. my dad purchased it new in memphis in 73 as a left over fleet vehicle. 250 inline 6, 3 on the tree, no radio, no ac, etc, all for $2200. I saved my money and had a 350 dropped into it when it went to me in 1983.

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The first car that was truly "mine" was a 66 Mustang convertible that we bought used for $700 in 1971. When the top started leaking, sold it and bought a 69 VW beetle that I loved and drove for 250,000 miles.


Prior to that, I drove my mom's 69 Pontiac Tempest Custom S (4 dr version of the LeMans), or my dad's 63 Rambler American stripper model (no radio, carpet or AC and 3 on the tree).

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oldisnew: Some of us are soooooooooo old that we predate Pinewood races. If I had been a cub, it would have not been a part, as I joined as an 11 year old in 1955; so the Pinewood Derby was just being developed.


But I did have some toy cars of some sort, likely models of early 20th century cars; don't really remember when I started building them. And of course, surely I had some kind of basic toy car; but only remember mm dump truck, which was cool because it actually had the back tip if you wanted it to, using a lever on the side; and it was one of those larger metal ones.

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