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Yes, we went...


Was there a fire building without fire?

Yes...they were judged on how they prepared the tinder and wood but were not allowed to start the fire.


Hold out for WiFi?

Sad to say, there was a WiFi signal there.


Was there a candy machine?

No, but you could buy all the candy you wanted from the concessions stand (icees too).


Gaming area?

No gaming area, but there was an inflatable (bounce house) challenge area for venture scouts only. The climbing wall was venture only too because of some safety concerns. (Yet Scouts and Webelos can climb it anywhere else.)


Spa or Lounge?

Nope...But there was a swamp between the highway and the campsites.



With a professional sound system, professional video crew, inflatable large screen to see the rock band finals (instead of a campfire on Saturday night), stages, circus tents, and stadium use (insert sarcasm here) thank goodness they still had enough money to hire skydivers to drop in too.


Speaking of money, it seemed like everything had the event logo on it at the trading post for quite a cost. For example, the plain council strip for $9.00, the grey scale limited edition version for $15, or the limited edition color changing version for $25. But if you spent $100 dollars you got the chance to enter the raffle. My son when in to get a hoodie, saw the price, and walked out saying he wanted nothing there because everything was so overpriced. Trophies for the pinewood derby winners, prize packs for winning patrols, and a flat screen TV for the winner of Rock Band (guitar for runner up) were among the prizes. The only thing that didn't have have the logo was the dime store participant ribbons for the troop flag. (Maybe I could just write the Big Event and date on it with a black Sharpie.)



To answer your question Stosh...

At the risk of sounding 'Savage'

O brave new world! That has such people in't!



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