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  1. Vote has been cast. Will continue to watch the clown show..
  2. When a car salesman says, ‘This is a great deal’ my first thought is ‘For whom, you or me? Same here. The ‘best’ path forward for the BSA is the current proposed plan. Great deal for BSA.........and The LCs make out like bandits in the current plan with releases granted , even to LCs in open states. These Open state LCs should not be given civil releases. They should have to fend for themselves in court. The proposed plan is absolutely NOT the best path forward for survivors in open states with high value cases.
  3. This is the reason the cases never should have been co-mingled in the proposed settlement. The cases in open states should be dealt with at the highest punitive level with agreements by the BSA to be an open book and to aid in the location and in prosecution of the living offenders. It is unthinkable to give any release in an open state. The BSA needs to HURT over this.
  4. Your comments gives the best explanation about why the proposed plan is woefully inadequate. The best possible action would be chapter 7. Liquidate everything owned by the BSA and LCs No releases for COs, LCs or insurance companies until all is paid out. The BSA is beyond fixing and should cease to exist. Prosecute all perpetrators.
  5. What was the important announcement on the coalition call tonight? Missed it due to work.
  6. Just found this link. I apologize if this has already been posted. https://boyscoutssexualabuse.com/local-council-analysis/?dstate=Alabama In looking up up my LC, troubling to see how little they are contributing versus what the could contribute not to mention the Hartford Insurance Company liability per claim. Disgusting. My vote will be no. Look at Louisiana, Norwela Council to see what I’m talking about.
  7. I thought Eisenberg Rottweiler joined the coalition. Is that incorrect? This link shows them on the coalition website. https://scoutingabusesurvivors.com/about-us/
  8. After my discussion with my attorney, your statement above is also my understanding.
  9. I sent a Daily email until time/day was scheduled. On the morning of the call, sent a reminder by email. Overkill yes, but I will say it is a small staff.
  10. Happy to report, I had a scheduled call with AVA and the call took place as planned. Good discussion on the details of my case.
  11. Agree, SoLs are the soul sucker of this whole proposal, but unfortunately SoLs will be in the next proposal as well even if the TCC is right and a bigger pot of money emerges if/when this current proposal is voted down. Under the current proposal, the only ones gaining satisfaction are the BSA and all entities released of further liability and the tort lawyers. ALL survivors LOSE and the damages are woefully inadequate and their is not set aside for any counseling. As for the LDS provision, I agree, it is along the same lines of the SoL, a great divider. If it is allowed to stay, then it
  12. Thank you for the welcomes. If this has been discussed previously, I apologize. Any speculative thoughts on why one debtor, LDS, is able to earmark their payment when others have not been able to do so? As an example, why wasn’t the same logic applied to, say a local council that shows a contribution of 2 million with a low number of claims and in an open state. These claimants could possibly receive close to the valuation of their individual case. Under the current plan NOBODY receives near the valuation of their case but if a different methodology was applied, some would. Additionally, the
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