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Eagle Board Uniform

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One difference between the others. If you are still active in your troop then you should go ahead and get the green shoulder loops. $2.50 is not that much and your troop should be switching to it anyway. It can be worn with the old uniform.


Badge Magic, or even some fussing from a fabric store should work for the MB sash. Take care of it and it should not need to be washed. However, learning to sew is one skill that you will find useful throughout your life (I've used it countless times but I've only used my lashing skills a couple of times outside of scouting).

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But, have we convinced you to learn to sew????


I understand what you are saying about the OA Sash. My son feels the same way. A dirty sash is a happy sash. I think the one thing he looked forward to was wearing it OA night when he troop camped and his troop hasn't camped at summer camp since he earned it.



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As an Eagle Scout, I remember how nerve-racking the EBOR was and I understand you're kinda freaked out. So I'll give you the following advice:


Merit badge sash - wear it! Not only does it look sharp, but it also provides a point of reference when they start asking about merit badges. Make sure all of your merit badges are on it.


Philmont belt and hanging patch - both are acceptable.


Pins - ditch 'em. If you're not sure if they're supposed to be there, they shouldn't. Your current service star, on the other hand, is a nice touch, and you should wear that.


New uniform shirt - not necessary at this point. You might want to pick one up before your ECOH. Earn the money for it, and treat yourself for the accomplishment of making Eagle.


Shoes - any pair that is not thrashed or scummy-looking would be fine.


Remember that an EBOR is kind of like a job interview, so take pride in your appearance, be ready for the questions, and SHINE! You've already done the work.


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I have three sons, all Eagles. When they went to the EBOR, they all followed the same principle: KISS! Keep It Simple Scout. Merit badge sash - forget it. Copies of your blue cards should be in the packet. OA sash - forget it. It only shows that you were elected once. The lodge flap, since you can only wear it if you are a current dues paid member, shows that you are active in the lodge. Pins - just the service stars, all of 'em, Tigers, Cubs and Scouts. Patches - sew 'em on. You don't want a badge flapping in the breeze because the badge magic came loose when you brushed against the door frame walking in. Shoes - hiking boots are best. Scouting is outing. Unless the soles are held on by duct tape. Finally, make sure it's clean and pressed (unless it's nylon).

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Congrats Nick!!


From an Eagle who has sat on several Eagle Boards:


- MB sash: Definitely

- Belt: The Philmont belt would be fine

- Shoes: Wouldn't really matter to me. Wear the nicest ones you have.

- Pins: No

- Old uniform or new: Wouldn't really care as logn as it is clean, ironed and looks good with the correct insignia in the correct spots.

- Philmont patch: Definitely


The uniform is a reflection of your pride to belong to the Boy Scout organization. As an Eagle you will be looked at to continue with your leadership in your troop and community, and a sharp looking appearance will show that. Go knock their socks off!

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