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  1. OK, Here's a try with Firefox. Sorry to all those who are reading this thread whilst I try to exorsise the demons from my PC. One Single Ping.......
  2. I fear being labeled as a ludite, although that is what I aspire to. I have popup blocker enabled and I notice the submission page is redirected to a subordinate page before being transfered back to the sending page. Looks like that is causing the double posting. I'll try with Firefox later. One single ping again.....
  3. Hmmmmm. Definetly double post. I use IE 6 on WINXP. Until I figure this out, I won't participate in any discussion. OK here I go...I will press "Submit Your Message" just once. One single ping.....
  4. Must be my browser. I only clicked it once.
  5. Sounds like Ford just bought you a new truck! Except for the inconvience, I think you just hit the lottery.
  6. testing to see if i double post.
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