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  1. Absolutly no tests associated with merit badges. If properly completed and all of the requirements are fully reviewed and completed the educational aspect will be completed. I have seen the whole merit badge system watered down, skimmed over and viewed as just another thing that needs to be done to get to eagle. I dont think that any required merit badges should be offered at merit badge universities. The "classes" are usually filled to copacity and are way to large. Citizenship in the Nation is one of those that must be done in a small group in order to complete it properly. Merit badge
  2. Thank you for your long time service and for posting numerous times expressing your opinion; and having numerous replies. That does not change the fact that these decisions are the responsibility of the local executive board, and not an organization. In reality, as a result of current affairs, it's up to each council to sink or swim without the hope of a life line. I would also remind you that many council properties have a provision wherein if there is ever a change in ownership the property will revert to the previous owner or their descendants. Thank you for serving as a Scoutmaster as w
  3. By camp operations I guess you're talking about long term camping. A long term camp must pay for itself. If the camping program can't pay for itself then long term camping is not an option. That does make it a little harder for unit leaders to get their kids to summer camp but it really isn't hard to find someplace to go. That doesn't mean that every camp that doesnt host a summer camp should be sold or given away. As long as a particular property is not losing money, leave it alone and have it available for council and unit events. The money comes from FOS, local patrons and donors, an
  4. OK, one more time, the BSA does NOT own the individual councils. Each council has their own executive board which includes a finance chairman and a properties chairman. The BSA is not responsible for the infrastructure of the locally owned council camps. That is the responsibility of the local council executive boards. Not "National" , not the regions or the areas, and certenly not neighboring councils. Selling, closing, transferring, or other uses is the responsibility of the local executive board. What happens as a result of court orders concerning the bankruptcy remains to be seen, bu
  5. These are the same issues that I've mentioned. What busniss is it of the BSA weather our camp has a commercial kitchen and one flush crapper for every how many campers? If it meets the needs of our local units they should keep their hands out of it and there is no need for a national committee to make up useless rules. These are the same people who try and tell units that they can only camp in certain places. I dont think that those individuals are any smarter, better educated, or more concerned about where the kids can camp then the unit leaders and parents of those kids.
  6. The councils should take care of council busuness including what is done with their camps and property. There are already numerous variations in Eagle Scout requirements depending on the needs of the individual, that's a fact, wether believed or not. Anybody above the local council seem to be more interested in their positions and have forgotten about the kids and what they want to do. We gont need regional committees to tell Scout Leaders how to be Scout Leaders, and we dont need national enforcement people telling Scout Leaders that they need to comply with what the national committee said
  7. 1. At this point I think that professionals above the council level have become damage control specialists, rule enforcement specialists, political correctness barristers, and money collectors. Anyone, professional or volunteer, outside of the individual councils dont have much to do with the success of the individual unit. If the resources expended to support the BSA had been used by councils and districts to assist the individual unit we wouldn't be in the shape we are in. Jeeeees, how many times does Woodbadge have to be rewritten? How many different ways can training be revamped and pr
  8. I think that is curious that BSA Scouters often quote Baden-Powell in remarks concerning BSA. There are many references made about a letter that BP wrote to the Scouts, especially during Woodbadge courses. I often wonder why the other letters written by BP are excluded. In the book Two Lives of a Hero there are a couple of other letters. One makes reference about not letting the Scout leaders becoming a corps of professionals because it will diminish the fact that Scout leaders are civic minded individuals who are concerned about the youth in their communities. Hmmmm.......let's not talk a
  9. Nearly everything is automated anyway. YPT, advancement, training, and rechartering are all automated. I sometimes think that those positions that have "region, area, or national" are no more but honorariums and are given out just to stroke individual egos. What do these people do to positively support individual units? How is someone from Connecticut going to tell people in Georgia how to conduct the Scouting program? These are the ones who like to say "you can't do that" or "that is not proper uniforming" and expect you to take their word for it. I think that those who are "above the
  10. There are a lot of theories and ideas being tossed around. When the BSA announced the bankruptcy they clearly stated that they national organization did not own the individual councils and that they were administered by their own bord of directors. That statement tells me that the BSA owned 4 campgrounds, an office, and a brand. Issues concerning merging or combining councils are the responsibility of those local boards. Units should be responsible for their own business with the help of their local council. I see little need for monitors or policy enforcement professionals or any of the o
  11. When the bankruptcy was announced it was clearly reported that the BSA does not own the individual councils and that each one has their own board of directors. Rather then make blanket statements about merging ao combining councils, we should those issues to the councils and their respective boards? This is a great oppertunity to return Scouting to the local communities. The national organization should deal with their property issues and supply. Other then that, just let the units deal with their own business, supported by the local council......period.
  12. Or council camps will become a vital part for rebuilding. Many people can't afford $1000.00 for a high adventure trip or national event. I can see the local camps being used by units in order to keep up the outdoor aspect of Scouting. I can see troops using these properties to conduct their own summer programs. I can see individual council's using volunteers exclusively for staffing camps with the help of the local rangers. And, I can see units being more autonomous and responsible for their own administration. I guess we'll see.
  13. There is a lot of great discussion going on. I have always thought that our professionals should focus more on sustaining existing units instead of trying to create additional units that are likely to struggle or even fail. I also think that scouting has become very corporate and in order to be considered successful every level in every program is required to achieve a numerical level that really has no bearing on anything. The focuse has shifted from helping young people with positive development to making sure that the numbers are good. Also, just because a council is struggling does not
  14. I know that I have a very conservative and traditional point of view. I am thankful for this forum that allows conversation between individuals who have a passion for Scouting and are aware of the positive influence that Scouting provides. I guess if I could could go back in time, Scouting would be as it was when I was a Scout. But I also know that the world is constantly changing and the old ways must evolve and keep pace with those changes. I was recently questioned by a young lady about my opinion concerning girls becoming Eagle Scouts. I told her that my personal opinion really doesnt
  15. Yea, there was a survey but if you recall I said members. By that I ment regular members who signed up to be BOY SCOUTS. Some adults, not all were asked to give an opinion. I heard a lot of "this group loves it or that group loves it" but I never heard one youth member say that they love those ideas. It seems like the old catch phrase "it's all for the boys" excludes the views of the group of people who it was all supposed to be for. It would also appear that the drastic changes made at the national level didn't work out very well. I know that a lot of people will disagree, but the proof
  16. Major league baseball is neither a club or private. There is no application to be submitted and there is no membership fee. You can not compare apples and oranges. If I apply for membership in a group that has certain rules an I pay a fee to belong to that club, and my application is accepted does in no way guarantee the membership to another who does not want to follow the dictates of that club. That Private Club has the absolute authority to deny membership to anyone who refuses to follow the club rules. I think that is is the perogative of anyone to socalize and associate with those w
  17. Another issue for rebuilding the Scouting program is the cost. The powers that be or were, doubled the registration fee. That alone made Scouting cost prohibitive for some of the guys. Now with businesses closing, the added expense of having the kids out of school for an indefinite period (extra food, higher utility Bill's, child care...) individuals being out of work, many just won't be able to afford the Scouts. What a challenge we all face. It may revert to the days when a couple of tarps, a tent or two, and some blankets, and a friendly farmer's field make up a Scout trip.
  18. I agree to a point. I know of no survey, questionnaire, or petition that was distributed to the members asking for these changes. The changes were initiated by individuals who were not members and wanted to be part of a club that did not follow their rules. If I belong to a club that only drinks grape juice and a non-member who only drinks orange juice demands admittance, the club rules shouldn't change just to accommodate the orange juice drinker. It's my choice to associate with the grape juice drinkers and because it is a private club, I shouldn't be forced to accept orange juice. It'
  19. Parkman: That is not exactly what I said and normally I dont have to explain my meaning because it is usually very clear. What I said is the BSA was a "private club" where the members have the same wants, expectations, moral and spiritual beliefs, and sence of right and wrong. You paid a fee, filled out an application and joined the club. As a member of that club I voluntarily agree to follow the clubs rules, it's that simple. I have no right to join the club and expect the members to change to appease me and if I dont like the rules, I shouldn't be a member of the club. The BSA changed t
  20. You know, I love Scouting for Scouting's sake. There is nothing, not one little thing, that I can do about the bankruptcy or any of the unpopular decisions that were made by the nationa executive board. I would like to know the last time these people at the national or even regional levels actually went on a camping trip with a bunch of kids. Anyway, there are things that I can do with the local troop, and in some cases, our local council. It doesnt matter to me what happens to the organization but I do know that our home town, local kids will still go on camping trips, hikes, and all of the
  21. I realise that the Summits Perry Park is not a highly promoted venue but when I had an oppertunity to visit I was amazed at the opulence located in a scout camp and the learning center that is still under construction is a modern and amazing structure by any standards. Amazing and beautiful projects but I hope in ten years they are not boarded up and filled with cobwebs.
  22. I know what I saw in January at the Summit. Why build such a massive learning center with a dining facility, huge classrooms, lodging, and an auditorium in the basement. I got the usual dumb answer when I asked about the reason for this building and was told by a guy with gold shoulder loops that "we are going to rent it for corporate use". What corporation is going to pay the cost of renting that place for a huge number of employees and then figure out how to get their employees there. There are no local airports so the only way to get there is by car, bus, or fly into the "Presidental Hel
  23. The Boy Scouts of America was a private organization where a member had to file an application and pay a fee to belong. It was a group of individuals with similar ideals, moral conscious, and like beliefs. The members grouped together in agreement to uphold these standards and follow the dictates of the organization. Simply put, they liked to hang out because they enjoyed the same things. This is the same thing as an avid bowler joining a bowling team. Someone on some committee decided that it didn't matter wether or not the rules and policies established for the members were followed bec
  24. Well, after a career in the Marines as an MP, I assure you that I have met some drunken sailors. I can't figure out exactly what's going on. According to the announcement BSA does not own the local councils. So......I guess that means the council charges certain fees to the individual (which have doubled) so they can pay a fee to the BSA so that the individual can use a brand and four campgrounds for which a fee is paid. Building is going strong at the Summit with a massive new learning center including classrooms, a dining facility, lodging, and a 300 seat auditorium. There are a few 5
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