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  1. Yeah, I know that. Would like to find a troop that has a venture program or see if one is out there around our area Unfortuantely, beascout is nearly useless for me. If I do a search with my zipcode, it basically just pulls up the 20 closest LDS troops. Even if I set it to only show venturing, it still shows the same results. When the LDS wards do the charter they include all the different types just in case since it's cheaper to do it at that time. So even though none of the LDS troops near me actually are venture troops, they still all pull up when using beascout.
  2. It is a LDS unit. It's not necessarily the offensive part, but more the scouting is secondary to the church part where they have church activities take the place of the scout meeting at times and they put such a heavy emphasis on the religion. I know at least one kid left due to them pushing the Faith in God so hard. They told him he basically had to do that one(even though he wasn't lds). They didn't present the God and Me as an option.
  3. I just returned from a week at the family camp at camp bartlett. My wife is a Webelos leader and was doing woodbadge. I have a son in Webelos and a younger daughter that all went as well. I didn't have to do any of the training classes and mostly just hung out and did the adult activities. My wife wants me to get back into scouting by the time my son is a regular scout(two years from now). I earned my life scout badge and was one merit badge/project away from eagle when I was younger before they added an additional requried one and I never felt like finishing things I enjoy doi
  4. There are quite a few people running on battery power. It may take two batteries in series depending on draw, but many do it. This is from a pop up trailer forum I visit, but the discussion is on CPAP when dry camping(no hookups). Quite a few people have done it and there are links to different cords/battery packs etc. being used http://www.popupportal.com/index.php?topic=72583.0
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