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  1. cgail

    dutch oven tips

    According to the listing: Crisbee is a proprietary cast iron seasoning blend of Soybean Oil, Beeswax, and Palm Oil.
  2. cgail

    Ordering the preview adventure awards ...

    My Scout shop has been able to order them in, but the pins are still backordered.
  3. cgail

    Belt loop resource repository

    All the advancement resources are free in Scoutbook as well.
  4. cgail


    You would probably have more luck speaking to someone at a local hospital or ambulance company - or even the fire department rescue squad. Many times they have expired items (don't ask how bandages expire...) that they can donate.
  5. cgail

    Wood Badge and Part C

    Always take "should" to reflect in your favor. In any case, WB isn't really physically demanding. My course had several members who had physical limitations. We had a cart shuttling members from site to site as needed.
  6. cgail

    Bear Claws

    How about cans of tomato paste? Small and cheap enough for each Scout?
  7. cgail

    Two Deep - Married, Related ok?

    I thought I read that a husband and wife can't be the only 2 leaders since they can't be forced to testify against each other.
  8. cgail

    Contagious Disease Outbreaks

    You can catch any communicable diseases even though you are vaccinated. They wear off as you age, and as the flu vaccines show us every year, some are not a effective as others. Someone choosing not to vaccinate their child for whatever reason CAN impact my family's health. The BSA should come out as pro vaccination. It's as much a part of teaching about the public good as the citizenship and preparedness lessons we use daily with our Scouts.
  9. cgail

    SCOUTBOOK to be free as of 1 Jan 19

    Scoutbook Lite is replacing IA. The BSA IT team has said there will be ways to get data from other applications into it, just as it exists today with IA.
  10. cgail

    SCOUTBOOK to be free as of 1 Jan 19

    You can use the Scouting app to record advancement, camping, hiking, and service logs offline - but only for your Scout at this time. Unit management is on the future list, but I believe it's all tied into the SB Lite codebase change I spoke of.
  11. cgail

    SCOUTBOOK to be free as of 1 Jan 19

    As you said, many units will just use it for advancement. The UI isn't the easiest thing in the world to navigate as it's pretty heavy for many users. Lite is also basically the test-bed for completely rewriting the code base. Scoutbook (heavy) will be transitioned to the new code eventually. Look at it like the Scouting iOS and Android apps. They work great for parent/Scout advancement use, but not so much for running the unit.
  12. cgail

    Badge Magic is THE DEVIL!!!

    This place sells pre-cut in all kinds. http://www.thegoosescache.com/index.php/product/tan-shirt-pack/
  13. cgail

    Challenging Scout and his dad

    That’s the problem with the parents these days. Just about all of them have a smartphone in their hand 24/7, but they can’t respond to anything - much less show up and participate.
  14. cgail

    Velcro For POR Patches

  15. cgail

    Virtual Dutch oven contest

    I’d love the lava cake recipe please..always good to score points with the missus!