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  1. Even if the REI one rips you could always call them and they’ll ship you a replacement free of charge
  2. Honestly when I’ve asked the scouts there said they don’t want to cook at summer camp. Why? They said to focus on having fun and merit badges and not having to worry about it. i think this is the majority opinion and that’s why we struggle to find camps that let the scouts cook.
  3. I like my north face jacket I got it at TJ Max , for $47. It had a MSRP of $159. I’d try looking for deals. I love that jacker, it has a little bit of lining to keep you warm, but isn’t super heavy. Good Luck at camp!
  4. Boy Scouts of America National Executive Board Resolution Reaffirming Duty to God WHEREAS the foundational values of the Boy Scouts of America are reflected in the Scout Oath and Scout Law; WHEREAS the first part of the Scout Oath declares “On my honor I will do my best to do my Duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law;” WHEREAS the Declaration of Religious Principle in Bylaws of the Boy Scouts of America states that: The recognition of God as the ruling and leading power in the universe and the grateful acknowledgement of His favors and blessings are necessary
  5. Thank you guys for all the advice. I leave for camp tomorrow, hope everything helps. I’ll add suggestion for others as the summer progressss
  6. What camp do you work at? Just out of curiosity (resident scout camp or day camp )
  7. I’d say designate a “lifeguard” from your of our safe swim adults (or ask BSA Lifeguard from a Boy Scout Troop), but remember to be in the water the boys need to have a buddy and the “LG” should call buddy checks every 5 minutes. The buddies should stay together, this is not only the rules but good practice for the future when they attend BSA Resident Camp as Boy Scouts i know the rules are strict but the G2SS is to be taken seriously
  8. DE - District Executive DD- District Director DFS- Director of Field Service DA- District Associate (Basically Para-Professional DE) SE-Scout Executive ASE- Asst. Scout Executive I thought VOA was Venturing of America (nothing to do with the OA)
  9. Our unit asked our meeting place (not the CO) for a room in the basement for storage. They approved and we now emptyed our trailer into the room. When we go on camp outs they scouts(PLs) give the QM a list of the equipment they need and it is put in the trailer. It not only covers us in case the trailer is stolen (parked at a former troop members ranch ) but it also teaches the boys to pack lite and not bring everything and the kitchen sink. Because they’d have to carry it up the stairs!!
  10. There is no requirement to type. Neat writing should be acceptable. However if you can’t read it that’s a different story...
  11. My unit does the breakfast but no so fancy, scrambled eggs $5 a ticket. We get lots of rotary sales (we go to their mtgs.) they usually buy the tickets and don’t show up, even though the event has semi-poor attadence we still profit. the money goes into the scouts accounts, where they can pay for camp outs. 80 % for seller, 20% to those who work the event
  12. Good point make sure the staff (MB instructors and management) know about it, the staff should be trained in the subject and willing to help to the best of their ability
  13. I say the scout treating him self is fine. Like Brian says many youth have more experience and training in 1st aid than the adults. Make it a point to notify SE and Camp Director. Also tell the scouts that they should always let an adult leader or SPL know about injuries even if the were self treated no matter how small they are
  14. Waterfront, so flip flops when on duty and tennis shoes for lineup/ dinner.
  15. I’ve spent time at multiple camps the one I work at currently i usually wear boots. However at my council camp I generally wear tennis shoes because it’s super flat.
  16. Does your unit allow cell phones at summer camp? Does your summer camp allow phones? My Troop allows phones at summer camp but if the SPL sees one out he will take it. Are camps leaders guide says they would rather kids don’t bring cell phones (probably because of issues with homesickness, camp is only accessible by boat making midnight trips home a pain for everyone involved). We once had a kid who called home in the middle of the night and the parents showed up to camp the only problem was that night there was a thunderstorm so you couldn’t go on the boat so the scoutmaster, spl and I w
  17. Does your camp have any program options that aren't usually offered at scout camps that you Unit enjoys? For example, my Camp offers adventure day on Wednesday where scouts can go on a hike, float trip, or bike trip. The program is designed so there are no classes this day so everybody has a chances to go on a trip off the property.
  18. Our troop has a nice khaki color that is very similar to the Field Uniform/ Class A color, however, I think a nice bright color would help our scouts stand out from the crowd. Our Council Camp uses that method to help troops identify the staff, the t-shirts are a blue which stands out but isn't too in your face, it's better than the old highlighter green color they used.
  19. Here is what I don't get we (Boy Scouts of America) are trying to be the bigger person, and welcome female scouts, and in return what do we get a thank you NO.... we get a lawsuit. The GSUSA should have had the changes to there program years ago when their members said they wanted to camp and not just make crafts and "World Thinking Day"
  20. I'm in California to and most of those rules fall into 2 categories: a) paper rules which are written in the Leader's Guide or other literature and aren't actually enforced or b) allow food to be taken to the campsite but must be stored overnight in the dining hall.
  21. How is it that no matter how tightly the oil lid is, and even if the oil bottle is put into a ziplock(my Troop tried that) the oil always spills!!
  22. A few camps that are in my area offer regular weeks for boys troop and designate 1 or 2 as a Co-Ed week, other camps have no gender segregation
  23. Our troop has a Tru-Trailers 2 axle trailer and we love it; It can be pulled by a light truck or SUV (Chevy Colorado, or similar) but it is generally pulled by a F-150 or Silverado 1500.
  24. @nspdxAre you at Oljato? As for Scout camp advice, the Boy Scouts has lots of rules and policies at first you will not understand the acronyms YPT-Yourh Protection Training, G2SS- Guide to Safe Scouting, etc. which when people spurt out 10 in one sentence it makes it sound like a foreign language, but you’ll learn. One scour spefic thing is tradition of scout camp has its own traditions and all run similar programs, I recommend looking at summer camps leaders guides as they give you some insight into how it’s run. One important thinks with scout camps is to have fun you don’t get paid a lot bu
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