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  1. I understand appreciate your post. My position on supporting Survivors has been stated several times. But, there is a huge qualitative difference between posters analyzing data from court pleadings, news articles, tweets, texts, press conferences, town hall meetings, and such, and, an anonymous statement in support of a position that attorneys will net $400 million in fees, especially considering that the bona fides of that block of attorneys is considered to be highly suspect. This is not an easy nut to crack, for I am not willing to take the position that the Anonymous Survivor sh
  2. There are MILLIONS at stake. How do we know that the "EAGLE SCOUT FROM TEXAS" is a human being? Surely, no one would lie to earn $400 MILLION.
  3. I asked this question many moons ago on this forum (it seems many moons, but maybe not that many). Of a survivor, I asked, "What are your expectations of this bankruptcy?" (Or nearly that was what was asked.) In my experience I have NEVER seen an alleged wrongdoer, in any legal setting, admit doing wrong, even with a Full Release in hand protecting them from any admission. An admission that might lessen the damage done. NEVER. From the movie Amistad, Cinque, an alleged slave is relating the facts of his life and the capture of he and his cohorts. John
  4. Whomever advised you advised "poorly." Bankruptcy addresses legally enforceable claims. It must. Why? Good question. So, Sears files bankruptcy October 2018. Sears was founded in 1893. A claimant from 1897, Grover Cleveland was president-remember him-files a claim in 2018 against Sears. "I did not get my-whatever-from the Wish Book which I still have! Well, the bankruptcy court is charged (has legal authority and legal responsibility) to collect the assets of the bankrupt, determine legally enforceable liabilities (bills and debts), and distribute the asse
  5. Was the Coalition Town Hall recorded and available somewhere? I was on staff teaching a merit badge at a camporee most of the day. Something "Scouting" other than bankruptcy!
  6. My offer stands. You and folks similarly situated need friends. At the end of the day, I get back to one word: "Children." This horror was visited on children. Adult perpetrators visited this horror on children, and adults-at BSA- COVERED IT UP. I've lost track, for 60 or 80 years??? More than a century? I ask, "Who stands to protect the children?" BSA does NOT.
  7. In my council, at one time scouters were banned from scouting for raising questions about the council's insolvency-first, to silence them, and second, to brand them as child abusers. Time and again, I see documentaries about domestically abused women who refuse to press charges and return to the person who abused them. I just don't understand it. That process/dynamic remains an open question in my mind. I will sort it out, but not yet. And the folks in my council ousted, were reinstated. From what has been posted here, perhaps that was a miracle, or perhaps the
  8. Folks without your specific issue are struggling to deal with National's bankruptcy. Me, a non abuse survivor, Eagle, who has pretty much devoted my youth and adult life to Scouting, father of 3 Eagles, am trying to make sense of the whole situation. Later posts by you than this indicate your concern whether you completed all of a merit badge requirements for a particular merit badge-in light of the possibility that your abuser just "signed off" to send you out the door. If, as you indicated, there may be another merit badge you completed without issues that will "cover" a needed me
  9. One of the saddest things I have ever read, particularly considering it is written in the context of a "principled" youth organization's failure to protect children. Particularly with respect to an organization that has a mandatory religious declaration component. "That which you do the least of mine, you do to me." --Jesus. For me, BSA has no answer to that.
  10. Just have to say, with today's marvelous word processors, that can be said in 72 point font!
  11. SCOTUS: An enigma wrapped in a paradox, encased in concrete....Allen, Churchill, Alfred E. Neuman, Maynard G. Krebs, Bugs Bunny? (I get my mentors so confused.) I was just trying to distinguish the different concepts for folks. After the decision in Korematsu vs. United States, who can trust SCOTUS to follow the Constitution?
  12. 80% non CS Do you have a source for that estimate? That 80% of the IVF names are NOT CSA seems to imply that the 80% are what? Victims of political repression? Or what else? The next question is if BSA has two IVF lists, those based on CSA, and "Other" (political, troublesome, ???) Have the non-CSA IVF files been released through the Oregon case? Or are they still hidden? Thanks.
  13. I hit that point 25 years ago. Cult. Yep. "Toxic culture." The operation will not change until all the senior leadership is trashed. They MUST go. Another poster waxed eloquent about how he relies heavily on council staff and how they perform wonderfully. I do not doubt his experiences. In my council, we only need the camp Ranger and a full-time Assistant camp Ranger, and someone in the Scout office to handle recharters. The rest are worthless to my Unit. Only in the last 10 years did lower level Council folks asked me to re-engage. I did at functional
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