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  1. Nice. For the use you posit, it should be concise. The following cuts it from 209 down to 124 words while retaining its meaning: Scouter Truths 1. Humans are more important that Hardware. Motivated, skilled, knowledgeable Scouters benefit Scouts more than expensive equipment can. 2. Quality is better than Quantity. A few motivated, skilled, knowledgeable, trained-Scouter role models can run a more effective program than a large group of less qualified/committed volunteers. 3. Scouters cannot be developed quickly. Developing skills and knowledge and acquiring tr
  2. The question should remind us of the truth: Quality is better than quantity http://www.soc.mil/USASOC%20Headquarters/SOF%20Truths.html http://diamond1mo.hubpages.com/hub/SOF-Truths http://www.lifehack.org/articles/management/applying-the-sof-truths-to-your-life-and-business.html
  3. Humbly accepting honor with dignity just isn't enough for one who can't resist the opportunity to make a pecksniffian spectacle of himself, playing El Ingenioso Eagle Scout de La Mancha. Of course we may overlook and forgive the poor form if the one doing the preening also has a record of consistently standing up in more appropriate venues for that which he preens in his ECOH.
  4. "Go ask a five year old." One might be forgiven for assuming that a five year old is not well informed enough on the matter to form an opinion worth consulting. But anyway, if one does ask a five year old... "These people are allowed to do this. These people are not. Is that fair?" one should not be surprised if the answer is... "I want to go to the Chik-Fil-A that has the play area." And the child might even appreciate that he/she is allowed to play in the play area, but teens are not. Discrimination CAN be unfair, even evil. But it can also be wise. He who never discri
  5. Huh? What boycott? The chicken at Chik-Fil-A is adequate. The milkshakes are nice. But the real magic of the place is the employees. Chik-Fil-A must have more effective measures in place than many large franchise outfits do to encourage/require careful hiring, training, and personnel quality control at Chik-Fil-A franchises. The employees, more than in other fast food places, tend to be articulate, practiced at and comfortable with courtesy, attentive, alert..... and have you seen a crew of these Chik-Fil-A kids handling the dinner rush? It's a study in teamwork, efficie
  6. Maybe the owner would respond positively to that feedback.
  7. "Huh?.. What change of heart? People don't accept Eagle because the dislike homosexuality." What change of heart? Um.... how about the change from accepting Eagle to not accepting it? Let's not confuse tangents with foci.
  8. Edited on the advice of Seattle Pioneer(This message has been edited by Callooh! Callay!)
  9. I would not, could not, in 100 calorie bags Not for the Popcorn Kernel's nags Not Show and Sell. Not door to door. Not on a dealership's showroom floor. I will not sell to folks at work. I don't care; call me a jerk. I will not ask scouts to sell. Without it we can do quite well. Not in a house. Not in a box. Not with a mouse. Not with a fox. I will not sell it here or there. I will not sell it anywhere!
  10. "applaud them for their courage" Courage? Courage to face what risk? The risk of being heroes and darlings of supporters of the cause for which they renounced Eagle? The risk of free publicity? The risk of leaving BSA at around the point at which a great many boys leave anyway? The risk of parading their ostensibly superior morality before friendly audiences? The risk that when, as the OP suggests, the media tries to "tries to demonize the Eagles that haven't sent theirs back yet" that they will stand out as squeaky clean because they did send theirs back? I
  11. Gran Torino Seven Samurai http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnRUHtSgJ9o Red Dawn http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVTBlXEwjhc High Plains Drifter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1almB9zxX4 Hotel Rwanda Of Gods and Men http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWEIxzlKCgA Invasion of the Body Snatchers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-jzblCbsuA The Stoning of Soraya M http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aRQlb6lGLc United 93 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cz9BTKO_plI The truth about Erin Brockovich http://fumento.com/brockovich/mickeyerin.html
  12. He wanted to volunteer, but only for an organization so good that no one could legitimately criticize it for anything. After a long search, he found such an organization. It was perfect, and so, could not accept him, as he was not.
  13. Changes to the Oath and Law might be unwelcome. But the suggestion is that all divisions use the Oath and Law. On this, I'm vehemently indifferent.
  14. If you've never seen the segment Penn and Teller did on the BSA, it makes some good points: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndoP1YW72Zk Be warned that it contains foul language and a type of humor not suitable for folks who think we should discuss gay issues with constant deadly earnest seriousness. Some relevant comments on that at 18:37-18:42
  15. "How long will it take? Until people who say things like "Let us hope "openly gay" doesn't involve anything icky though" are looked upon with pity." Ah yes; the pity behind this statement is palpable.
  16. "Not trying to start anything, but why is this sub forum ridiculously more active than the rest of the sub forums on this website?" By what measure is it ridiculously more active? It's not only not ridiculously more active, it's not even the most active as of sometime the evening of Monday 23 July 2012, judging by either of the most obvious and logical measures we could use. When was the analysis on which the OP question is based conducted? And what were the criteria measured? And what is the definition of "ridiculously more active than the rest of the sub forums?"
  17. "tenor of the discourse is a fraction of" - a fascinating turn of phrase here; raises the question of how to divide a tenor and how to express the resultant fraction... 1/8 tenor maybe? Or is it maybe something closer to bass, or is it soprano? Nevertheless, you bring up a worthy point... that business about the less than 4%. Too hear the tenor of the discourse on that less than 4% you'd think it was closer to 400%. Maybe the tenor of this discourse, rather than sounding like just a tenor, sounds like a huge choir because it's a lot of Cultural Marxists doing the singing: http://
  18. Not a panacea? Oh no! Send it back then. We demand a panacea! How to address these problems? Goodness. It sounds difficult. We wouldn't want to have difficulties. If folks have set up systems that go bankrupt when they lose on real estate speculation or other overly exuberant expectations of future revenues, or if public servants are charging more than is sustainable for their services, or taking on projects or providing services they can't pay for, we'd better let the Federal Government take over. That body is well known for its sound finances and budgetary principles.(This
  19. If chartered orgs maintain authority over these matters for their own troops (as they should)- it ain't no triumph for liberalism except in circles where it's already triumphant.
  20. Adult patches?! Hey... what you people wear in the privacy of your own homes or in a private setting in the company of other consenting adults is your own business. But on a scout uniform? In public? In front of kids? Let's keep all patches G-Rated please.
  21. Inclusiveness? Membership diversity? What's diverse about gays? Aren't we told that it's naughty to think of gays as substantively different and especially naughty to treat them in any way that suggests they are substantively different. But if they're not substantively different, why is including them considered "membership diversity?" This is confusing... but not worrisome. Gays are fewer than 5% of the population and it seems unlikely that the proportion of them that wants to be in scouting is much greater than the proportion of the rest of the population. It'd be unsurpris
  22. "I want a mix of Republican & Democrats, each balancing the other "ultra" side, and keeping each other on the straight and narrow." hmmm..... sounds suspiciously like taking the middle ground in a dispute between parties who disagree about the sum of 2+3. One party insists it's 5 and the other party insists it's 10; so the knee-jerk moderate figures that the best answer must be 7. Of course if we got down to specifics, we'd likely disagree about which party is saying 5 and which 10 or whether or not either one is anywhere near the right answer or is even asking the right questio
  23. Tahawk, pronoun gender confusion may have caused some miscommunication in this thread. Callooh! Callay! ≠ she
  24. "Sounds like you have a problem with THIS PRESIDENT getting security clearance this way.. But are not bothered about any other president post or future, who gets security clearance the same way.." No. The Constitution provides for civilian control of national security matters and it provides for elections to select the senior executive of that control... the POTUS. And that is as it should be. The problem isn't "THIS PRESIDENT" the problem is voting decisions made by people who are mistaken in important ways... the most important of which i
  25. quote: My comment was not toward that "she" .. But more directed toward Callooh! Callay! Comment. The current POTUS might not qualify for access were he not an elected official. OPM would scrutinize his foreign associations and his background and, without accusing him of any crime, could deny him a security clearance. -end quote The quoted quote that was quoted in the quote quoted above in NOT crackpot and not a theory. The fact is that the POTUS gets access to classified information, not because OPM has investigated and cleared him using the criteria that they use for ordinary
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