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  1. What is the best long distance one-man or two-man carry for a person with an injured leg? Best? I suppose it would depend on the resources available, the strength and condition of the carrier(s), the weight and condition of the victim, the extent, nature, and seriousness of the injury, whether or not they actually need to be moved and how far (think about AK-Eagle's advice above for this decision), the terrain, maybe even the weather. That you know some ways already is good. If and when you must improvise, adapt, and overcome to deal with a situation, you'll have a base of skills
  2. I don't care much about gayness one way or the other. But there's a practical concern here. Gays per se are not bad people just for being gay. But, BSA is an organization for boys... boys that many gays will find attractive. If you scoff at the notion that many gays will find boys attractive, a bit of very unsavory research, that I need not spell out for you, may disabuse you of that delusion. These gays will not tell us that they are joining BSA because they are attracted to boys - heck, they might even lie to themselves about it. If a troop excludes whatever small percentage of t
  3. "Didn't this thread used to be about George Takei?" Indeed it was... but was the problem? I can't recall... was it that folks were worried that he might be an atheist because he's a Buddhist?
  4. Might the existence and relevance of this question prompt reconsideration of the appropriateness of combining these ceremonies? It's primarily your son's call unless your troop already has a precedent for this - but if it's a quandry - maybe that's a clue rather than a question.(This message has been edited by Callooh! Callay!)
  5. "stereotyping about the ethnicity of the author" -Huh? There was no reference to the authors' ethnicity in my post and no attention to it in my mind. About authors, I noted; two professions, one name, and political orientation. Maybe since the name was a Spanish word, people who hold such stereotypes might stereotype the owner of that name as being Hispanic... and such a stereotyper might take mention of the name as reference to ethnicity. But it isn't. It's reference to "left..." izquierdo..." "izquierda..." you know, Spanish for the word "left." The fact that the word is
  6. Deliberately obtuse? Or what I wrote is very unclear? In the first post, I did not say spoiling children is a partisan issue. In the second post, I explicitly said that I don't think it's a partisan issue. However in both posts, I did mention the proclivities of lefty journalists and anthropologists to find fault with the modern US where they find good in other societies. This is apparently confusing for you... as if the mention of politics at all is like a dog-whistle to which your ear is especially attuned and which render you unable to process any information in its proxim
  7. Beavah: Prior to school there is day care for many. I don't know how many, but since the original conclusions seem to rely heavily on observations of one six year old girl in the Peruvian Amazon, perhaps observations of one other six year old girl with a lot of day care under her belt would be sufficient to complement the original research. "Why is it that yeh feel the opposite?" I don't. I didn't offer an opinion the opposite of anything having to do with whether or not liberals or conservatives are more likely to spoil their kids. My guess is that raising spoiled children is an
  8. On the one hand, I buy off on the "show improvement" camp's argument. On the other, I admire the attitude expressed in the qwazse post above.
  9. Regarding the article the OP refers to.... It's a journalist's comments about an anthropologist's mostly anecdotal observations from small sample populations. The journalist is left-leaning and the anthropologist is... well, an anthropologist. And aptly named "Izquierdo" (if her politics don't match that name, she's unusual in her profession). So OF COURSE they are going to tell us about how characteristics of some primitive culture are equal to or (more likely) better than modern US culture. On the other hand, just because it's lefty journalism and anthropology, it doesn't mean its
  10. Dear Parent, The troop must make reservations and commit funds for summer camp by date X. Between now and that date, your son can secure his spot at summer camp by turning in his completed medical form and a fee of $X. We won't accept any payments or make any reservations for boys whose med forms are not up to date. Is that reasonable?
  11. BadenP, You sling "White Upper Class Elitist" at us as if were some kind of nasty epithet - as if folks will shun BSA because of "the stereotype most outsiders have of the BSA being a White Upper Class Elitist organization." Really? What's wrong with white people? Why do these outsiders (and you apparently) dislike white people? Should white people be embarrassed or ashamed of their whiteness? Should they try to downplay it? Are there any other ethnic groups that need to keep their ethnicity on the low down or is it just whites? Or is it the "Upper Class Elitist" part that bothers
  12. "The truth is any given African American or other minority is much more likely to be "poor" than any given White" Yes - this fact I noted previously. However I don't agree that "the rate is much more important number" for the purposes of this discussion. Reasonable parties concede that some people are poor more because of choices they make and others are poor more because of misfortune - still others for some combination of the two. But if, as has been posited, the rate (higher rate poverty among blacks, that is) is the much more important number.... Why is it so important? Is it
  13. Failure to distinguish between rates and totals can confuse one's perception - particularly on issues on which we're always hearing about the rate and not the total.
  14. The argument that being critical of the poor is racist because the poor are mostly minorities is essentially the same as all the other "disparate impact" arguments floating around. We could use the same illogic to claim the income tax code is racist and targets whites for unfair discrimination since they pay more taxes than other groups - but let's not seriously make that argument; it's silly. The Baden P statement that "the poor in this country for the most part are minorities as US Dept. of Labor reports it" is false; the poor in this country are not mostly minorities and the US
  15. "This is known as a slippery slope, and is well established in Sociology." I didn't know that it was well established in Sociology. But any person familiar with logic is familiar with it as the "slippery slope fallacy" to such an extent that you can hardly say the first two words without them thinking of the third. If it is now well establish in Sociology, that may help explain the field's slide in disrepute. Perhaps that slide is along a slippery slope.(This message has been edited by Callooh! Callay!)
  16. Thanks. It sounded incredible. Your explanation sounds credible.
  17. "arrogant, sanctimonious, racist and bigotted person" "anyone defending you is putting themselves in the same bracket" Indeed... the winning formula for PC mob "justice" enforcement. One yells "heretic!" and anyone who disagrees is implicitly also a heretic. Anyone who deviates from the Stepford-Wives-esque code of nice-thought is holding themselves up to be similarly branded a heretic. No habeas corpus, no jury, and any right to a defense comes with the proviso that the defender is also guilty. Let's review the charges again: "you truly are an arrogant, sanctimonious, racis
  18. "is done out of respect for the people that lived on this continent before a bunch of pale people came over in ships." You say "respect" but what it looks like is entirely too much energy spent romanticizing, bowdlerizing, and emulating primitive rituals and pageantry rooted in beliefs and culture the likes of which most of our ancestors (you know, the forebears of those "pale people" who came over on ships) quit millenia ago as they developed the better way of life we enjoy today. It's not some unintentional discourtesy or unkindness that's the problem. It's inappropriate reverence
  19. You were right not to hold what many would (rightly) see as a Scout event and skirt the rules by calling it a "family event."
  20. "Could it possibly be that this facet of BSA runs so counter-cultural to youth's world views today that they just cringe in horror when they see it?" Ding ding ding! Give that man a cigar! But make sure it's not from a store with a wooden "cigar store Indian" statue out front. That would be an intolerable affront to tolerance of the tolerant. And... hey, speaking of cigars... isn't tobacco use a thing that we picked up from the Indians (http://archive.tobacco.org/History/Tobacco_History.html) Aha!! We've discovered yet another BSA anti-Indian agenda... they make fun of Indians
  21. Boys should follow the requirements and enjoy earning the MB. The requirement is: "Give the history of one American Indian tribe, group or nation that lives or has lived near you." From that, I'd happily allow a boy to choose the history of any Pre-Columbian North American culture he wants - even if his criteria for choosing is superstition that somehow that culture is in his genes. If a boy wanted to choose the Incas on the grounds that South America is just as American as North America, I'd accept that if the boy insisted that the Andes are "near;" "Near" is the onl
  22. "What is the lesson learned by dad being merit badge councilor????? " We'd have to refer to the MB requirements to answer that question. It'd be different for each MB.
  23. Yes - folks may talk about you. Talking takes less effort than doing. You know what kind of people talk the kind of talk we're talking about here - and you know just how concerned you should be with what they think. Let them talk. You keep on doing what you know is right.
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