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  1. Do you have specific examples of programs you consider "faddish" or "flavor-of-the-week" activities? How do they detract from the goals of scouting?
  2. This struck me as particularly interesting. Could you please elaborate more on this insight?
  3. This is all very interesting, where did you get this information? What did your SE tell you? Do you still remember some of the details?
  4. Yes, I've seen some of those posts. I was hoping that, by posing the topic again, I would be able to to connect with the people involved in the previous conversations (like the ones you've kindly mentioned). Thank you for helping me bring it to their attention. I wasn't sure who was still active in this forum, as I am relatively new to this site.
  5. Hello everyone! I am in the process of researching the history of the BSA. I'm having trouble finding information about the Boypower program/initiative from the 1970's. I was wondering if anyone would be interested or willing to share their experiences and memories of this aspect of scouting. Additionally, if you know of any existing resources on Boypower and it's impact on scouting, please point me in the right direction. Thank you!
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