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  1. I bow to the moderators and rend my garments. Apologies. Truly. (MYCVA started it, though. Jk.)
  2. Guess this means I take the seat. In fairness to me, we were connected by an "also" which means I was pretty much already tied for first. I don't think the judge has ruled on that yet, though, and the media has failed to report its definitive opinion.
  3. I am a no nothing relative outsider, but why isn't the composition completely accessible and distributed, along with available experience and bios? I feel more wretching coming on...
  4. I realize sound business decisions are just that, but I can't help thinking about the asset transfer tangle of last summer with the fairly clear implication it was not an isolated incident. Like this slippery shenanigans, there is only one genuine reason those "asset protection trusts" were create and used as depositories. Guess what it was? Hint: "Those abuse claimants are going to want our loot so what can we do so they can't?" Is any of this Scout-like? Any ol' business with shareholders and all, who cares. This one? Blech. It all makes me wretch.
  5. Yup. That was just too long to include in my pithy, potent prose. Oh, oh. You just started a war. I'm out!
  6. You want dim sum, go to San Fransisco, CA. (Sorry NYC.) You want country music, go to Nashville, TN. You want the best beach, go to Hapuna on the Big Island of Hawaii. You want the best art, go to the Met in NYC, NY. You want the best BBQ, pie or hotdog...I ain't touching any of those. You want to survive Chapter 11, go to Wilmington, DE. Might be the one smart decision they made. Dunno.
  7. One will. To quote my beloved and now deceased father-in-law's favorite chef, "I garontee" it. I get 1972, 1973 and 1974 in one batch and 1975-1979 in the other. Yippee. More fun than a barrel full of monkeys. (I loathe monkeys, btw.)
  8. Excellent. He keeps saying all these cool, outlandish things I'm sending him via mental telepathy. I need these plot points, intrigue and conspiracy theories for my screenplay. Well done, TK. Right on cue. Bravo.
  9. Let’s call it a pushpin in the cork board or a chalk line on the sidewalk. Given strong objections from state plaintiffs’ attorneys and the TCC, that per abuse claim dollar figure needs to go up. (I realize you know that. I am circuitously objecting to the use of the word “set.”)
  10. I have no clue whatsoever where to put this. Maybe it’s here? Maybe it’s not? Maybe nowhere? Maybe it doesn’t matter anymore? I can assure you, there’s no legalese and it relates to this Chapter 11. Specifically, its impact on a victim claimant such as I. So that aside, here’s an update on what this process means to me. I would say it can serve as my start of the year report on, “How I spent my summer vacation,” but I spent two on this mess and lots of months in between. To be exact, 1 year, 6 months and 27 lovely days has BSA Chapter 11. So, given my mental, physical and psychological s
  11. Let’s see. Do we retain the goods or ante up? Got any mint condition garters and tabs?
  12. Betting odds, anyone? I can put up my Skill Awards collection, several vintage and rare OA pocket flap patches, a 12-year old’s personally carved woggle and an early 70’s Wolf Cub Scout Book sans the pages on tying a necktie. (I trashed them in frustration. No one would teach me and I kept failing utterly.)
  13. I see no panacea in sight and said nothing of the sort. I’m just tired of BSA’s flailing and luffing and whiffing and pandering. Enough already. Puh-lease.
  14. I don't know about all y'all, but I'm pretty much beyond ready for, "NO WAY" followed by "its plan is on the way." Let's have someone else drive the Exxon Valdez. We're within spitting distance of midnight and I think I see Bligh Reef on the radar. Still time to avoid disaster. Well, not so much, but you feel me.
  15. “Reached” was used by both BSA counsel and the media. That leaves “settlement” vs “resolution.” Whatever you say... Settlement - “an official agreement intended to resolve a dispute or conflict.” Resolution - “the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter.” They need to learn to use words like tentative, conditional, subject to and pending official approval. This is not rocket science. “DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN!” Whoops. Never mind.
  16. I’m sorry, but it is in no way appropriate to hang this on the media. As I’ve said since the Mosby statement, where in the heck are the wordsmiths, message massagers and semantic engineers? Good grief. Read the last line, in particular that double ‘r’ couplet: The agreement filed in court by BSA attorneys late Thursday would mark one of the largest sums in U.S. history involving cases of sexual abuse. The filing, known as a restructuring support agreement, includes the BSA, abuse victims, local Boy Scouts councils and lawyers appointed to represent victims who might file future claims.
  17. If I'm allowed a personal note, I was tending to the wedding of the last of the kiddos and rattling my saber in another venue. Yet again, my rights, person and dignity have been trampled upon. Thankfully, this instance provides a much less elusive 'target' and I have a fairly clear path to redress. The turgid pace of this party required I find something else with which to amuse myself. All inclusive present company excepted, of course. We are neither turgid nor lacking in amusement.
  18. Ah. So terribly sorry for that man. Awful. As I suspected. Those findings of fault are eerily similar to a certain unmentionable suffered by many us. Well, except in our cases it had happened before, before and before some more. We made our own leaps of faith with catastrophic results. Come over here little boy. Jump head first into Scouting, but don't look now. Here comes El Cacuy. What was constructed and negligently maintained and operated is clearly is different, still maybe not so much so. Mr. Lehr's scenario is truly, truly tragic. Ours? Hm. $3M. A fair number. Apologies if th
  19. What was the nature and extent of the injury? Do people sign waivers prior to such adventures? Did s/he? Anyone else injured on this Indiana Jones reenactment? As in, prior knowledge and reporting/disclosure?
  20. AMSMBTN - “Ask Me Something More Better Than Nothing,” works for me.
  21. I keep checking Ancestry.com to see if they’ve listed the lineage. So far, no dice. I even bought a subscription and signed up for notices. Don’t wanna miss it. I’ll post the family tree with color commentary when it lands.
  22. I know active Scouters of this opinion are aware, but this level of retaliation and vitriol makes me - us, for those who agree - further understand how we have been treated. How would it not?
  23. Now, dropping this on the other side of the net. With permission. Let me know if this doesn't work, please. WSJ BSA 8.30.21.pdf
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