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  1. If you are an active scouter you already know the answers to all of things you are asking. Is it this, what is that, when did this, who did that, if its that then what is that. I have no desire to word joust and no requirement for further clarification. You should be able to figure it out, active scouter and all.
  2. Before I get sanctioned for my conservative viewpoint and ramblings, I will say farewell to Scouter Foram. I am a caucasion, Christian conservative who does not agree with the direction, including Scouting, is headed. Somehow someone came up with the idea that having segregated celebrations at NOAC and the National Jamboree will benefit Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. This is bulderdash in my opinion. If this demonstrates Equity then please explain why was there no segregated event for caucasion heterosexual ? Simply because that would cause so much negativity and claims of racism and
  3. For further clarification I would like for your attention to focus on Harvard College, Florida State College, Budweiser Beer and Nike Athletic Shoes. The public reaction indicates that the majority of regular sensible people are fed up and sick of the foolishness that has overshadowed our country. I'll probably get more warnings and maybe even kicked out but what I said needs saying!
  4. Have you attended NOAC or the last Jamboree? You keep saying that I not given specific examples. Bwell I have given examples but if you are having trouble understanding at the last National Order of the Arrow Conference Conference there were specific meetings/gatherings for women, LGBTQ, and People of Color. If there was a specific meeting or event that focused on caucasion/heterosexual people ther would have been amplified exclamations of racism and homophobia. I hope that simplifies this so you can comprehend my meaning. Personally, I have no problem with LBGTQ people, black, brown,
  5. I agree, the OA is another part of Scouting and should be presented that way.
  6. Sorry, should be DEI, spell check got me again😉
  7. Jeeeeezzzzzzz.........how in the world did DEI jump the tracks and turn into YPT? I would invite "Awake" to read my previous post to get some examples of what I'm talking about, and it has nothing to do with YPT.
  8. Yes it does, I'd be curious to what would happen if a young lady were to be abused and daddy and brothers found out.
  9. Liers use stats and stats lie, that has been proven time and time again. Statistics and presentages can be manipulated to prove anything. Its really simple, do the right thing!
  10. Yall went way off rail. I'm not talking about merit badges, rural neighborhoods or any of those right turn issues. I'm talking about specified areas and events that are organized and encouraged at "Official National Scouting Events" like Jamboree and NOAC. I fail to see how this cultivates DEI.
  11. Well, its not ALL about the boys or girls. That sounds nice but if the grown folk aren't enjoying themselves and are miserable, then the kids won't have a good time and will be miserable, too.
  12. I have 23 and I wear them all. Folks forget that "once official always official." Those who don't like will just have to not like it. But, since most of the people who have a bunch of knots are getting old and will die off soon, and many of those knots are no longer available they won't have to not like it for long. Since uniforms are no longer required and are only encouraged it really doesn't matter. My knots show a life long journey through scouting. From my Eagle Scout Knot, Tiger Cub Group Coach Knot, to the Spurgeon Knot and the Sea Badge. Along the way I influenced two Eagle Scou
  13. Yes indeed but nowhere in the mission of the BSA will you find the word FUN. Somebody on some committee being guided by an overpaid talking head comes up with this malarkey. The whole idea of fun is completly overshadowed by lessons, being good citizens and character development. Will someone please tell me when they hear a kid say that they want to be a Scout to have their character developed, please!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬
  14. Well, a lot of people have realised that being WOKE isn't really beneficial; just ask a major college, athletic shoe manufacturer and a beverage company. This is also true for the proponents of DEI just ask the colleges, universities and manufactures that have fired their DEI employees and boarded up their offices. The BSA harps about DEI yet they sanction and organize special events for women, LGBTQ members and "people of color ." If they had a gathering of straight white folks there would be cries of racism, homophobia and who knows what else. So, can anyone explain to me the difference
  15. Hmmmmmmm................I'm not sure why the staff advisor is concerned with LEC business. That alone could be part of the problem. Advisor is often interpreted as "Manipulator" and this shouldn't be allowed. Anyway, I think something has been flipped around. I mean if the OA is fun and attractive there really isn't any reason to pressure folks into obtaining Brotherhood. If there isn't a good OA program that in itself, is unable to encourage members to be active and engaging then no amount of pressure is going to help. I have been saying for years that fun has been completly overshado
  16. Mrjeff

    Another fatal wound

    That is sad and a very disappointing turn of events.
  17. Before I get scolded again for being un scout like, I will simply let this drop.
  18. I think it's funny when somebody posts something that people don't like, some attack the author, redirect the facts and pretend that they don't understand the meaning. You know exactly what I mean and it reflects the views of many other Scouters.
  19. Because it's something that we're stuck with and will always be there.
  20. Because, Awake, this is a just another attempt to force young people to openly except things that really have no business inn Scouting.
  21. Because is no concern of yours. If you carefully red my post I said that was my opinion and it was not open for debate.
  22. All of the above. Its simple, if you refuse to acknowledge God you can't be a Scout because you can't afirm and acknowledge your DUTY TO GOD as dictated by the SCOUT OATH. If thats the case, find something else to do, it's that simple. But the BSA would rather change the rules for the individual, and do. The BSA used to have very high standards and received Devine blessings and when they no lounger held to those standards God (or whatever name you want to use) has withheld those blessings. People are still walking away and any presumption of growth is propoganda and a false positive. Tha
  23. Mrjeff

    Another fatal wound

    Sure my friend. AIA is a common acronym used by Order of the Arrow members meaning American Indian Affairs. Some my claim that this is offensive but our AIA chairman is an American Indian and uses the acronym freely. The national OA leadership banned all AIA activities at the National OA Conference
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