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  1. Thanks for the empathy...as many parents have said to me over the last couple of months: " I'm sorry, thanks for doing this. I wouldn't do it...". Our troop left this past Saturday (with all their paperwork). 9.5 hour drive with an over nighter on the way. A parent driving the paperwork up is unlikely, so I guess the fax thing would have to work. A bit of a conundrum here: You want the scout to go to camp for all that they learn at camp, and yet you want the scout to learn the lessons associated with not turning in paperwork on time (or following instructions, rules, etc.). Seeing th
  2. This is happening to us as well. We opened a discussion about it last night after the committee meeting...we'll kick it around some and hopefully come up with something that we can put on the table at the next meeting. 2 hours away? Try 9.5 hours. They actually stop overnight on the way up. They don't get in vans to leave if the paperwork is not in order.
  3. There's an interesting contrast of opinions here: It's on me, it's on the scouts, rules with teeth, suck it up....all good stuff. We are a very active and fairly large troop...85+. There are close to 70 people going to Summer Camp including adults (I stated originally that 50 were going and that number did not include adults). No matter how I look at it (even after considering cash flow and the timing of physicals as Bevah points out), I can not seem to accept that only half (remember, that's over 30 people) are turning in their paperwork in complete and on time, leaving the person
  4. I didn't think the exact nature of the paperwork would be relevant. We made it clear that we needed it by a particular date and simply am not getting it by that date. For me, that's the problem regardless of the nature of the paperwork. But since you're asking, it's the BSA medical forms A, B, C and a copy of the insurance cards. Nothing happens to them when they don't turn them in on time....there are no consequences. Plenty happens to me as I am then required to track down parents and hound them for what we need. It becomes an unnecessarily time consuming process that runs off al
  5. In our troop's case, "a percentage of campers to procrastinate" is about 50% (25 scouts)...unacceptable.
  6. Hello, I am a parent that has volunteered to be the Summer Camp Coordinator for our troop. Among other duties, it is my responsibility to collect all of the necessary paperwork from all the scouts (and their parents) that are attending the camp. We are a fairly large troop with approximately 85 scouts...with approximately 50 going to summer camp each year. Problem: Getting these folks to turn in the paperwork on time is like pulling teeth. Only about half of the scouts and their parents will get their paperwork turned in on time. Not receiving them on time creates an additional
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