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  1. Bill, As I was responding privately to you, MarkS posted the same info on the forum, so I won't repeat. Hope this helps answer your questions - I said unfortunately because I could have easily earned the Mile Swim award back when I was a Cub Scout too, but had to wait until I became a Boy Scout. The Mile Swim was the first award I earned at my first Summer Camp. CalicoPenn
  2. Unfortunately, the answer is no. A Cub Scout may not earn the Mile Swim Award. The Mile Swim Award is not a part of the Cub Scout Program, it is available to Boy Scouts and Venturers only. Your Cub Scout will have to wait until he joins a Boy Scout Troop for this one. CalicoPenn
  3. I think that the variety of tactics Beavah mentions used to affect changes in law fits in well with the concepts in "A Scout is Obedient" (with the caveat that "disobedience" be read as "civil disobedience" as opposed to flat out defiance). All of these tactics are, IMHO, done in an orderly manner in order to affect change. The admonition is that a Scout attempts to have them changed in an "orderly manner" - it doesn't say in a "legal manner". Organized protests, boycotts, acts of civil disobedience, etc. are usually done in a orderly manner. I interpret the "rather than disobey them
  4. I'm concerned about this statement: "SPL briefed the ASPL and went to LLD (at the same camp-- just 1/4 mile away) for a few hours. ASPL was not as capable of handling boys. SPL has been taken to task for this and may resign as OA rep leaving us repless too." The SPL was taken to task for availing himself of additional training opportunities AFTER breifing the ASPL on what needed to be done, and, I assume, with the full knowledge of the adult leaders on the trip?? The troop didn't do as well without the SPL there as a result?? Where was the support for the ASPL from the Adult Lea
  5. mk - My opinion is that our opinions on this issue aren't important. It is you and your fellow leaders opinion that is important. Do you folks want this lad to remain in Scouts or do you want to kick him out? If you want to keep him in, keep him in - some folks here have provided good reasoning to support that decision. If you want to kick him out, then you've found the excuse to do so - other folks here have provided good reasoning to support that decision. But it's ultimately your call. You can "kick it up to council" to let them make a decision but even trying to pass the buck is
  6. The hang up on this seems to be on the non profit part of the requirements and people just aren't getting beyond it. Is Berkeley treating any non-profits differently from others? I haven't seen any evidence that they are. To get a free berth in Berkeley, more than one criterium needs to be met. The criteria we know about are: 1) Be a non-profit organization AND 2) Adhere to the non-discrimination policy of the City of Berkeley. It is not 1) OR 2). It is 1) AND 2). The Sea Scouts can meet requirement #1. They don't meet requirement #2 - therefore, since they do
  7. Long term storage? Short term storage? Long term (such as over winter) I hang my tents in a clean, dry closet. I don't do this to prevent mildew (because my tents are dry before I stuff them into any sack - if it's raining when I take down my tent, I gather it and place it at the very rear of my pick-up truck bed - becomes the last thing in the truck - then it becomes the first thing out of the truck and is either set up to dry or hung in a room - then set up to "finish" dry when the rain stops (a wet tent never seems to dry completely when hung up)). I hang them up because it keeps c
  8. I don't think we can really answer this question yet - so much information seems to be missing. For instance, is it raining? What type of rain - a fine mist? A mere drizzle? A steady rain? A heavy downpour? Thunder and lightning with tornado sirens sounding??? What about the mower? Are the blades sharp? Has the mower been properly oiled? Was the mower borrowed from an elderly neighbor? Is the mower rusty from having been left out on the lawn all winter? Is the mower a Sear's Craftsman??? What is the snack? Is it fruit? A banana perhaps? Or maybe an orange? Or an appl
  9. Good question...and a very tough question. It would be easy to say it would probably be the same, but I'm not sure it would, and here's why... BP shaped Scouting from his perceptions and experiences in the Boer War. He felt that the British Army would be a much better force if boys were better prepared with certain skills before they joined the Army - from this, Scouting was born. It wasn't meant to be a military training ground, but the outdoor skills taught in Scouting certainly would serve a recruit in good stead - and would also serve those not joining the military too - it would b
  10. Congrats! Moment of weakness?? Uh uh...It was a moment of strength. If you weren't ready and willing, you never would have said "Yes". Everyone has given great advice (and I'm sure others will continue to do so) - in my opinion, EagleinKY gave the best advice you'll ever get, though - and it's just two words: HAVE FUN CalicoPenn
  11. Lots of good thoughts and advice presented here. It doesn't sound like anything to escalate to the committee at this point - and it doesn't sound like bullying behavior to me as much as frustration boiling over in an inappropriate manner. You say the earlier issues had more to do with responsibility issues - mouthing off certainly could fit in with that as well (we don't have a sense as to what he was mouthing off about). I sense that there are issues with self-esteem in this lad - and losing an election, which are at the best of times, part popularity contest, could certainly cause som
  12. FGoodwin, Though you asked us not to, I'm going to comment on your use of pedophilia and rape as analogous to homosexuality - though you say you don't personally equate them, and I'll accept that at face value, you still chose to compare a human characteristic with criminal acts. Instead of using pedophilia and rape, why not use Blacks and Jews? One an obvious unmutable characteristic (race) and one a choice (religion) which covers both sides of the coin on where homosexuality comes from (the born with it/it's a lifestyle choice argument). Read your sentence now with those word
  13. Gay's are intolerant of heterosexuals? Where's the stories about gay parents picketing their children's schools demanding that the schools no longer allow Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella be read because they spread the myth that heterosexuality is ok? Where's the stories about gays demading that States stop marrying heterosexuals? Gays aren't intolerant about hetersexuality. They're intolerant about bigotry and intolerance and are telling the bigots that their time is up. Make no mistake - this is all about the fact that this woman's daughter has a gay teacher and that it's
  14. How about an Altoid tin? Or a Sucrets package? Calico
  15. Jerry, I love doing the Rendezvous - I'm still learning new things all the time, and the people you meet are fabulous, talented, great story tellers, excellent craftsmen and musicians. The last Rendezvous I went to had a local Boy Scout troop helping out collecting the garbage generated during public hours. We offered to teach them how to throw hawks (tomahawks) but their leader had to say no because it probably would have been a violation of G2SS (let alone a violation of Totin Chip - and he's probably right). We had a fire starting contest and only two of the Scouts tried it with
  16. Other than laziness (yes, I've said it - let the slings and arrows commence) in not wanting to spend time in cleanup, the only other possible reason I can think of for lining the dutch over with foil is discovering, upon pulling the oven out to use for the first time in a few months, a layer of orange rust on the bottom of the oven that now means the oven needs to be cleaned and re-seasoned before use. Cleaning a dutch oven (or other cast iron cooking utensil) isn't really that difficult or time consuming. I have a rope scrubber brush especially made for cleaning cast iron - some warm wa
  17. ljn - Woolite is a great product for this type of work - thanks for the reminder! My first backpack was an old BSA Yucca external frame backpack - and it was well used by the time I got it. After my first internal frame backpack used on all of my college trips, I'll never go back to an external frame again, but the old BSA pack certainly served it's purpose (it was eventually removed from it's frame for easier packing in cars and trailers, and I rarely missed the frame anyways). I sleep under canvas tents pretty much every other weekend from May through October these days - I partic
  18. I wouldn't recommend chucking the backpack in the washing machine - this is a "by hand" job. First step would be to brush off all the obvious dirt and debris - a whisk broom is perfect for this. Take the pack off the frame (so you can wipe down the frame too)and gently brush the dirt away from the canvas (gently so as not to grind the dirt into the canvas). If you need to, turn the pack inside out to brush out the inside too. If you have stains or stubborn dirt patches to remove, water and a soft bristled brush is best - you want a soft bristled brush (like those used for washing cars)
  19. Sorry but this sounds like an excuse to me. I think this because the Girl Scouts are made up of volunteers as welll and they seem to be able to handle the massive distribution of cookie units to customers. I see some others saying a bit more elegantly than I have that it's not about wanting to support the program, but that the prices are so high that it's turning some who would love to support the program away. Had the popcorn been $6.00 a unit, I probably would have bought two - but at $10.00 a unit, I bought none - it has nothing to do with supporting or not supporting the program, it
  20. I'm not an MBA, nor do I pretend to be one on Television (as I always say, "$4.00 and an MBA will get you an overpriced cup of bad coffee at Starbucks and a fool willing to spend $4.00 on that cup of bad coffee") but I think I have some marketing and profit/loss sense banging around this head of mine. Taking the assumption of 30% of the popcorn's price is product cost as true, then of a $10.00 tub of popcorn, $3.00 is the cost of the popcorn, $7.00 is the "profit". I've certainly not done any studies, or watched any scout group for a long period to get any trends but lets make some
  21. NLD - Mea Culpa - with an explanation: I was referring to the fairly well known Equal Access Act - the Equal Access Act applies only to Secondary Schools. After reading your response, a little more digging brought me to the lesser known Equal Access to Public School Facilities for the Boy Scouts of America and Other Designated Youth Groups Act (what a mouthful). This Act, as you point out, does indeed apply to elementary schools. The act basically states that the school must provide equal access to the Scouts, at no less favorable terms than the most favored group, if the s
  22. As I was leaving a local grocery store today, a nice, young man in a Cub Scout uniform asked me if I wanted to buy any popcorn today. I looked over the merchandise and just about choked when I was informed that the bucket of pop-your-own was $10.00. A small tin of pre-popped flavored corn (and I mean small) was also $10.00. And those are the lowest priced items available! Next week, I'm going to be in Indiana, a leading state in popcorn production (Orville Redenbacher anyone?). I can buy a 50 pound bag of popcorn for that same $10.00. Are you popcorn sellers finding people resi
  23. Before anyone contacts the ACLU, or the Office of Civil Rights of the US Department of Education, or rushes into their school board's meeting carrying voter registration cards, demanding that the school follow the law (the equal access act), and embarrassing yourself and the Scouts, perhaps a basic understanding of the law is in order. We all seem to have a good idea of just what equal access is and means - that's not the problem. What isn't widely known (I admit to discovering this myself as I was trying to find out if there are exemptions for PTA/PTO programs that benefit the school, o
  24. The internet can be a great place for doing research, chatting with friends, connecting with old friends, getting and giving advice (example - this forum). Like any "community" - it can be a risky place too. As mentioned by others, when the "little darlings" are online - the parent should be monitoring what's going on - if that means rules that your darling child who never does anything wrong can't be online unless its in a public place in the house, library, school where s/he can be monitored - then create that rule for your house. It is one of the responsibilities that comes with being a
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