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  1. There is a lot of great discussion going on. I have always thought that our professionals should focus more on sustaining existing units instead of trying to create additional units that are likely to struggle or even fail. I also think that scouting has become very corporate and in order to be considered successful every level in every program is required to achieve a numerical level that really has no bearing on anything. The focuse has shifted from helping young people with positive development to making sure that the numbers are good. Also, just because a council is struggling does not
  2. I know that I have a very conservative and traditional point of view. I am thankful for this forum that allows conversation between individuals who have a passion for Scouting and are aware of the positive influence that Scouting provides. I guess if I could could go back in time, Scouting would be as it was when I was a Scout. But I also know that the world is constantly changing and the old ways must evolve and keep pace with those changes. I was recently questioned by a young lady about my opinion concerning girls becoming Eagle Scouts. I told her that my personal opinion really doesnt
  3. Yea, there was a survey but if you recall I said members. By that I ment regular members who signed up to be BOY SCOUTS. Some adults, not all were asked to give an opinion. I heard a lot of "this group loves it or that group loves it" but I never heard one youth member say that they love those ideas. It seems like the old catch phrase "it's all for the boys" excludes the views of the group of people who it was all supposed to be for. It would also appear that the drastic changes made at the national level didn't work out very well. I know that a lot of people will disagree, but the proof
  4. Major league baseball is neither a club or private. There is no application to be submitted and there is no membership fee. You can not compare apples and oranges. If I apply for membership in a group that has certain rules an I pay a fee to belong to that club, and my application is accepted does in no way guarantee the membership to another who does not want to follow the dictates of that club. That Private Club has the absolute authority to deny membership to anyone who refuses to follow the club rules. I think that is is the perogative of anyone to socalize and associate with those w
  5. Another issue for rebuilding the Scouting program is the cost. The powers that be or were, doubled the registration fee. That alone made Scouting cost prohibitive for some of the guys. Now with businesses closing, the added expense of having the kids out of school for an indefinite period (extra food, higher utility Bill's, child care...) individuals being out of work, many just won't be able to afford the Scouts. What a challenge we all face. It may revert to the days when a couple of tarps, a tent or two, and some blankets, and a friendly farmer's field make up a Scout trip.
  6. I agree to a point. I know of no survey, questionnaire, or petition that was distributed to the members asking for these changes. The changes were initiated by individuals who were not members and wanted to be part of a club that did not follow their rules. If I belong to a club that only drinks grape juice and a non-member who only drinks orange juice demands admittance, the club rules shouldn't change just to accommodate the orange juice drinker. It's my choice to associate with the grape juice drinkers and because it is a private club, I shouldn't be forced to accept orange juice. It'
  7. Parkman: That is not exactly what I said and normally I dont have to explain my meaning because it is usually very clear. What I said is the BSA was a "private club" where the members have the same wants, expectations, moral and spiritual beliefs, and sence of right and wrong. You paid a fee, filled out an application and joined the club. As a member of that club I voluntarily agree to follow the clubs rules, it's that simple. I have no right to join the club and expect the members to change to appease me and if I dont like the rules, I shouldn't be a member of the club. The BSA changed t
  8. You know, I love Scouting for Scouting's sake. There is nothing, not one little thing, that I can do about the bankruptcy or any of the unpopular decisions that were made by the nationa executive board. I would like to know the last time these people at the national or even regional levels actually went on a camping trip with a bunch of kids. Anyway, there are things that I can do with the local troop, and in some cases, our local council. It doesnt matter to me what happens to the organization but I do know that our home town, local kids will still go on camping trips, hikes, and all of the
  9. I realise that the Summits Perry Park is not a highly promoted venue but when I had an oppertunity to visit I was amazed at the opulence located in a scout camp and the learning center that is still under construction is a modern and amazing structure by any standards. Amazing and beautiful projects but I hope in ten years they are not boarded up and filled with cobwebs.
  10. I know what I saw in January at the Summit. Why build such a massive learning center with a dining facility, huge classrooms, lodging, and an auditorium in the basement. I got the usual dumb answer when I asked about the reason for this building and was told by a guy with gold shoulder loops that "we are going to rent it for corporate use". What corporation is going to pay the cost of renting that place for a huge number of employees and then figure out how to get their employees there. There are no local airports so the only way to get there is by car, bus, or fly into the "Presidental Hel
  11. The Boy Scouts of America was a private organization where a member had to file an application and pay a fee to belong. It was a group of individuals with similar ideals, moral conscious, and like beliefs. The members grouped together in agreement to uphold these standards and follow the dictates of the organization. Simply put, they liked to hang out because they enjoyed the same things. This is the same thing as an avid bowler joining a bowling team. Someone on some committee decided that it didn't matter wether or not the rules and policies established for the members were followed bec
  12. Well, after a career in the Marines as an MP, I assure you that I have met some drunken sailors. I can't figure out exactly what's going on. According to the announcement BSA does not own the local councils. So......I guess that means the council charges certain fees to the individual (which have doubled) so they can pay a fee to the BSA so that the individual can use a brand and four campgrounds for which a fee is paid. Building is going strong at the Summit with a massive new learning center including classrooms, a dining facility, lodging, and a 300 seat auditorium. There are a few 5
  13. Hmmmmmm.......... the Summit has a presidential help pad "in case a president wants to visit"; still building huge structures with theater seating, a dining facility and lodging, but the BSA has declared bankruptcy. The announcement specifically denied that the BSA owns the individual councils. Councils pay a required fee for each member and the national beurcraticy dictates what local regions, sections, and councils need to do. But.........BSA does not, in any shape or form, own the local council. This is very interesting to me.
  14. I certenly wish no Ill will on our former BSA CEO, and pray for his complete recovery. I also question the necessity of having such a huge machine devouring tangible resources. A lot of very unpopular decisions were made that has had a negative impact on those individuals who mattered the most, the boys they were supposed to support. As a result many dedicated members, both youth and adult, have elected to leave. As a result the machine has less to do and should be reduced in order to survive the loss of the product demand. Even Baden Powell made the statement that the scouts should never
  15. Yea, but apparently people are still reading it.
  16. Imagine that, when I was talking to the GM he fell back on the problems with the organization. My reply was, "Should the Catholic church be disbanded, or perhaps every church that has had similar problems be disbanded?" He really didn't have a response and it left him speechless. Hmmmmm..........a speechless radio guy...........you dont see that everyday...
  17. I believe that at one time the Boy Scouts was a group of boys and men who worked together to teach and demonstrate all of the points of the scout oath and law. The men showed the boys how to be scouts in the woods, at home and school, at camp, and at church. The Boy Scouts was a private orgination that required a person to fill out an application, pay a fee, and abide by their rules. If you chose not to do these things you chose not to belong. Somehow these things changed and rather then stand on the principles agreed to by the members the rules were changed and many members decided that r
  18. I was recently listening to a Christian radio program and the guest speaker made the comment that he wished the Boy Scouts of America would be disbanded and go away. I took offence to this comment and called the GM of that station to give him my point of view. I also told him that there are plenty of people in the scouts that are still trying to "do the right thing" and provide a positive experience for young people. Unfortunately the GM agreed with the speaker which demonstrates a conservative and accepted attitude that the Boy Scouts no longer provides a wholesome and valuable program.
  19. P.S. I apologize for appearing negative about the OA. I think it is a grand group of young people, and our lodge is administered and run by our Lodge Chief, and his LEC (Lodge Executive Committee). Nothing, and I mean nothing, effecting the lodge gets by without the Chief's blessing. The hardest part of being the Lodge Advisor is making sure this happens without well intentioned adult interference. By this time almost everyone realises that this is the way things are and my common response is "that's a good idea and I'll let the Chief know and he can bring it to the LEC." Again, I foc
  20. I I certenly agree with what you have said. I recently attended the "National OA Webinar" and when one of the national officers said that the members should engage the new members after the ordeal and "WE HAVE A SCRIPT TO USE" I tuned it out. For christmas sake, they actually developed a SCRIPT to use when someone walks up to somebody to say hi!!!! I am a current lodge advisor and the more "National" jambs down my throat or tyres to jamb down my throat, the more resistant I become. They have forbidden the use of regalia for crossover ceremonies because "a Native american was offended". Who
  21. Wow, wow, wow, another price increase. I think it's pretty obvious that the BSA is not doing very well as an orgination managed by a central entity. It would appear that many many negative influences have risen up and the BSA is having a hard time dealing with them. I see that it has become very corporate and has lost focus on why people join scouting and why they stay around. At this time of the year the big focus is on growth and developing new units. Then popcorn season, .......and the cycle continues. I would suggest that the BSA think about an entirely different approach. Restructur
  22. I spoke with my attorney and he told me that this document is too broad and open ended. I am ok with criminal background checks but this appears to be an agreement allowing the BSA and their employees to look into every aspect and area of my private life (my attorney agrees). I plan to make several pen changes, and have that form notarized before turning it in. I also dont like the idea of them sharing information. I'm a retired Marine and law enforcement officer and held a final top secret security clearance so clearly I have nothing to hide. But I dont think that the BSA should have acces
  23. I first attended WB in 1982, SE-293. I then attended WB for 21st Century, and is was very different from the last course. I have also participated in many courses and they were all a little different. I am going to attend the Summit course in Jan 2020 as a participant and I'm sure that it will be quite different from the first 2 courses that I attended. No matter if you took the Explorer Leader course at Schiff or the newest of the new course at the Summit, they all provide an enjoyable and informative training opportunity.
  24. This is certenly a sensitive situation. Perhaps this sh ould be brought to the attention of the Lodge Advisor who could look into the facts surrounding this induction. Then the Lodge Advisor can pass it on to the Lodge Chief who can present it to the LEC and let them decide. That way Scoutmasters, committees, and unit members who have a specific interest will be removed from any decision that is made. I suggest that whenever there is a conflict involving the OA, the Lodge Chief and his LEC be informed and allowed to take what action deemed appropriate.
  25. I certainly apologize for commenting on an old topic, regardless of relevance. Everyone has opinions on this subject: wearing mentor pins, too many square knots, official hat, socks, belt, and is the neckerchief worn under the collar of is the collar turned under. How many wear official socks, and if not are you in uniform? If it's cold outside and you put on a generic wool hat are you suddenly out of uniform therefore preventing you from giving the scout salute at flag raising? What exactly goes on the back of a merit badge sash? Can you wear your hat inside? Can you wear a sheath knife on
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