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  1. denibug72

    Eagle Project question... help

    I have to disagree with ValleyBoy. I'm part of our district advancement committee and sit on the project approval boards each month for the district. Depending on how he presented his project to us, I could see it being approved in our district. As others have said, there is no building requirement for Eagle projects, and I definitely don't see this as a routine labor situation. Valleyboy, if he held some kind of a collection drive to collect more Lego sets, would that help his project in your district? As it is, I honestly see enough chances for him to show leadership in the project as it is, but he'd have to be able to articulate it in his presentation. I love that he has a connection to the beneficiary - so many of the projects we see in the district don't have that, so it's refreshing when we have a scout that has an out of the box idea like this come up for approval.
  2. denibug72

    WFA: Required or not?

    I know Northern Tier is running a WFA training course this December, and the instructors are NOLS certified. Seems kinda odd for the BSA to say that you need ARC, ESCI, or ACA WFA training when they're using NOLS to train their own staff. If you're targeting a specific HA base, send them a quick email to see if they'd accept other courses. If it's for a troop level activity, I think any full weekend WFA training would be enough. As far as tracking down the courses - ask around at Roundtable to see what other units have done in the past. Your district or council training team may have some leads as well.
  3. denibug72

    Virtual Campfire

    This is my 14th year of homeschooling my boys. They both participated as much or as little as they want - it's their choice. Older son earned his Eagle about 3 years ago, and the younger is one merit badge away from his. The only real influence I see is that by homeschooling & not working, as a leader in the troop I'm usually available to head up outings and opportunities that other working leaders might not have the chance to do (high adventure, daytime activities, etc).