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  1. I am an attorney, and I will tell you that it is an article of faith in the legal profession that one can find an "expert" to testify in support of almost any proposition. There are studies, and then there are studies.
  2. "Parallel program"....excuse me if I am mistaken, but I thought we had already decided in this country that "separate but equal" is "inherently unequal". I believe that. I do not think you can successfully have a "parallel program". Which means they won't have any choice but to abandon the decision to admit girls or to fully integrate. And many units will go straight to full integration for the reasons set forth above...not enough volunteers, not enough resources, easier to plan program, etc. "Parallel program" is just proponents trying to have their cake and eat it too.
  3. Actually, some of our scouts are fairly precocious on political topics. As are some of the parents. We recently were dealing with a parent complaint regarding a scout wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat on a campout. We also had a big stink from a parent about an old photograph on the wall in which a scout was holding a Confederate battle flag. And when I give the First Class (?) talk regarding the citizen's rights and responsibilities, at least one scout will always try to engage me in a political debate. The response is always, "I don't mind discussing it with you, but this is not the t
  4. I really like this idea of an extra day in base camp for acclimatization. But I have strong memories of this incredible restlessness and overwhelming desire to hit the trail. I can't imagine restraining that for an extra day. As my son said, "I didn't come to Philmont to sit in base camp. I need to get on the trail." We were all like race horses stopping in the gate. But acclimatization is important. We flew into and out of ABQ. We used Blue Sky Adventures who arranged to get us from ABQ to Philmont and from Philmont back to ABQ. Day 1 we got in late because of a 5 hour flight delay a
  5. Assuming they in fact are integrating girls to achieve a truly "coed" program... I don't see how they can possibly have "family camping" and retain anything like the patrol method. I consider the patrol method to be one of the primary tools for teaching leadership. Family camping will destroy that aspect of the scouting program as we know it. Admitting girls has no real impact on that, as you can have girl patrols and boy patrols and coed senior leadership. So national has an opportunity there...let's see if they can keep from screwing that up. But you need one program, I believe. In
  6. All our youth attending Philmont this year were required to take YPT. I think that is a Philmont requirement, but I am not sure. We "require" all our youth in senior leadership positions to take YPT, mostly to protect themselves when dealing with younger scouts. I am not aware of a general requirement for all scouts to take YPT. I think it's a good idea, however, for self-protection.
  7. I am appalled at your SM's policy on return calls. That is really setting a bad example for your scouts. In the professional world, if somebody calls you and leave a message, you call them back. You won't stay employed long if you don't. It would be one thing if he asked the scouts to contact him in way other than his phone, but once he asks them to use the phone, regular phone etiquette should apply. That does not include ignoring the original caller who leaves a message. In answer to your question, the leaders in our troop each have their own policy. I tell the scouts that if a leader as
  8. I'm afraid they will give us exactly as much guidance as they did with "gay scouts" and "trans boys". That is, they will tell us we have to take them and that is it. No other guidance on any other aspect of the problem. Won't be my problem. My youngest son is Eagle in a month. I will be out of here. I wish the rest of you best of luck.
  9. The answers above are correct. Be aware that some troops adopt policies that prohibit scouts under First Class from working on MBs. (There is usually an exception for summer camp.) I have seen it twice. I strongly oppose this, and it may even be contrary to national policy. I don't know. But be aware that some troops are really whacked about this and that you might see or hear some people parrot that in conversation because they don't know any better.
  10. I saw an altitude sickness debacle once and was a part of one once. At Philmont in 2010, we were at French Henry when they brought down an adult leader on a stretcher that backcountry staff said was an altitude sickness problem. Then, before they could get a ranger up to the crew for 2-deep leadership purposes, the crew got lost. So they closed down the program to send the staff out to find them. (That was a bummer because it was our layover day and we had gone to French Henry after climbing Baldy and stopping off at Baldy Town for food. The boys just wanted the program.) Years earlier
  11. The problem I have with it is that the troop actually made it a policy to disregard BSA uniforming regulations and go with jeans instead of scout pants. All the rest of this jaw jaw is neither here nor there to me. It's really not that hard to change into your uniform in the car or the bathroom before you go to the scout meeting. And if you can't afford scout pants, well OK that's understandable. I mean, accommodations can be made to meet a scout's individual circumstance. But this is a whole different thing to me. (1) They are intentionally disregarding BSA uniforming regulations for
  12. Very nice. And eloquently said. Thank you for posting. Surprised by the whole, "I had to stay 2 nights alone in the woods for my final test for Eagle" thing, though.
  13. Sorry to hear that. The troop I grew up in disbanded, too. Very sad.
  14. I am happy to report that the most recent prognosis is that they believe the scout will keep not only the eye, but also the tear duct. A happy ending, presuming they are correct.
  15. I will say it: yes, this is normal for jamboree. The undesirable patch trading attitude and practices...I saw that when I was at the 1977 National Jamboree, too. People selfishly abusing the electrical outlets? There are tens of thousands of people at Jamboree. Statistically speaking you KNOW there are going to be people doing all of which you complain and then some. And even a small percentage of a very large number of people is still a lot of people. Yes, it is disappointing that scout don't act in a scout-like manner. But it's the way of the world that every large group will have some
  16. Thank you again, one and all. We are applying for the "Spirit of the Eagle Award".
  17. Ah, politics. You're statement is untrue. Have you ever heard one person say anything remotely like, "That Trump, I hope he politicizes his speech to the Boy Scouts and says a lot of inappropriate things!" But one takes the bad with the good. I understand you don't like the man. I don't either. But at least try to be rational.
  18. Freedom of speech is not implicated here because there is no government action.
  19. Was or is anybody talking about Scaramucci talking to any boy scout groups? I mean, what's the relevance here? Or did it just make you feel good about yourself to say it?
  20. Sad, but many people never learn to be careful who they hang out with. The Eagle scout will never have that opportunity now.
  21. Thank you. As mentioned, we are waiting to see about the eye. Thank you for telling me about NT. The sister crew was from Carollton, and the ASM was a female. I believe they are Troop 121. If I recollect correctly, you are from that area, so perhaps we are talking about the same incident. I agree with your last point entirely, but I would expand it beyond Philmont, as I would with the NT incident. And it needs to come through scout resources rather than media reports. I have taken the online hazardous weather training twice and I cannot recall any significant mention of falling trees,
  22. I am sorry this happened to you and your scouts. I fully understand your outrage and frustration. And thank you for caring enough to persevere and help get the pack on a good footing. Call, in this order: the police, the CO, and the council. +1 more on no news media. If she did this to your pack, she will do it to other children's organizations. She has has shown a pattern of behavior and there has been fairly consistent reward for negative behavior. You get more of what you reward. Without negative consequences she will continue to behave in this manner. We live in a well off
  23. Go to any professionally managed pool or beach and every lifequard will be carrying-and using-a whistle. There is a reason for that. And I don't see lifeguarding a BSA swim event as any different in this respect. I think somebody at National Camp School is still carrying baggage from when they didn't make the lifeguard cut as a teenager.
  24. I tend to Stosh's position: money in the bank is of no benefit to the scouts. That having been said....we have kind of a lot of money in the bank. We have it segregated out into several funds. We have a scholarship fund, we have a fund for replacing the troop truck when the time comes, a fund for capital improvements to church property that we have been promised we can make some day, etc. And it came in handy this year when we had several thousand dollars of repair work put into the current troop truck that we weren't expecting. However, given your description of your troop's fortu
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