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  1. I am coming into this as a assistant cubmaster my pack is brand new and my cubmaster who is my best friend encouraged me to go because he went this year also im not new to scouting but im new to the training ideas its interesting to see how how different counsils do things but the ideas are the same from my understanding til next year when the course changes how ever u are right u get out of what u put into it.. that i totally get im just nervous being the only one from my counsil going to the course i know its gonna be great and life changing and im gonna make tons of friends and connections.
  2. No expectations just curious cause eveyones course is different trying to paint a small picture in my head
  3. Ok because my best friend is like got gonna get wet and a few people i have v talked to were like literal hose so kinda freaked me out lol
  4. I heard im going to learn things about myself i didnt even know but im gonna make a whole bunch of life long friends and have the experience of a life time thats what everyone keeps telling me but I also hear theres a fire hose is that literal or metaphorical
  5. I cannot wait its on 5 days as of tommorrow and the anticipation and the eagarness to get there is killing me im so excited to be embarking on this new adventure and all advice is helpful
  6. Hi my name is danielle im headed off to wood badge next week do u have any advice for me
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