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I am dealing with a lot of conflicting feelings this morning regarding a council camproee happening this weekend.


Rock band competition?


a pinewood derby?


Firebuilding competition without fire?


We can't have any fires or charcoal cooking of any kind (even if contained off the ground)


We can buy our meals at the school's dining hall?


Power available for CPAP machines?


your thoughts



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"Firebuilding competition without fire?"




I wouldn't want to go! And I don't think the Scouts in our Troop would want to go either. They like to go camping so they can play with fire... & knives!

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Gotta agree sounds like a lock in


I think we are going to see more and more camporee's not allowing fires. We cannot transport firewood because of the emerald ash borer. $1500 fine if your caught.


FYI....I have designed a power system for my cpap machine so I don't need ac power.


What does it cost per scout???

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RoadKill> We are sleeping in tents - outdoors on a "practice field"


Basementdweller> $20 dollars for the weekend, $10.00 if you only want to come for the day on Saturday


I can understand the transporting of firewood but no charcoal? I guess we can put away the dutch ovens for this one.


Thomas54> WIFI ...too funny

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Gotta have at least one tree to be camping....


and it can't be in a pot...


and a bird would help....


If this was my camporee, I'd figure out some way to trigger the sprinkler system just for some scouting reality to the farce. Then it'd be worth the $20!



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I second SMT224 - how do you have a firebuilding competition without fire? Judge them on prettiness? Scale? Extra points for not having pine shats visible?


I'm of two minds about council camporees and mini-jamborees that bring EVERYONE together, from Tigers to Venturers. While exposing Scouts to the wide range of program activities and getting them excited about the next steps, it also automatically reduces the "camp" part of the "camporee" to the lowest (or youngest, or least-experienced, however you want to put it) common denominator. You can't do the same stuff with Cubs and their parents as you can with a troop of experienced Boy Scouts. I'd be far more supportive of events separated by program level.

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I'm curious about your power system for your CPAP machine. This became a real issue with Jamboree staff registration this year. While camping, I am currently plugging my machine into a Diehard Portable Power 1150A but that only gets me two nights.

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It's doable with an all ages event. Just need to keep things separate with little to no overlap. East Carolina Council just did that last month, and the problem we ran into was long lines in the "central plaza" and some scouts trying to do bowling. Climbing tower was VERY popular, TC son and I waited 50 minutes only to be turned away due to closing, and I bleieve the diversity games also had a line.


Overall i thik it went very well with some minor glitches.

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no spa, but they did offer swimming and swim tests to do boating.


Also the Southeast LA Council out of New Orleans also has a great event that combines every one, but has certain areas for CS only and certain areas for BS and Venturers only.

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my mind is reeling over $20 bucks per scout. Our camporees average about $5 or $6 per scout.. Is that including the food at the cafeteria?


This year we are having a pricy event. $20 for the day, or $45 for the weekend. For the Blue Angels air show, with all food provided, and a T-shirt.. But we are talking the Blue Angels!!!


We did once have a camporee with no fire, but then we didn't have a fire building contest as part of the activities.. and then we could still make our own meals with propane stoves.


Also how can you have a fire building competition if you can't transport in wood. No wood & no fire means you must get very creative. (or is that someone else's area)


Our camporees are still seprate, you will not find a pinewood derby at our camporees. The cub scouts has a chuckwagon, seprate from the troops. Their pinewood derby by unit, and then by winners of each unit all seprate.


Rock band compitition may be fun, but how many are participants and how many are going to end up a spectator because they can't play an instrument, or they play the flute it is hard to rock with the flute? Or they can play, but can't find anyone to make a group with.


Trash can drums or something could get more people involved.


You have an odd one!

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