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American Legion Patches?

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It's not green!! That's what!!

Anyone can wear blue jeans to an EBOR.  I saw it all the time as the District Rep to EBORs.  One of the board members, a troop committee member once showed up to an EBOR wearing a sweaty T-shirt, shor

Remember, the uniform is not required, only a tool.  NEVER should lack of a uniform be a reason for a youth to not have the program should they want it.  B.P. must have polished his bones well by now

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Never seen a patch like that for BSA uniform.... Maybe a Venturing Scout because they have the option of a unique uniform, but not traditional Boy Scout.


The other could be on the right pocket - temp patch location.(This message has been edited by dg98adams)

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The first one doesn't even seem like it was intended for the scout uniform, but rather an American Legion uniform that would also identify you as a boy scout.


The second one probably was intended for wearing on the boy scout uniform, but somebody at the American Legion probably did not realize you just can put whatever you want on the scout uniform.


As far as a non uniform jacket? Sure, why not?


Maybe on a patch sach ( not MB sash) or any other non uniform scouting jacket/ shirt/hat/ etc.....



Thing is, there is no reason for a CO patch as any other CO does not put it's own patch on the uniform. Just unit number and council patch, and patrol identity patch.


Now, I suppose you could put in on the necker as each unit has the option to design it's own neckerchief.




There's always putting it on the right pocket as a temp patch. But I agree with Basement...it would look bad. That is usually where you put a camp patch, event patch or some kind of training class/event kinda patch.

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I've seen scouts and scouters in AM legion sponored units wear the emblem patches. If memory serves, usually on or above the wearer's right pocket. Or on the wearer's right sleeve.


Seen similiar patches for Lion's Club sponsored troops too.


I recommend discussing with unit and AM leadership, agree on a common location, and sew them on.


Lots of folks will tell you can't do it, because it's unusual, or not in accordance with the insignia guide. But it really doesn't matter. The AM patch does not bring discredit to the BSA uniform. And they sponsor scouting.


Your unit's relationship with the AM is most important one you've got. Let the naysayers nay say, and press on with pride.

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My 2 cents:


I have never seen the "AL BS" patch and we have several local Troops sponsored by the AL.


I agree the round AL patch would be more appropriate as a Necker emblem. Or jacket patch. Not in area above pockets.

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Some American Legion present this 3 inch patch to the pack and troops (and crew), the round patch is usually worn on the pocket (temporary patch placement).


The Shoulder patch is intented for a Legion Scouting (Director) to wear on their blue blazer.


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv

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I've seen the shoulder patch worn on the right sleeve of some scout troops chartered to AL posts.



FYI, there is no such thing as a "Venturing Scout". The youth are called "Venturers". Please use the correct terms.



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I'm COR of an AL sponsored Pack and Troop. I've seen the "Boy Scout" patch worn on the pocket. I agree it doesn't "look right," but perhaps that's where the Troop and/or Post said it should go. Ask your Post Commander for his recommendation on either/both patches--and be PROUD to be a Legion troop!(This message has been edited by FrankScout)

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Technically, neither of them can be worn on a Scout uniform, especially not the round one since it doesn't say "Boy Scouts" or have a fleur-de-lis on it or anything that identifies it as a Scouting patch. I could see a case being made for the "shoulder patch" to be worn in the temporary spot on the shirt, as long as it isn't larger than the pocket (if it's big enough to overlap off onto the shirt, then it's too big). http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/Media/InsigniaGuide/03.aspx says: All temporary insignia must contain identification including one of the following: corporate name (Boy Scouts of America); corporate initials (BSA), BSA fleur-de-lis (universal with eagle or plain one-color), "Venturing BSA", or "Venturing". . . . Only one such patch may be worn at a time. The patch is worn centered on the right pocket and must not exceed the dimension of the seams of the pocket, nor extend higher than the lowest tip of the pocket flap. It may be either sewn or suspended from under the flap attached to the button.


The website says: Consider displaying temporary insignia in ways other than on the official uniform. Here are some suggestions:

Wear it on a BSA red patch vest, campfire robe or blanket, or special neckerchief.

Display it on a wall plaque, trophy hide, or mounted in a frame.

Or, make a special neckerchief slide, sectional totem pole, or flagpole insignia for display.


I'm going to start a red patch vest, personally. When I work with Girl Scouts, I want my vest to be as bling-blinging as their vests are.

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Frank, good point! Any seasoned military vet, especially one who is a post commander, is familiar with the colorful phrase for such nitpicking about uniforms--two words, first one is "chicken" and the second begins with "S"...and the "s" doesn't stand for "salad."

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I just saw this post and we wear ours on the right sleeve as far down as possible. We have been wearing them for 10 years I would say we are fairly exposed and we do out of council events so these patches are seen. No one has ever told us they don't belong on the uniform and the patch does have boy scout on it. We mostly get really nice and looks good so right or wrong we are wearing it and don't plan to stop.

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