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  1. Campout - no overnight - perhaps
  2. Forgot to mention, the council is also selling a commemorative DVD of the "event" for $16.
  3. Yes, we went... Was there a fire building without fire? Yes...they were judged on how they prepared the tinder and wood but were not allowed to start the fire. Hold out for WiFi? Sad to say, there was a WiFi signal there. Was there a candy machine? No, but you could buy all the candy you wanted from the concessions stand (icees too). Gaming area? No gaming area, but there was an inflatable (bounce house) challenge area for venture scouts only. The climbing wall was venture only too because of some safety concerns. (Yet Scouts and Webelos can climb it
  4. RoadKill> We are sleeping in tents - outdoors on a "practice field" Basementdweller> $20 dollars for the weekend, $10.00 if you only want to come for the day on Saturday I can understand the transporting of firewood but no charcoal? I guess we can put away the dutch ovens for this one. Thomas54> WIFI ...too funny
  5. I am dealing with a lot of conflicting feelings this morning regarding a council camproee happening this weekend. Rock band competition? a pinewood derby? Firebuilding competition without fire? We can't have any fires or charcoal cooking of any kind (even if contained off the ground) We can buy our meals at the school's dining hall? Power available for CPAP machines? your thoughts
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