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  1. What? You didn't just love that repeat of the 'how'd you like that Nov 8' thing?
  2. TT, Agreed, I have dreaded the day that this person would be the so-called 'honorary' president of the organization - I consider him to be 'without honor'. So TT, trustworthy is definitely off the table for him AFAIC, too. I'd add 'clean' and 'courteous' to the fail list as well. If I were to directly quote our President loudly enough to be heard in this CO, I would have to apologize to the congregation.
  3. I agree with Stosh on this. Do the provisional and see if there's a better troop option. Do what's best for your family.
  4. "They're more like 'guidelines'"
  5. My response would be 'yes' as well. In this unit we have an atheist Buddhist family and boy. Very interesting conversations with them. The scout is really good at DO cooking, he seems to find some kind of Zen connection with it. Me too, once dinner is ready, lol.
  6. I don't have a problem with Tillerson as long as he's honest.
  7. Me too, lol. I read the article and basically agreed with his tone and intent. The 'belongs to the people' thing is just a metaphorical whim and anyone who seizes on that is being distracted from the real message. I'm sorry the guy wasn't heading the council while I was still in it myself.
  8. This doesn't directly address the question but it has been my observation over the years that for our local area at least, the district executives will charter literally anything that is willing to sign the forms as new units. There's nothing on those forms that ask the intentions of the new CO's as far as I can tell and these DE's seem to want to just add units regardless of merit. Maybe questions of 'closed' and 'open' are not of primary importance?
  9. He did indeed say it well and I agree. I called our COR to let him know about this and his response was a sigh of relief that "BSA did the right thing." And I agree with that too. The families should be 'in charge' of personal matters regarding their children. Plus, for this unit, it completely removes this issue as a future potential conflict with BSA...win, win.
  10. The transgender leader in ours is just fine. I don't see the connection between this issue and your claim that "Most service clubs have seen a huge drop in membership over the past decade." Which clubs? Why the drop in membership? How is this related to transgender issues?
  11. Interesting how a cute acronym can be employed as a substitute for thoughtful reasoning. (Edited to avoid deletion.)
  12. Quote from Dubya, "And as I like to tell the C students: You too, can be president."
  13. Our CO pays for registration, very generous in my opinion. Some of the parents, years ago, organized a 'lending library' for leftover uniforms, and similar items that we make available to families who cannot easily afford them. All other costs are paid as we go by the boys or their families. We don't have an annual 'fee' arrangement and try to cover costs of awards, etc. with fundraisers. We encourage the boys to fundraise for major trips or service projects but those end up as distinct budget subfeatures in the overall spreadsheet.
  14. I wish I knew what it is about this species that makes us take pride in doing something like this. I've nibbled just a tiny piece of one of these things and subsequently wished bad things and had intemperate thoughts, made a few intemperate expressions of pain. If one of the boys had followed this role model and chomped down even one of those peppers, well, in this unit I suspect the leadership would get an earful (maybe more) from some parents.
  15. 10-4, moving over to the Faith and Chaplaincy Forum...oh wait...
  16. Now qwazse, be nice. He's probably never read any of Kudu's posts.
  17. Thank you Adamcp. I can't imagine how anyone could view transgender as a hoax. Some of us object to a decision a young person and their family may make or has made. This is not our place to make that decision or to try to take it away from the young person and their family just because we don't agree with it. Unless someone has specific knowledge of criminal action, to invoke child abuse is absurd, hyperbolic and prejudicial. But that isn't the issue here. BSA made a membership policy decision with which some of us disagree. That is the issue question: who should be allowed to be a mem
  18. I like the food thing. If the boys are fussing and fighting, dumping a load of carbs on them usually improves the tone.
  19. I can go with the food idea. If the boys are fussing and fighting, dumping some carbs on them usually helps set a better tone.
  20. Would everyone who can imagine a "strange woman" doing what Barry just suggested please raise their hand? Hello? Anyone out there? This just confirms the 'control' aspect of this issue. Barry wants to control and argues that failure to object to this personal choice is (in his mind) a form of control. LOL. If this decision is going to be made by someone at age 8, I'd have to defer to the family the same way I defer to them for any number of other personal decisions in their lives. A scout leader should never override the family for something like this and Barry and I will just have to disagr
  21. I'm not all that concerned about the 'natural behavior' of scout leaders, whatever it is you mean by 'natural behavior', as long as the YP is not violated. NJ, I agree...I think.... My point is that any level of positive leadership is going to have some kind of influence on the young person. To me this issue is all about 'control' and has little to do with what might be 'best' for any particular young person.
  22. It's called 'Youth Protection'. What level of crime do you advocate? What would you call it? What punishment? Role models? Hello? You can't be an active leader in a youth organization without making those contributions.
  23. You must know already that this is all about 'control'.
  24. If BSA wants to be 'true' to their so-called membership 'standards', then membership for the teenage boy who has gone the distance with complete reassignment must be supported by BSA no matter what the present physical reality is. The birth certificate will identify her as male and no matter what the physical status actually IS, BSA must live up to their stated 'standard'. And she will also be welcome in this unit. Technology does indeed make for interesting times. And those who are uncomfortable with it need to learn to live with it because 'it' is not going to stop. Even better, the change
  25. Sorry, all my stuff is aged about 30 years earlier. But as I peruse the flea markets for cheap unregistered guns I often see these kinds of things offered, sometimes alongside the guns, lol. I'm just not certain about their dates.
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