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It won't happen to me!

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From my old muscle car/teenager days -


FORD = Found On Road Dead


Back then, I was a Chevy man. Had a '71 jet black El Camino with a 396 big block and Keystone mags. Then a '67 Camaro SuperSport (boy, do I wish I still had that). After accumulating the requisite number of speeding tickets to have my license suspended for a month or two, I decided the wise thing to do was to buy a 'small' car that I couldn't get into trouble with. Bought a Ford Mustang II, which turned out to be the proverbial piece. Haven't bought a Ford since...but I really do like the look of the new retro Mustang. I'll have to ask them about the cruise control/spontaneous combustion problem when I test drive one tonight.


So, I guess another Ford truck is not in your future? Goin' Dodge?



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UNBELIEVABLE!! The CNN headline this afternoon is: "Ford document: Millions of vehicles have fire risk part" ... "Several fire investigators hired by insurance companies and auto engineers consulted by CNN say a $20 switch is causing some Fords to ignite."


Why couldn't I have replaced that part YESTERDAY ??????????? arrrghh!



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Hi Gern! Hi Gern!

Still having trouble with DPS (double post syndrome), eh? I empathize - for my first several months here, I suffered from the dreaded TPS (truncated post syndrome). It went away mysteriously, but taught me to be succinct.


Reportedly, Ford is denying all responsibility, for these spontaneous combustions, but a class action lawsuit has been filed. We showed the pictures (ain't digital great!) to a lawyer friend. He passed them around his office and everybody wanted the case. I have faith that eventually justice will prevail, but these things take time.


And the inconvrnience is pretty substantial. We actually used the truck for ranch work


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Well, after 24 hours I'm recovered from the shock and am working with the insurance company. They are already handling several other similar exploding F150 cases.


Sempers' SM minute was great, but I've also come up with my own, as promised. If you're curious, I've posted it under the SM Minutes forum.

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Wow. Deja Vu

Many years ago my beloved mother (God Rest Her Soul) had a new mustang GT. Sweet Car, brand new 1989 (didn't realize it had been so long ago). Anyway, she brought it home from grocery shopping with a full tank of gas. 7 hours later it self ignited in our driveway. As we lived in rural TN we had several fire extinguishers and managed to put it out before the fire dept got there. Insurance company said "Don't worry, we can rebuild it" and they did but it was never the same, always had bugs after that (as if self igniting wasn't a big enough bug) and she finally got rid of it. Really a big case of Deja Vu to hear about Ford problems like this as Ford denied any problem with her Mustang.

I drive a Dodge

Kristi(This message has been edited by cajuncody)

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The silver lining is that it self-destructed alone and not moving.


You asked a bout a SM's minute or something.


I drove a little Ford truck (* probably inspired the song "Great Balls of Fire", goodness gracious) for a very few years and it went the way of all Fords. It seemed to always be in the shop and having problems. Finally, I got lightly rear ended and it buckled like a beer can. (I still have a nagging neck problem) I traded it in for a second-hand Toyota truck. I am driving it today and am getting close to 300 K. I have been happy with the good gas mileage and low maintenance qualities. The paint is a little dull, a few parking lot bumps have appeared, the seat covers are a showing wear, and my wife says it smells. I realize it doesn't put me in the competition for the top ten stylists in our fair city but I have saved a buck or two and I have a degree of popularity when anyone wants to move.


My Toyota pick-up has carried me far and wide. My hope is to be buried in it so it will deliver me for my very last ride.



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Trev: The same thing happened to someone I work with. Late model f150 caught fire spontaneously. Shortly after, I read that a switch or circuit or (something electrical) having to do with the cruise control can overheat (yes, with the engine off) and cause a fire. We got a recall for our 2000 Expedition having to do with this. It sounds to me like this is what happened to your pickup. I drive an F-150 for work. Model year 2004, no recall notice rec'd on it .... yet. Best of luck on working things out w/ insurance.

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So...this thread must be one of the 'hot sheets'. I suppose there's another 'bug' roaming the planet, better get my defibrilator (or whatever it's called) and start the hunt.;)


And Ed, I sympathize with the drunk driver thing, been there, done that. But regarding the repeat, uhhhh, PM me with your address. I want to try to avoid that area.:)


Seriously, I have the same feeling about GM and Chrysler products...they make pretty good anchors. I guess any utility vehicle is going to be high maintenance by definition. I'll stick with my old '67 International. On blocks in the front yard. Under my Confederate flag. Nesting chickens on the seat.;)


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It's like lightening striking twice! Lived in my house for 25 years & these are the 1st instances like this! The best thing is I get a new wall which I needed!


Ed Mori

Troop 1

1 Peter 4:10

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