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Eagle Board Uniform

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i got a few questions about a eagle board coming up this fall for me. i know i should wear my full uniform but do i need to wear my merit badge sash? if so i need to update that because i haven't sewed a badge on that in well over 3 years ive got like 20 badges sitting in my desk .



about the belt, do i need to wear the belt or can i wear a philmont belt, not a leather one but a cloth one that is green, says philmont and has a slip.


shoes, there arent class A shoes im aware of, so can i jsut wear tennis shoes, boots or dress shoes.




Troop 412 Ohio.


EDIT: my scout master said they ask about all the badges on my uniform, i have a few pins, one i got for my parents donating 100$ to "Friends of scouting" is that allowed to be worn on the front corner of the collar? i have a small gold hand making the should sign pinned to my shoulder flap can i keep that or should i ditch my 2 pins for the board? note the scout sign pin i bought at the scout shop, it has no purpose nor does it signify any award.


i have a old uniform, with the pockets that dont stick out. do i need a new one? should i get green shoulder things? if so my mom will be mad, she already said she didnt want to buy another uniform.


i have a philmont hanging patch i got in 2007, can i keep it on?


thanks again(This message has been edited by NickP412)

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While there's no official uniform to wear for an Eagle BOR, some local councils or districts may have their own informal rules or expectations. Your SM would be the best person to speak with. That said, a few observations...


You don't need a new "Centennial" uniform. Your current one is fine. Ditto for your Philmont patch hanging on the temporary patch pocket.


As for the Philmont belt, this is what the online Insignia Guide says: "Leather camp, high-adventure base, or Wood Badge belts with official BSA buckles also may be worn with the youth or adult uniform.


Personally, I'd ditch the pins and go for simplicity. If the board asks you to explain each of the items on your uniform, you might be best served to select elements that have significant personal meaning to you. Philmont would probably be one of those; your parents' donation pin, maybe not. But that's just my opinion.


Good luck, and have fun!

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yeah i thought after posting i would save my self the trouble and ditch the pins for the board. although im not going lie i like to have things on my shirt other boys dont so i look.....umm important =D. for the board ill ditch the pins.


as for the belt heres the one i have (the green one)




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Short gave you good advice, talk to the SM. Every troop, district and council has different ways of doign things. I'm an use to EBORs being very formal, you wear full uniform: sash, medals, etc. However in one district sashes and medals weren't worn.


My $.02 worth.


In reference to the MB sash, start sewing! If you don't need it for the EBOR, you will want to wear it at the ECOH once approved :)


As for the Philmont patch, HECK YEAH!, wish I had one to wear, I now have three excuses to get one.


As for the Philmont cloth belt, I hate to say it, but I would do without it and wear the regular belt.


As for shoes, "Leather or canvas, neat and clean." However I'ld ditch the tennis shoes for dress shoes or clean and polished boots.


As for pins, they aren't on the uniform inspection sheet, so get rid of them. The Scout Sign one is definitely not meant for uniform wear, but as a tie tac or lapel pin on coats and tie. The FOS pin sounds like that also, but it may be a local award.


Best thing to do is look at the uniform inspection sheet found here:



And the Insignia Guide here http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/Media/InsigniaGuide.aspx


Good luck on your EBOR!

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Yep the belt is nice, I have a HIGH ADVENTURE one that I wear on occasion, but at important event like an EBOR, I'ld wear the standard belt,or a leather one.


As for looking important, it's not how you look, but how you act that gets attention. I've seen some folks all decked out with all kinds of faldercarb, most of it not regulation. The only time I've worn non reg items was 1) My troop totem as it was a troop item and everyone was given one when they joined the troop and told to wear it in full uniform, and #2 my summer cmap staff domino, only to be worn while working summer camp or visiting the camp AND willing to do some work.


A clean uniform with everything your entitled to wear makes a bigger impact than adding stuff to the uniform

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Good questions!


- MB sash: by all means yes

- Belt: wear your Philmont belt with pride

- Shoes: it's a formal ocassion, so formal shoes are in order

- Leave the pins at home

- Old uniform is no probem...just make sure it's clean, dry and serviceable, ironing is also good...no need to buy a new one...an old one that's well taken care of is fine

- Philmont patch: superb, wear it too


Though you didn't ask but just a thought: some scouts like tucking their OA sash over their belt when they are wearing their MB sash. While this is personal preference, for the Eagle board, I submit that less is more, leave the OA sash at home...if you are an OA member, your lodge flap or pocket arrow/ribbon lets the board members know you are a proud member.


Best wishes!

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Another option, bring your MB sash, have it with your ELSP book. Wear your OA sash.


Depends on what's important to you in your heart and why.


Wear your Philmont belt, and wear it with pride :)


BTW, if I were sitting your EBOR, I'd be asking a lot of questions about your Trek, and about the times you had on it. It's a memory worth keeping :)



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You can never go wrong with less and uncluttered.


I would ensure that your uniform is clean and pressed and that it fits well. The centennial uniform and green tabs are not essential. The ODL uniform and red tabs are perfectly acceptable.


The pins should not be on your uniform, nor should you wear or bring an OA sash. The EBOR is not an OA activity...the pocket flap however is fine.


The belt may be impressive....but if it does not meet the requirements on the inspection sheet, it simply offers something that could be questioned. The arrowhead will say it all...and I would absolutely wear that.


Shoes should be appropriate. I would recommend something dark and casual. You can't go wrong with clean hiking boots.


Your sash should be updated so it reflects the records that the board sees. If you have 20 MB laying around, it is time to get them on there. I would question a scout on why they did not think it was necessary to include 20 MB. That is very significant amount and not including them may show a cavalier attitude toward them. Remember, it is perception that is key.


Other than that, relax and consider the board an opportunity, not an obstacle. Good luck....

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wow thanks all of you have been a great help.


ill wear a pair of brown leather dress shoes.

get rid of the pins

update my sash....the reason why its not updated is i cant sew and my mom hates to sew so its like pulling teeth.

ill buy one of those new scout belts, they look nice and sorta cheap

i didnt plan on wearing my oa sash to the board.

ill clean my uniform.



i thank you all for your help, my board wont be until october-ish...its when i finish personal fitness.


eagle 92 thanks for a link to that sheet, you sorta make me feel bad for wearing those pins and stuff =/ i always liked to stand out a bit and buy the special patches that the OA or district offered just to sorta look different and not have the same shirt as everyone els.

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Nick, your Philmont Arrowhead patch alone distinguishes you from the crowd...finishing a trek is quite an accomplishment. Food for thought.


PS I was in error about the belt; I assumed it was the traditional belt with the brass buckle. Good catch, would recommend buying a new one.(This message has been edited by desertrat77)

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Sewing badges on your sash can be as simple as a whip stitch. (keep the needle close to the edge and match the color and the location of the stitches won't matter as much)


However, my son has a jacket that he whip-stitched back together that he calls his 'Frankenstine Coat' so...


There is a product called Patch Attach that is available at your local Scout Shop, most Girl Scout shops (it may be closer to him folks) and most fabric and craft shops. I don't know how, or how well it works, but if it is truly a problem, you have a choice.


But try and learn to sew, patches aren't much harder than buttons and you will need to sew for something besides your EBOR. I have trouble with my fingers and my sweet hubby, who is SM, did almost all of the sewing until my scouts took over.

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Not trying to make you feel bad, just trying to get you ready for your EBOR, and hoepfully your ECOH :)


As for sewing, trust me it's easy. hardest part is getting the thread into the needle, and use a threader for that. Now beadwork is a different story ;)


As for being unique and standing out, I can understand that. Heck I'm the one who has a Sea Scout uniform that looks for every opportunity to wear it. BUT once you get that Eagle, you will be unique, you will be a 2%er who made it to the top. PLUS you got arrowhead patch with the Tooth of Time on it, one that I literally drool over. trust me people will notice you, especially if you live up to the Scout Oath and Law.


One of the best compliments I ever received was at CS day camp this past summer. I was one of the few staffers wearigg a uniform, and I also brought along my hiking staff. One of the parents in my pack said to another "If you look up Boy Scout in the dictionary, you'll see a picture of him in it." Moral is be yourself, be active evena fter receiving Eagle, and live up to the Oath and Law, you will be noticed.

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Not sure why a scout would wear a pin to signify something his parents did. Shouldn't THEY be wearing the pin?


I agree with the others...be clean and neat. Leather dress shoes are good, but any shoe should be fine, as long as it's not ratty looking. The pins are not part of the official uniform, so take them off. Do wear the correct service stars. Start sewing the merit badges. I don't mind seeing an "experienced" uniform that reflects an active Scout, as long as it is proper and clean. Wear the MB sash...it's part of a complete uniform (as are the pants). Your OA pocket flap denotes your membership in the Order, so a sash is not necessary. Just my opinion.


And congratulations!!!

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Good advice all around; clean, neat, and accurate depiction of your record within the bounds of the insignia guide. I personally do not feel the option noted by John in K.C. is appropriate. An Eagle board is not an OA event, so the sash is not relevant. The merit badge sash is a must, in my opinion.


Good luck.

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