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  1. ​We actually didn't know there was a committee....see what I mean, we were clueless...she left us in the dark. We also found out there is supposed to be 2 people on the checking account at all times. We are now working on the process of finding trustworthy people. It's hard to find people who want to volunteer their time.
  2. The people on the Committe had nothing to do with the troop...we didn't know about them. I was "Council Rep" but she told me my title was "Church Liason" She told me to introduce myself to the church as that, and my sole responsibility was to keep thinks friendly between the pack and the church. Yes, I was niave. I should have looked more into it. She told me I had no authority what so ever with the troop. I started questioning her back in Popcorn Season 2015 after the kids didn't receive their prizes for top seller..she claimed Scouts dropped it that year, even though on the forms they said t
  3. Just a rant here... My son has been in scouts for 3 years....they've had the same lessons for 3 years. Its a small group...all the cub scouts are together...tigers...wolves...ect. Most kids didnt do enough to pass to the next rank, she'd just hand them out. She gave out one belt loop in 3 years...everyone got the same one. She gave out 1 badge to the older kids, who didnt even do everything to earn it. We had no money, yet a few kids sold over 1000 in popcorn every year. We were told, "do the fundraisers and you won't have to pay for camps"...well last summer if they wanted to go, we had to pa
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