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  1. This dialog provides a lot of food for thought: People are required to take youth protection and the "good guys" who wouldn't abuse a child will follow the rules. The "bad guys" who are abusers won't follow the rules will still be abusers; the BSA is in a very serious situation and is trying to survive so they raise the registration fees and tack on an additional fee for new members who have just joined; the grand white elephant, Summitt Bechtel" was developed as a jamboree site and the jamborees have been canceled; membership across Scouting is very low; some training requirements" are u
  2. I think that most people realise that Scouting has accomplished great things, and can still positively influence thousands of young people. Those same people acknowledge that bad things happened, too. Blame is hard to place, and I think, that regardless of any safeguards put in place, bad things can take place anywhere and at anytime. I don't have any answers, but if those of us who believe in Scouting, love Scouting, and want to keep Scouting alive we all need to Scout On. I would like to point out that some people who were abused during a Scouting event and are getting help from mental he
  3. Well, 14 years ago, 14 months ago, 14 days ago, it still applies. With very few exceptions, adults need to keep their noses out of OA business.
  4. Open water is a very applicable term. It may be that each charterd organization has to cover the individual unit or perhaps each key leader will have to obtain special liability insurance. If something like this happens I know many leaders will walk away and more charterd organizations will also back away. This will cause the BSA to really shrink. I just hope that we dedicated scouters can figure out how to just survive.
  5. Do you really believe that the BSA will ever even be able to get insurance coverage again? If an insurance carrier is willing to provide insurance do you think that after everything is said and done the BSA could afford insurance. My point is that the national level BSA is being squeezed to death and we will have to work locally if the BSA or the Boy Scouts or Scouting USA or whatever it's going to be called, is going to survive. The Boy Scouts of America is in desperate straits and if the locals dont work to save some piece of it, it's going to die.
  6. Realistically, in my opinion, if scouting is going to survive, there are going to be a lot of changes if we as scouters are willing to work at it. I dread the idea that the whole thing goes down the s%$##er and is gone forever. I envision that scout units will be very autonomous with the main burden being shouldered by local volunteers. Each unit will be governed by the dictates of whatever organization sponsors the unit. The OA will be governed by the youth members of the individual lodge with approval of the advisor and the Council Executive. It may be more difficult finding appropriate l
  7. Well, to be totaly Frank, if our LEC wants to do crossovers in regalia, I believe that I could figure a way to do it. As it is we are fortunate to have a native American who is in charge of our indian affairs. If someone asks he shows up in his tribal clothing and does a great job. I'm not even going to entertain the idea that some committee has any business telling him what he can do. In fact, whatever he does is right and correct, and not even open to criticism.
  8. The OA is a group of young people, and I dont intend to regurgitate the age thing. This group absolutly and completly belong to its youthful members. Adults guide, advise, and support those young people, and help them facilitate their activities. I "cringe" whenever an adult, especially when that adult is a spectator, criticize the efforts of lodge members. Many, many, many claim that their units are youth run but in reality many, many, many units only do face service to the idea of a youth run program. The OA actually is a youth run program where even the advisors have only a limited influ
  9. As long as our local Creek approve of the way we portray their history we're just fine. In fact they see it as a way to honor their traditions and culture. The OA is filled with native american symbolism and is based on a native American legend. I dont see how people are offended for someone else. Believe me when I say that the dances are far more then prancing around in regalia. One of our guys is a native American who is proud to wear and display his regalia that represents his tribe. He is our main ceremonialist and focuses on native American affairs. People shouldn't create issues whe
  10. This again brings me to the question about a national committee from Texas, Origon, California, etc know about delivering the scouting program in south/west Georgia. Unapologetically I help the kids do what they want and keep the Supreme Chief of the Fire informed. If he is ok with things, then I am ok with things. As far as using regalia, our local native Americans have an open invitation to attend our lodge events including the ceremonies. That may be contrary to some people but if we have the approval of real native Americans, and are open to any of their suggestions, we're doing fine.
  11. All native american activities have not been removed. There are three options for ceremonies. The guys can wear their uniform with their OA sash; they can wear indian regalia representing the local tribal traditions; or black shirts, pants, and sash. The legend, format, and everything else remains the same. We still use regalia and the members want to keep that tradition. I would encourage you to verify this info by going to the OA website.
  12. Now that's another issue. I again say that the requirements are specific.....we are talking about the basic swim test....nothing more and nothing less. There may. ....never mind, not going there. You do what your conscience dictates......You add what you like, change what you like, or use whatever interpretation you wish. But the simple fact remains that if a kid passes the requirement, it's passed. If the requirements can be passed in a backyard pool, it can be used. How about a six foot deep lap pool thats only 15 feet long? The 5'11 kid could jump in and swim to China but I bet that
  13. Your expertise and experience are appreciated. However were not talking about the swimming merit badge, lifesaving merit badge, or BSA Lifeguard. We are talking about the basic swim check. Were not talking about middle of the lake swimmers or what someone wants to see. All we're talking about is the basic swim check. And without going around the world all of the opinions, variables, and extra requirements, the simple answer is yes, a backyard pool can be used for swim checks.
  14. Wow....Coast Guard....Guide to Safe Scouting.......accidents...........who's qualified............I think it's an innovative and modern technique to summon help. If you have a flair and need help, use it! That's reality, common sense, and an excellent idea. Instruction on their proper use is also a great idea and may prevent someone from burning themself or shooting their own face off in an emergency.
  15. I have an idea. Someone volunteer to lead a committee to determine if a backyard pool can be used. Then, that person has 45 days to choose their committee members. There must be one member who will research the size of backyard pools; someone must research the shape of backyard pools; someone must research the depth of backyard pools; and someone must research the water temperature of backyard pools. There must also be one person to research the height of those individuals who will be using backyard pools to complete requirements. These members will be given 45 days to collect the requir
  16. Wow.....can a backyard pool be used for a swim test...........yes a backyard pool can be used for a swim test.
  17. You are so right my friend, you are so right!
  18. This is just another example of issues, items, restrictions, and additions of specific requirements that are very explicit and are not open to interpretation. Unfortunatly this happens all the time and has been going on for decades.
  19. If I remember correctly the initial question was concerning a kid doing swimming requirements in a backyard pool, and the answer is simple, yes. As far as when alternate requirements may be used, it is not based on numbers, opinions, or even rarity. It is covered in the Advancement Guide, which does an excellent job in explaining the process.
  20. There is a method whereby a youngster can advance even if they are unable to complete a requirement. Simply document the issue and an alternate requirement can be substituted. For example, if someone cannot swim due to a physical or mental challenge, hiking activities may be allowed. I would suggest that you contact your local scout executive for specific details. Best wishes.
  21. Really simple answer to a really simple question............yes.
  22. You take a chill and I dont care what your extensive collection of old books say. I'm telling you that Lekau Lodge #77 did not have any members under the age of 14 years old, at least in the early 70s. Believe it or not, I dont care, it makes no difference to me. But unless you were there ......well nevermind.
  23. Sorry, I ment organization...I've heard of Lodges, chiefs at every level, LEC, and Council of Chiefs but never organization. So if it isn't written down and approved by a national committee, it doesn't exist. That makes just as much sense as saying an age limit didn't exist. I'm tired of discussing a moot issue because there is currently no age limit and I think there should be.
  24. If you wernt there dont make assumptions and I would be cautious these days when stating "they can't do that" because "they" can do whatever they want.
  25. It did exist, and I dont think the OA was ever an agency. No book, paper, note, picture, form, or video ever called the OA an agency so it was never an agency and did not exist.
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