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  1. I think you misunderstood what MYCVAStory meant. BSA has “done nothing,” as in produced not even a sentence of revision or commentary about how YPT will be improved in response to the TCC’s non-monetary demand to upgrade the program. “Done nothing” within the context of the bankruptcy negotiations, mediation, conversations, Plan documents and etc. I believe that is what he meant. The town hall statement is another invitation, less gentle, to tell the BSA to get off the dime on this and put forth some detailed commitments.
  2. Which I will be doing as well, both directly and to their attorneys. I’ve already drafted the email. I’m 99% sure I won’t get it, but I’m going on record as having made the request. It may be an “early and often” scenario if they refuse. I can be a very pesky gnat with shape-shifting ability if/when a rhino becomes more appropriate.
  3. We know the insurers only want this so they have to pay less. That's a given. Once they start, how far does it go and by what standards of validity and review? It's supposed to be a somewhat facial review and not the type of deep dive vetting the Trustee will later due, which will be more thorough and substantive. It's the old "slippery slope" problem. Yes, the benefit could be mutual to the parties. Could. As a claimant, the thought of being diluted by fraud is painful. On one had, I don't want valid claims kicked for unsound reasons, caught up in a crusade to "purge the villains." On the oth
  4. I'm sure I mentioned the class action I lead against an insurer for wrongful denial of depression treatment claims. That they're MO, as well. Deny the claim until the patient drops it from exhaustion, frustration, ignorance, death or they are forced to pony up after independent reviews, aggregated appeals and, eventually, a law suit if it ever gets to it. That, of course, is rare.
  5. I've had a company, well two, get consumed. One by a true insider snake in the recording and publishing industry, the other the bankruptcy sale I mentioned. The sell-off in bankruptcy was precipitated by a $20M breach of contract award that was later overturned too late for a rescue. Security tied to intellectual property assets, which is a complicated story. Anyway, we owners would never have considered hiding a financial advantage out of embarrassment over unwise decisions or poor financial management. That is, unless there was a legal or IRS problem lurking in the shadows. It's crazy to me,
  6. I can't speak to the inner workings of JPM or the facts of this deal, as I've said. As a claimant who wants to get on with it and who wants the BSA to come to the table as they said they would/say they are, something stinks with this persistent non-disclosure. It just does. I guess you can make the case for it being strategic, but what is that strategy if they are simultaneously bleeding themselves dry, being pounded to release documents on a fat calf asset they say is restricted and they have to know it's required of them to retain the alleged restricted status? What am I missing? The BSA say
  7. I'm really not understanding your point and looping back to a supposed legal or strategic advice/advantage argument re HABs being restricted (if not a problem showing a cash sinkhole). Here is the simplest way to look at it. BSA: "I told you five times. The door is locked." TCC: "I don't believe you. I believe it's open." BSA: "Locked." TCC: "Open." BSA: "Locked." TCC: "Open." BSA: "Listen carefully! It is locked!" TCC: "Okay. Okay. Let me try the door." BSA: "No freakin way. I told you, it's locked." Hello...???
  8. Yes, of course, you are right. But I hear the sound of, "Objection, your honor. Relevance?" We are in the BSA's Chapter 11, arrived at by force of child sexual abuse claims in, around, while, during, related to...adults in Scouting.
  9. Yup. Apparently so. I am not intending to belittle -- this is my comic relief brain, again -- but I periodically run sketch scenarios built on The Office or GetSmart, as I imagine what in the heck the BSA war room looks and sounds like right now. Or, perhaps, "Who's on first...?"
  10. Why would one preserve fatted calfs, eat the seed corn and starve oneself out of existence?
  11. How about we demonstrate great unity and magnanimity by seeing how many upvotes we can get on this one single solitary sentence? Or not. I just thought this is a flag worth saluting, but then again I have a tendency to humor myself with visual images of calming conflict through simultaneous salutes via digital button pushing and other such borderline nonsense.
  12. An Adversary Proceeding is Different From the Main Bankruptcy Case - The main bankruptcy case involves a debtor and the creditors of that debtor, and the main bankruptcy case has its own separate electronic docket and case number. An "Adversary Proceeding" in bankruptcy court has the same meaning as a lawsuit in other courts. This means that one or more "plaintiff(s)" file a "complaint" against one or more "defendant(s)." In many situations an adversary proceeding is required if a plaintiff wants to obtain a particular type of relief. Consult Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure Rule 7001 to
  13. I can't take this response seriously when two of the points have already been supported by Moderators, one has been (apparently) managed though internal self-government or some invisible, magical restraint and two others are completely neutral, to play your us vs. them game. I should've just DMd them to MattR and not further bread (sic) your hate.
  14. Thank you for posting and staying strong. This reiterates what I have said. It exploded in our laps afresh and ablaze in our hearts and minds. Hang in there and thanks, again.
  15. If mine is a worthy voice, I would be happy to contribute my thoughts and suggestions on a separate thread. From the jump, and a couple of these are things I've previously posted and few have proven successful as I've begged for a "back off," I would start with: 1) Request a reduction or elimination of all caps and/or repeated bold font statements when the post is emotionally charged (or maybe always?). I have fallen into part of that and could've adequately made my point(s) with underline or italics. This is a visual medium and what we see, not only read, has a HUGE impact. (Did that on
  16. Ditto. I'm there. Shoulder to shoulder on this one.
  17. Agreed, and that was my point. However, I just now used the word "intentionally" intentionally, trying to give all involved the benefit of the doubt. I mean that sincerely and not as snark.
  18. For my part to be fair and accurate, I have not suggested anyone was intentionally making light of what happened to me or others, other than by implication through inaccurate comparisons, juxtaposition and use of common descriptors.
  19. That's not a forum, just a cork board in the cyber hallway. It's also the easy way out of this conversation. The anger isn't being bred by this interaction with me or by the bankruptcy itself, but coaxed out into the open. It's already there. I did not arrive at this forum angry with you or Scouting, per se. I have become angry at what appears to be gross insensitivity in the use of language and comparisons, as well as blame cast where none should be cast. Thanks, again, to SilverPalm for eloquently "defending" what are in many instances the "defenseless." I tremendously appreciate his sa
  20. Didn't say that. Didn't imply it. Didn't claim it. Not once. Not ever. I haven't lost site of anything. I don't know that you've found a clear-eyed vision of victim suffering. We've been down this road before and I affirmed my sympathies multiple times. No diminishment from this guy. It's the juxtaposition and in any way equating the two "hells." As I've said before, show me your receipts and I'll show you mine. Add them all up and we'll add up 84,000 lives to put on the other side of the scale. Been to a psyche ward for two weeks, several times? Been in residential Eating Disorder Treatm
  21. Yeah. Uh, huh. Cry me a river. "Living hell" is relative, I suppose, but puh-lease. Thanks, again, for diminishing the ongoing horrors of BSA rape victims. It's a bright, shiny, beautiful thing that you can so flippantly put your "pain" on equal footing. You really have no bloody idea what in the world you are doing or talking about. Can you look in the mirror and tell yourself you feel like we do with a straight face and without shame or remorse? Get a grip. Unbelievable.
  22. You're not alone, my friend. This has been and continues to be absolutely brutal for many, many of us abuse survivor claimants. Absolutely and unequivocally. I don't know how much you know about PTSD/CPTSD, triggering events, flashbacks, dissociation, mania, hypo-mania, depression, suicidality, self injury, eating disorders and all the other co-morbidities that track with PTSD/CPTSD, but I can tell you from daily personal experience, the has been hell.
  23. Ain't one. You didn't read or follow what I wrote. We can drop it. The iron's done white hot and the mark is in place. Reality bites, but there it is. I didn't wield the iron nor did I tear open the uniform to reveal the chest on which it was placed. That was self-inflicted. I understand your defense, but it simply denies what's right here before us on the table in black, white and dollar signs. I do not like broad brushes or guilt by association myself, but this is not morality play or an ethics exam at this point. It is 84,000 sexual abuse claims against the BSA, the applicati
  24. Okay. Now it's "right education." Got it. Say wha? Did you read that the BSA Executive who handled that case "on the ground" was aware of the drinking and pornography in my Unit? Huh. "100% focused on doing the right thing by the youth"? Okie dokie. Whatever. You and I are "never the twain shall meet" on this score...
  25. Is this so? If so, what exactly is the application to pre-1979 cases outside of NY/NJ? I've not heard this before.
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