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  1. Eagle Scout Ross Perot, businessman, and two time presidential candidate has passed away. He was 89 https://www.foxbusiness.com/business-leaders/billionaire-ross-perot-dead-at-89 Perot joined the Boy Scouts of America and made Eagle Scout in 1942, after 13 months in the program. He was a recipient of the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award
  2. Jameson76

    History question

    We had National Camp inspections back in the 70's. I recall being a provisional camper, helping tidy the waterfront up. The guys from "National" came though. That's what I was told. As a Program Director and Camp Director we had specific inspection standards and review in early 80's. Again, the mysterious guys from "National" came though
  3. Where did you get those numbers? 2017 Annual report numbers all youth = 2,659,439 2018 Annual report numbers all youth = 2,499,349 That seems to be down about 160,090 youth and a decline of 6%
  4. Agree. Seems like if you did in fact want to undertake a homemade canoe trip 57 miles, which is a cool idea, there would need to be significant shakedown and testing. Maybe load them up and let them float in a lake (pool??) for several days. Have the Scouts paddle around a lake that provides a simple and easy bailout area. If you do undertake this journey, have some regular canoes, chase boats, to sweep behind. Maybe they did the testing phase and process, but seeing as how several barely made it off the ramp, would appear they may not have. We kayak with an outfitter every couple of years. Everybody wears PFD, stay with your buddy, we stop and group up a few times, one specific lead boat, and most of the leaders perform the sweep at the end to make sure no hangups
  5. We make boats on an outing. They try to paddle around a buoy. This is on a lake, within 100' of the shore, with normal kayaks around to provide support. No way we would try to head 57 miles down a river That's just silly.
  6. Jameson76

    Guidance on Discipline

    Not getting into the smoking pot at a meeting and on the property of the CO, which unless your CO is a dispensary, I am gong to assume they would not be in favor, let's deal with summer camp. The mom does not really get to "insist" he gets a second chance. You, from what was stated, were well beyond that. Mom comes and get him, end of story. There were certainly some issues that need to be resolved. In maybe 20 years we have sent two scouts home from camp, we go to two camps each summer, maybe 50 at one and 25 at the other, so a large group. In both cases what the Scout did was not the main issue, the main issue was disregard for the Youth leaders and in some cases the adults. The most recent one we called mom and she wanted to know if he said he was really sorry, could he stay. We advised the troop was well beyond that. It was 9:00 am, she or dad needed to be there by noon. We are a Scout troop and we want to work and build youth, challenge is sometimes we are not the correct vehicle to do that work.
  7. We had a Scout who had while not an anaphylactic reaction did get some hives while playing a wide game, got into some vines or other underbrush. We gave him some Benadryl. One leader wanted to know what happens if they have an allergic reaction to benadryl. I told them we would give them more benadryl
  8. Jameson76

    Safety vs. Inclusion ??

    RSO seems like the RSO you would get from central casting, my way or the highway. Yes safety is a concern, yes you need to follow all the correct guidelines. The parent was there, was going to directly supervise. A minute or two of quick instruction to the father could have alleviated all of this. But it was "His" range...so here we are.
  9. Have fun and go do stuff. Oh, you have never fired a rifle, hey take that.
  10. Jameson76

    Eagle Workbook questions

    I always encourage typing as it can be updated. Sometimes the assumption that all youth fully understand all aspects of all platforms like fillable PDF documents because they have a phone glued to their hand is incorrect. Was working with one scout, he knew Excel and Powerpoint, but was confused by the PDF. Showed him how to cut and paste, which he commented with amazement was the same as Excel and Powerpoint keyboard shortcuts. This was a HS Junior. Sometimes the transference of knowledge and tasks is not intuitively obvious
  11. Jameson76

    Balanced Advancement Timeline Goals

    Rank advancement is up to the Scout. His pace. His advancement. Some I have seen complete First Class really fast, then they wrap up Eagle a day prior to their 18th birthday. Others have been more journeyman and have a different journey. Your Scout needs to first and foremost have FUN and enjoy the Scouting journey. Anything else is just a bonus
  12. Jameson76

    Philmont “We All Made It” Plaque Engraving

    We used a label maker and made a really nice looking label that fit onto the plaque. Ones we got were ceramic, not sure about engraving those.
  13. Saw a post on another social media platform. A young lady was reporting that she has completed 1st class requirements as of May 4th 2019. I guess congratulations, but I had some observations: That means in 92 days (2/1/19 - 5/4/19) she has: Completed all the requirements for Scout / Tenderfoot / Second Class / First Class That is 118 separate items Including: 30 days of record keeping for Tenderfoot physical fitness 4 weeks (28 days) of record keeping for Second Class fitness after Tenderfoot fitness requirement 6C 4 weeks (28 days) of record keeping for First Class fitness after Second class fitness requirement 7A That's minimum of 86 days for those keeping score on the fitness requirements Went to 10 Scout events that do not include troop or patrol meetings. From those 10 - 6 were outdoor events For the outdoor events there were at least 3 overnight campouts where she slept in a tent or structure she put up (the campouts do seem easily attainable if troop camps monthly) Completed the BSA Swim Test Trust there was nothing more and nothing less required to complete the ranks.
  14. Jameson76

    Camp info packet

    Interesting that the question is what do we give versus what information is available. For our troop on the troop website there are links to all the needed detail. If a Scout needs or wants some detail, it is there. At camp we have an information board with camp map, the schedule the scout signed up for, troop activities, the overall camp schedule etc etc etc. If a Scout has a question, we say "check the board"
  15. Jameson76

    Does National want to kill the uniform?

    Due to the way they are made; the costs, the fabrics, the cut; not sure they are trying to kill it...however....as with many things in the Boys Scouts of America program....whomever is making the decisions (the uniforms in this case) is not really connected to the actual user of the uniforms. For example, why not a fabric like the Columbia PFG shirt. Those are literally designed to be breathable, designed to be short and long sleeve, etc etc. Even on the "Official BSA activity shirts, those are costly. Our troop gets the A4 dri-fit shirts each summer. With 2 logos (front chest and full back) they run about $11 each. That is for a small run of maybe 100. Get better gear and people will buy and wear it.
  16. Jameson76

    Opening Scout Camps to commercial camping

    One question will be is how to make this financially viable. The first thought by many local execs, oh well the ranger can take care of that. Being a ranger and being a campground host are entirely different. Also RV's and folks need power, water, sewage, etc. Not saying it is a bad idea, but it needs to be well thought out. What impact will this have on Scouts that are camping there or nearby? Lot to think about
  17. Jameson76

    Duty to God question

    If a Scout claims to be agnostic - and I have had that conversation, the basic definition I fall back on is a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God or of anything beyond material phenomena; a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God My view was the Scout was in fact developing his beliefs. He was trying to define. He did not claim there was no God, just he was not really sure. We spoke on beliefs and that true, you likely could not prove the existence of God. This particular Scouts issue was more with organized religion. He did not really feel that Church was beneficial. We had a good conversation and my advise to him was to let your faith and beliefs develop, be open. Defining God is tough, sometimes organized religion is not your path.
  18. Jameson76

    Got acronyms?

    We use it more from an engineering perspective and it concerns a wild guess Though we do hand out swag (stuff) on many occasions
  19. Jameson76

    Treating injuries

    As a leader you can only treat what you know about. Also I would not be too concerned about the antibiotics. That may be a CYA by the ER. Could be a good learning experience for the troop that all injuries need to be reported to the leaders so proper care can be provided. That's why we have the big honking medical kit (smaller one for backpacking) on all outings
  20. Jameson76

    Got acronyms?

    Actually nope. I had to look that one up. Venture Officers Association Let's not forget SWAG SNAFU PDQ
  21. For the EBOR's I have sat on and the ones for our troop (+/- 12 per year) there is not an check on that. If that is what the Scout wants, that is the religious reference.
  22. That is the default From our good friend the Guide to Advancement: References: Must list all six (five if not employed). If not affiliated with an organized religion, then the parent or guardian provides this reference. There are no restrictions on who the Scout may list as the two other references. The candidate may list anyone, including parents or guardians not previously listed, other relatives, Scout leaders including those from the candidate’s unit, or other Scouts and friends. There is no requirement that any of the references be 21 years of age or older
  23. Jameson76

    Camp Program Options

  24. Jameson76

    Camp Program Options

    One camp we go to has an off camp option on Friday. We do a troop event to a local natural area and hike in and swim at a waterfall.
  25. Sad story from Colorado https://kdvr.com/2019/06/11/man-on-boy-scouts-trip-in-southern-colorado-dies-in-rafting-accident/?fbclid=IwAR0QgqI13tgJLFSUbeK-2f4xYAj1JEDWZU03adi763oM4tejycR0h2EkbGA Wonder if this was part of a Blue Sky Adventure for a Philmont trip? They offer a Royal Gorge Whitewater Rafting trip in that area