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  1. I like Knot Guide HD for the ipad (available as knot guide for the iphone). I searched for BSA On-the-GO but could not find it for the iphone/ipad. is that an android app ?
  2. Blancmange, thanks for pointing that out. even though the facebook page is a 'closed group', it is open to all members of the pack, which is similar to what scoutfish said. The facebook page is just one of our methods of communicating for the pack along with printed newsletters, emails, www page, and text messages for parents without internet access.
  3. re basementdwellers post regarding facebook, I forgot to mention we also have a facebook page for the pack, just set it up as a 'closed group'. it is a good way to post pictures and also to set up a rsvp for pack events. also, google calendar can be set so that it shows up in other www sites such as scoutlander.
  4. I have been using google sites for the past year, which is free, but now I am switching the pack www site to scoutlander (www.scoutlander.com). It is now free and I like the fact that a secure section can be set up for parents and leaders to keep track of who is active and individual scout accounts.
  5. our district cub scout twilight camp was two weeks ago. had the boys divided into tiger/wolf, bear, and webelos groups. the only tigers in our group were three boys, all of which required to have a parent present (all of the parents were leaders - CM, ACM, and a DL). The tigers did well, most difficult part was the first day (they didnt know what to expect), and the need to assist them more with the archery and BB guns. I wish the district had some smaller Daisy buck bb guns for the tigers.
  6. 1973 chevelle 2 door. my dad purchased it new in memphis in 73 as a left over fleet vehicle. 250 inline 6, 3 on the tree, no radio, no ac, etc, all for $2200. I saved my money and had a 350 dropped into it when it went to me in 1983.
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