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  1. Yes, it looks like that we are on the same track. Present scouting as it should be presented and the character building, leadership, and self reliance will be a byproduct. Trying to teach, character, integrity, honesty, self reliance.........can't really be done. But, provide an attractive path to those ends and that path will be followed.
  2. Barry, Perhaps you should research the history of the Scouting movement to include it's origins in the United Kingdom. I think you will find that it was started by a few adults in support of young men. You may also consider reading "Two Lives of a Hero" and you may discover some info about the origins of Scouting.
  3. Sorry, but building character and leadership is not, and has never been the sole purpose of Scouting. It is just another bu#% s%&t idea that somebody came up with and a lot of people bought it. Scouting is and was and always has been a way for boys, yes boys, to get together and have fun. There is a system of goal setting, accomplishment, and recognition, but it's all about having fun. Lessons will be learned, character will be developed, but that is not the focus. If Scouting is presented as it is ment to be presented without the consistent intrusion of adults who assume they know all
  4. I have been involved in Scouting most of my life and would love to attend a leadership. Unfortunatly I have had some physical challenges pop up and I just dont know if I can do this without being a burden to the rest of the group. Basically, I just can't walk very far. If I were to attend, could provisions be made to help with getting from place to place? I first attended WB in 1982, in Columbus, GA. We had two older ladies (70+) in our patrol and there was a gentleman in a wheel chair in another patrol. Anyone who has been around a while knows that WB back then was much closer to the
  5. Good by, God Bless, and Rest in Peace.
  6. Hey cousin, I'm sorry if I made unpopular posts but I never said one word about whiney parents, the virus, or anything that didn't have something to do with the downfall of the Boy Scouts. I think it's funny and hypocritical how people dance around their opinions by being polite. The problems that have caused this whole thing are simple. Allowing the LGBTQ society to openly function in the Boy Scouts weather or not they are welcome; watering down the program so it doesn't come close to being in line with the Boy Scouts; allowing openly LGBTQ to be adult leaders; over pricing everything from
  7. In my opinion, I think that you guys are right on the money. Camping is adventure and being able to take care of yourself. Getting Eagle and earning Eagle are two completly opposite. And to just be plain, it really pisses me off when someone says "Eagle out" or "Age out". I'm 60 years old and I didn't Eagle our or age out. People who use these phrases should replace them with "Cop Out".
  8. A. Restrict membership to those who agree to abide by the Scout Oath and Scout Law, regardless of what part of society it discriminates against and I do not apologize for this statement. B. Get the focus off of teaching life lessons and let the lessons be learned through the Scouting program and not try to use Scouting to teach lessons. C. Restrict the BOY SCOUTS to boys. If girls don't like the Girl Scouts then change the Girl Scouts, and quit trying to drive a square peg into a round peg. I know what went on at the World Jamboree, condoms and the morning after pill given to any
  9. God Bless my friend. Someone I Know has contacted local government officials and requested financial assistance for just such activities. These include judges, the Sheriff, Tax Commissioner, Lawyers, juvenile court officials, physicians and anyone else who has a vested interest in the community. Someone I Know has always been successful and has always achieved Someone I Know's objective. In fact, some of these folks have special accounts and funds for these types of things.
  10. I dont know you but I have known many like you. I would guess that you joined up because you like kids, believed in the program, and was interested in a job where you could have a positive impact on young people. Remember I'm just guessing here. You felt that this was a great oppertunity and would be a great and rewarding job. These are some of the reasons that I entered government service. After several years of beating your head against a wall, being criticized and chastised despite your best efforts to succeed, removing numerous fixed blade cutting instruments from your back, and havin
  11. That my friend is "jacked up" because an organization that you dedicated yourself to was the victim of poor management, unpopular decisions and reckless spending. I just bet you could live well on .05 percent of the money that had been thrown into the black hole also known as The Summit Bechtel Reserve.
  12. The only reason that it is not sustainable today is because the BSA bowed down to the social principals that resulted in the loss of funding provided by big business. As a result the precepts of the Scout Oath and law were watered down or completly ignored. During the successful years Boy Scouts was for boys. It was available to anyone but not everyone was compatible because they did not adhere to the Scout Oath and Law. Now the model is Scouting is everything for everyone, everybody should be able to do whatever, however, and whenever and get a prize for doing it. If it's hard, let's make
  13. This really is not very complicated. The charterd organization owns the unit and it IS their responsibility to recruit adult leadership. The adult leadership KNOW that they represent the charterd organization and MUST abide by the dictates of the charterd organization AND the BSA. After that it gets even easier, the adult leaders provide a leadership and program model that is strictly governed by the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. That's it... Advancement has gotten ridiculous. Tenderfoot focused on learning about Scouting, Second Class focused on hiking and getting outside, Fir
  14. Again, wow. One post referred to a leader being "dismissed for noncompliance "...what does that mean? Compliance to what...I know of no policy, rule, directive, law, or constitutional provisions that says "ye most leave thy abode and travel into thy lands and peddle the fruit of the corn". Commissioners, for the most part they are as rare as jackalopes. All the discussion about being ruled by some official or the idea that people have some form of authority or jurisdiction over other people is laughable. The only way to absolutly control people is to control their money or their freedom
  15. Wow, I was the SM for a troop that was also sponsored by FUMC, and what a pleasure that was. We could also use their van nearly always and we also had access to their bus. Our COR was a former SM and a good friend and Scouter. Anyone who is with a FUMC unit will never have to worry about their support, and are blessed to have that accociation. Our Venture Crew is sponsored by an Episcopalian church and they are also wonderful and consider the crew as part of their outreach ministry.
  16. I personally think that way too much emphasis has been placed on "character building " and " lesson teaching" anyway. I have never heard a youngster say that they joined scouts to "have their character built" or to "learn the lessons of life". Way too much time and money has been wasted developing a bunch of academic bu*&l s&#t that should just flow naturally in conjunction with a fun outdoor program. You want to teach "fairness", just have a string burning contest. You want to teach self reliance, just keep your fat adult nose out of their camp planning and have the brass to let th
  17. Hey, these are certenly unique ideas. Wow, let the CO be responsible or take the CO out of the picture and allow a BSA Committee dictate how the units are administered. Chop the OA or turn it into some kind of money making labor force. Get rid of the classic BSA uniform or just wear polo shirts. Why have ranks at all and and just give everybody recognition. Scout handbooks? That's a preposterous idea since EVERYTHING is automated and can be accesse5on line. Campgrounds and Scout Reservations are outdated and expensive, how about just creating a virtual world where you can go on a camp ou
  18. Inspections, in my opinion, are useless formalities. If a real inspection is to be done let a government agency inspect and then be done with it. Every time I read a BSA publication outlining any standard or rule I can't help wonder how much somebody got paid to come up with this b#%l s@*t. This is the same with the training material that is constantly re chewed and spit back out of someone else's mouth. How much is being spent to rehash NYLT, Woodbadge, Basic Outdoor Leadership Skills, Youth Protection, or how many scrappers per person are needed. Believe me, because have been there, theo
  19. I think the reason is just another attempt to control an organization while shouldering none of the responsiblity. If the BSA uses an outside inspection system and something goes wrong then it is the responsibility and fault of the outside agency. State, national, county, and private campgrounds dont go to the ridiculous measures that the BSA goes to. To me this is just another example of well intentioned people making a lot of money sitting around throwing out a bunch of good ideas without having to consider the reality or consequences of these ideas.
  20. I also remember when the position of staff advisor didn't exist and I just don't think that every multi unit event needs a staff advisor. If one is assigned they should only be responsible for paying the bills and leave the programming to the dedicated and knowledgeable volunteers. Again, let's boil things down to reality, if parents trust the volunteer scout leader to take charge of their children and take them to Scouting activities, those same volunteers can certenly plan, arrange, and carry out multi unit events. Also, I have participated in A LOT of training and it is mainly the same p
  21. It has been a while since I was involved in the Cub Scout program. Cubs didn't go on camping trips or participate is Boy Scout activities, and I realize that there was a very minimal camping requirement for Arrow of Light. I think that one very big issue with declining membership is that now there is nothing for the Cubs to look forward to. They have camped, hiked.....for several years and when they cross into Boy Scouts there is no adventure and they are just burned out with Scouting. Or, they are recruited with grand expectations which don't materialize and they just quit. When this happe
  22. We went through that about 7 years ago and for the most part it worked out well. But, always a but, there is still some animosity between some members and still some "us and them". If everyone would look at the big picture they would see the benefits.
  23. I'm sure that works in some places, especially if the individual council is in trouble and local board doesnt protest. But I also think that the publicity generated by an obvious hostile takeover would absolutly destroy any possibility of ever having a scouting program in that area. The local board members have a lot of contacts which include major donors. If that board and respective councils goes away under negative circumstances so does the money and once it's gone it probably won't ever come back.
  24. You and I really see eye to eye, I agree whole heartedly.
  25. Let's boil this down a little more. If First Baptist Church, Anywhere USA, wants to sponsor a Scout Troop, thay are going to sponsor a troop and the leaders and members are going to march to the best of the First Baptist Church. The BSA is not going to interfere as long as the dots are dotted and the fees are paid. That's reality. If a local council, with its local executive board of local community leaders, businessmen, and dedicated volunteers do not want to merge, then they aren't going to merge. That's reality. I think that the units should run their program and the councils need t
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