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  1. Does anyone know of a place where I can buy Old (lightly or not at all used) overstock or knock-off knee high scout socks with the thick red bar? I saw one pair on EBay and they were $30...im not paying $30 for socks lol. But if anyone knows a site or maybe words my ebay search better than me and can direct me to a place where I can buy the old style knee high socks. I mean so company out there has to be making knock off scout clothes? If not maybe thats a business I could get into lol?
  2. I hope they do, those look neat. I wish I would have known about that one when I got in in 2006. Im not sure I get why there only 3 year programs? They encourage arrow-men to do service to their lodge/council/camp why would they make a limited thing? Also is 2015 our 100th year for OA?
  3. Alright thanks for the reply, I wonder why it was discontinued? Looked neat but oh well lol.
  4. While browsing google on random scouting awards I was linked to this EBay posting http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200477639645#ht_500wt_1154 He list it as the "OA Service Medal" It looked neat and I was curious so i googled and it and was not able to find any information on it. Can anyone tell me about this award?? I would like to see if its something I could earn because it looks pretty cool, or is it another one of this discontinued programs? Again I would like to earn this not buy it but I think he gave it the wrong name because my searches turn up not
  5. Sciff i only brought it up because Rick said this was a step towards that.
  6. I was just suggesting a merger would create a mutated organization.
  7. Im sure there are other ways to up membership other than so drastically change our program. By the way was the comment about Venturing sarcastic?
  8. Rick why integrate? We have Girl Scouts, Venture Scouts and a ton of other non scouting programs that offer scout-like stuff for girls. Why fix what isn't broken? I really am not fond of the phrase "Catching up with the rest of the world" This usually means compromising something I along with others dont want to compromise. Cant us boys have anything to ourselves? Im not sure I would be interested in a co-ed program and I doubt we would have the same impact if we went fully co-ed. Are girls able to earn eagle in these other country's scouting program? From what Ive read America has one o
  9. I do plan on one day getting that scout training award at some point, however as it stands now its still a ways away due to tenure requirements.
  10. If it werent for facebook I wouldnt know about most of my OA Lodge events or friends graduation partys. Facebook and other networking sites can be dangerous but if used properly are very useful. I'm just waiting for facebook to be integrated with E-mail.
  11. People tend to act different on the internet. The things people my age post on facebook is ridiculous. (im 18 btw) Some "like" pages about weed and beer and stuff and they are clearly underage. No employer will find it as amusing as them im sure. Im friends with my parents, fellow arrowmen, my fellow camp staff members, scout leaders, younger scouts from my troop, my boss at camp and even my Grandma. So Before I "Like" or post anything I try to think how the various people may interrupt it. As for would people be able to tell I was a scout? With all my pictures I have up, groups I
  12. I cant say this is a bad thing. Thanks to the internet you can now do the course online in about an hour, thats what I did.
  13. Lisa if he didnt want to be the center of attention maybe he should have thought twice about speaking out to the press? Also if its on the internet its in public domain.
  14. Scoutfish where can I see this facebook stuff? the only link I see is to the news article. Also if he gos to church maybe he can talk to a religious leader and be guided back to the right path? He has a choice.
  15. http://www.scouter.com/forums/viewForum.asp?forumID=41 This is the equipment board. It may also help to go to a camping store and talk to a rep in person? -Nick
  16. When you write it out like that I understand and see why there isnt a knot for it. I do agree that there shouldnt be a knot now but boy am I going to miss those cords.
  17. Well OGE what i mean by that is im doing everything I can to make the vigil notice me. =P
  18. Desert I think your right. Ill be honest I see some adults with 6+ knots, they look like 3rd world dictators and i envy them sort of. My shirt just feels more empty. In time I too might have that many knots. Until then ill keep working down the path of vigil.
  19. Can I ask what an "Indian Summer" is (in terms of the O.A.), I googled it and came up empty handed.
  20. Does he know hes not supposed to sign his own book? before we jump to conclusions can I ask what he signed himself off on? Maybe he took boy-lead the wrong way? If the patrol leader, a fellow peer of this boy, can sign his book maybe he thought he could too? I know when I crossed over I didnt sign my own book but i did something some what similar. I thought my whittling chit let me carry a knife, and that the toten chit was for boys who weren't cubs. I took my knife to the my first camp out and was then corrected by my SPL. I didnt know any better maybe he didnt either. Howe
  21. Can I digress and ask when NOAC will be in Michigan again? I want to go when its back in Michigan. NOAC is only in Michigan and Indiana right?
  22. Am I reading the article right? The eagle scout in question was the one voted fairy of the ball? As an eagle scout I will say this is not the type of person I want representing the rank. I will put up with Michael Moore but the fairy of the ball, my God Baden Powell must be rolling over in his grave. A scout it morally straight and many would argue this isnt morally straight. I dont feel like getting in a full fledged debate but from what i know it sounds like he his not honest, trustworthy or morally straight. I would also bet cyber-bullying is the least of his worries. This
  23. I heard it on the "Penn and Tellers "B.S" " episode on the boy scouts.
  24. Lisa the original post made it sound as if he was an open homosexual, please understand where I got that from. Also people have been stripped of there eagle rank, most notably the founder of the "Scouting for all" movement. Now as for them being a danger. Theres a reason venture scouts of different gender dont tent together. Gay or not teenage boys want (you finish the sentence) I didn't know prior to this thread the boys were considered asexual, so does that mean a boy could be the most open and flamboyantly gay person and still be allowed in scouts?(This message has been edited by
  25. I recently converted my scout shirt into a scouter shirt. Thus removing my eagle patch and arrow of light and adding in place my knots. However I also go rid of what I viewed one of my coolest uniform pieces. My national den chief cords (the red white and blue cords worn on the shoulder of boys who serve 2 years as a den chief and fulfill other requirements) . I thought this is something not everyone gets, its a national award and one not easily attainable why isn't there a knot for this? Am I the only one who thinks this deserves a knot? Please let me know what you think about turning t
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