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  1. It takes a lot of faith to believe in science. No it doesn't. You don't need to "believe" in something that can be conclusively proven, reproduced, and independently verified. As a Conservative Christian who believes in Creation and a Herpetologist who loves science including evolutionary history, this is how I look at it: Science is the study of natural phenomena. Supernatural is thus beyond the scope of science. When looking at things from a scientific viewpoint, it is important to keep any supernatural beliefs out of the study because that would taint the science and ma
  2. Late to discussion, but with respect to a boy scout working on merit badges while out of town with counselors who are family - I don't have a problem with it, but don't the current regs say that there must be TWO scouts at every meeting with a counselor? I suppose that could be done if he has a sibling or visits a troop in the area and finds someone to go with him.
  3. I still have an acoustic coupler and a 300 baud modem I remember those - Dad had one, he used with a terminal to connect to the mainframe at work. Sometimes he would let us play Adventure, Rogue, and Wumpus on it. and an old computer with a serial port... I have a relatively new computer with a serial port. I need it to talk to my TI86 and to my Garmin. -=- Oh, with respect to cell phones, I think they should be allowed but turned off unless there is an emergency. Sure, I grew up fine without one, but there were phone booths here and there and mom made me carry a dime.
  4. Both troops I was in actually seem to be active, though they don't show up in the zip code troop search. Troop 71 seems to have changed districts (But same council), is that common? Maybe it died and the number was just recycled? Troop 111 (the last troop I was in) - every year, we did a pancake breakfast for a fundraiser, using a secret recipe that won at some state fair back I think in the 30s. While searching on-line to try to find out when it died, i came across a newspaper article giving the date and time for the breakfast in 2010 - so they apparently are still alive as wel
  5. Geocaching: Discuss first aid and prevention for the types of injuries or illnesses that could occur while participating in geocaching activities, including cuts, scrapes, snakebite, insect stings, tick bites, exposure to poisonous plants, heat and cold reactions (sunburn, heatstroke, heat exhaustion, hypothermia), and dehydration. I do not geocache but I have accidentally found several geocaches (initially as a muggle) while looking for Reptiles and Amphibians. Geocachers tend to hide them, and the places they hide them are often homes to rattlesnakes, skunks, bats, etc. so I can underst
  6. Yes, but when you are splashing around inflating your clothes, what do you do with the chicken? LOL! I'm glad I wasn't drinking milk when I read that! -=- I use to be a lifeguard and in lifeguard training, we had to do it as well, sans training. The scenarios where it actually could come in useful are rare, in most cases when you fall in water fully clothed, you want to strip and get to shore. I could see it being useful if, say, you were taking a fairy ride to commute across a body of water and something happened.
  7. 1974 Lemon Yellow VW Super Beetle. Purchased used.
  8. With respect to recruiting, I did not go through the cub scouts. I joined my troop because one day I saw them all in uniform with backpacks hiking through my neighborhood. A couple of them I knew. They looked good, it instantly became something I wanted to belong to. They were hiking to the camporee, and the next year, I was hiking with them to the camporee, and we were the only troop that hiked in. At the time, it was a very active troop. Every month of the year had an outing and the only outings we didn't backpack in to was summer camp and the yearly snow camp. Anyway, I jus
  9. Boy Scouts should be for boys. * Hygiene on a 50 miler is a lot easier when only 1 sex is present. * That age is the age range where hormones rage, to have both sexes together complicates things because they are trying to impress each other, may be shy around the opposite sex, etc. - they deal with that every day at school, church, - scouting is an escape from that. Cub Scouts I could potentially see as coed but cub scouts is suppose to lead into Boy Scouts, I think it would be unfair to let girls into cub scouts but deny them from advancing. Aren't there brownie troops the yo
  10. Thanks - I think I'll fix it up - period appropriate patches to replace the worn out ones seem readily available, and just never wear it, just keep it as something by which to remember the good old days (the intent of fixing it up), and then go with a new uniform for any events that call for a uniform to be worn.
  11. Badges of Rank Are for Youth Members In Scouting, the advancement program is intended for youth members only. Scouters should neither seek awards designed for youth members nor wear them on the Scouter uniform except for square knots �representing the Arrow of Light Award, Eagle Scout Award, Venturing Silver Award, Quartermaster Award, or religious emblems earned as a youth member. That answers #4
  12. I would like to restore my old 80s era Uniform, even if I never have an opportunity to wear it. Shirt no longer fits so I'll have to try to find a new one, but anyway, here are my questions: 1) When I was in Troop 71, we had the 25 badge above the troop designation, as the troop had been chartered continuously for 25 years. The troop no longer exists, so I assume it would NOT be appropriate to move that patch to new shirt. Correct? 2) Quality Unit 1987 is on the sleeve under where Patrol Patch goes. I remember back then, each year we had to replace it. Since that was the last year
  13. I forgot to mention - I achieved the rank of Star before I left scouting. 10 merit badges, 8 skill awards.
  14. Let me start out by saying I am an adult, 38 years of age. I do not have a wife or kids, but I was a scout in the 80s. Originally I joined Troop 71 in the Herms District of the Mount Diablo Council, CA Later after changing schools, I switched to Troop 111 also in Herms District. I graduated really early and started taking classes at the local Community College, and lost interest in scouting. Well, didn't so much lose interest and I became interested in too many other things and changed my priorities. I currently am very active in field herpetology and am considering becoming
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