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  1. Was surfing this site, saw the title of this thread and thought to meself, " Hey I asked that question a long time ago!"... Then I saw it was the thread I had started two years ago! The young Scout I gave the pack to is now a Life Scout, has finished his Eagle Project, is working on his last required merit badge.
  2. Congrats! Had my beading at my Troops meeting. CD was our Districts RT commish, wanted it done at the RT, said no to that. Reason I did Woodbadge was for my Scouts. Never saw my Scouts so quiet and attentive when the CD was speechifying on the reasons behind the course and the regalia. Had some of my Scouts in awe that "MR. Art" did something special for them. Used to be a Beaver!
  3. Qoute: Scouts don't hunt End Quote I take it you're not in Georgia! Several Scouts in my Troop have been out with their Dads and have gotten their deer already. Granted it's not a Scout activity, but "Once a Scout, always a Scout"
  4. I paid the whole ammount; and to boot closed down my shop for the 6 days of the course (I'm self employed) Not to sound the martyr card, but have never thought of asking (or expecting compensation) for my Scouter "Duties" (for want of a better word) BAck when gasoline was high, parents were howling about not getting enough for the higher gas bill; as I have a two seater vehicle, can't do my share of transporting Scouts, but haul equipment instead. If we need something for the camp, I'll drive into town and get it. I do it for the good of my unit and for the fellowship of fellow
  5. Alaska, Seward NAtional Forest, Summer Camp, as a young Scout on his Ordeal. Was given a sleeping bag, a poncho and two matches. Told to make a camp, start a fire and sleep well. Pouring down rain. Tried to start a fire with birch bark as tinder; no luck. Relit with last match-almost gone out again, them remembered my hankerchief! Was dry enough to get a fire going! Returning home from camp, Mom wondered what happened to the hamkercheif. Ask me sometime about me and my Scoutmaster (also doing his Ordeal) and the Bear!
  6. I cheat and have the Korean Lady down the shopping center from my shop sew on my patches-and have the shirts laundered with heavy starch there also. Cheap and looks good! I've recently lost a lot of weight, so also had her alter my shirts-now fit me instead of being really baggy! Tried sewing my stripes etc on my Uniforms when I was in the Air Force; even though I "Did My Best", results weren't that good! As a Scouter, not much gets changed on my uniforms, so it's not that big of an expence. A scout on the other hand with his rank changeing often might be different!
  7. Verification? First part of the Scout Law is "Trustworthy" Good enough for me!
  8. Putting on my UP shirt-where's the emblem on the "SMokey" hat?
  9. Qoute: "...Is it really OK for my son to walk in the pitch black in the pouring rain because this is what he would do if my husband was not there? And, in other words, .Im nice and warm in the office so I dont really care if you son lands in ditch because he cant see where he is going in the dark..." No raingear or a flashlight? Essential eqipment when camping! After all, no streetlights in the woods. "Be Prepared" Seem to have heard that somewhere before...
  10. ...we clapped our hands everytime someone said "Beavers".. Similar thing with us; we'd slap our leg with open hand. We thought about using "DAm It!" as our yell, but figured that was a tad un-Scoutlike. We made "Buckey Beaver Teeth" from styrofoam and would wear them whenever we could. The flagstaff on the Bobwhite flag mysteriously had "Beaver Chew Marks" on it... Bobwhites would yell "Covey Up!" whenever the Foxes were about.
  11. The beads I wear are Gilwell beads. My buisness partner goes on trips to England every so often, he stopped by Gilwell Park and bought the beads and woggles there for the 5 Scouters in my Troop who did WB together (2 Beavers, 2 Bobwhites and a Eagle) Thinner thong on the Gilwell beads; only difference I can spot. They are Special to me as they came from "The Home of Scouting"
  12. Went through my Ordeal back in '66 (40 years ago; where has the time gone!); Pretty sure my copy of the handbook has changed!
  13. Congrats to my youngest God Son-went through his Ordeal this last weekend; 40 years after his "Uncle" did!. His father, older brother and me (all Brootherhood members)were there to welcome him to the Order. Questtion: do they make a small sash? Our new member is rather on the small side; his sash hangs almost to his knees! His Dad or "Uncle" would like to get him one that fits. It's almost a safety hazard! Art
  14. Congrats! From the Central Georgia Council-just down the road from you... Used to be a Beaver SR-542
  15. Good info! I'm a recently (6 months ago) diagnosed Type II diabetic (on meds and diet theropy-Glucose averaging in the 80's down from 275-weight down to 160 from 225; most likely the main cause!) Plan on watching the food at meals and having lots of water. Any other ideas? Least I don't have to worry about the insulin shots!
  16. I'm the Troops alarm clock. Start out with bellowing "GOOD MORNIN', CAMP XXXXX!" (ala Good Morning Vietnam). If that don't work, its followed by "Oh What a Beautiful Morning" from "Oklahoma"-at the top of my lungs! Troop has threathened to learned how to play the Bugle! Bunch of music critics!
  17. Mine go on whenever the tan shirt goes on; ASM or RT commish shirt-don't matter! Feel nekkid without them! Mine are "Gilwell" beads; my buisness partner (a lowly Bobwhite) was on a trip to England and bought beads and woggles at the Scout Shop at Gilwell for us in my troop who did Wood Badge together. Thinner cord than the American Beads, woggle is a different type of leather also. Just different enough so they get noticed, which gives me a chance to "sell" Wood Badge and talk about Gilwell. BAck to Gilwell! Beaver SR-542
  18. We had our 40th anniversary last August, and our 128th Eagle last month...
  19. (Echo from across the Beaver Pond): I used to be a Beaver, and a Good 'ol Beaver too, But now I'm finished Beavering, I don't know what to do. I'm growing old and feeble and I can Beaver no more So I am going to work my ticket if I can Back to Gilwell, happy land; I'm going to work my ticket if I can. SR-542 Beaver
  20. I'm "Mr. Art" to my Scouts; "Uncle" Art to my partners kids. Will use the "Mr." witht he Scouts; especially witht he few I can't remember the first name, or brothers that I can't remember apart. Or if they are in Trouble! First time I was addressed as "Sergeant" when I was in the Air Force, I looked behind me to see if my Dad was there!
  21. Congrats! Now time for a rest! Art (Tsgt, USAF, RET)
  22. SueM- Thats the one! Got it online (forget the place now-in Colorado, I think) HAve gotten some "rude" comments about where my hand goes when I have him out....
  23. 1. Stuffed Beaver Hand Puppet 2. Beaver necklace that lives on my Scout Staff. 3. Pewter Beaver pin on my Troop cap. 4. Yellow Beaver Crossing Sign-it's proudly displayed in front of my tent or hammock at Campouts. Gotta get me one of those Bobble heads!
  24. Might be going back to Gilwell next year! My Troop Guide will be the Course Director for the next course, and I told him I'm in for a Staff position as Quartermaster. Will be hard not to favor the Beaver Patrol.... Used to be a Beaver! SR-542
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