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  1. That's a great way to get the boys plan better menus!
  2. I'm glad that your son found a troop that he's happy with. May his next 2.5 years be happy in scouting!
  3. I agree with Beavah. Boys will do the fun stuff and pass on the more school like aspects of the merit badges. My son has 4 partials and at this time he doesn't want to finish them. He says it was fun doing the requirements than he finished, but he didn't feel like doing "research" or writing a paper. It did surprise me though that he completed family life without any prodding.
  4. Your kids had a blast! Keep up the good work!
  5. My son went to two camps this summer. One was a council camp with his troop and the other was a "normal" summer camp. He most definitely liked the non BSA camp better. He said that they were at the waterfront everyday for swimming and canoeing. They had water gun fights. The kids were encouraged to bring their water guns because the temps were supposed to be 90+. They did arts and crafts, archery, and had time to read, write, or play games during their free time. There were no requirements to hurry up to complete or merit badge books to go over. There was no "you can't do this because you didn't sign up for it". This was his fourth year of going to this camp and he's already talking about going to the 10 day session for teens next summer and skipping scout camp because it wasn't as fun,
  6. As I am reading through these posts I'm alarmed that some units are treating BOR like they are military promotion boards. ready for the promotion boards. I had to march into the room, stand at attention, salute,and repeat the NCO creed. All of this before I was asked a single question to be considered for promotion. I was an adult, nervous and afraid. I can't imagine how a 11 - 17 year old kid would feel doing something similar to this for a BOR. I sat on about 10 BOR in the past few years. The scouts come into the room and he either joins us at the table or sit with us on comfortable sofa and chairs and we have a casual conversation with the scouts. Questions are asked about how he feels about the troop, his patrol, what's going good, what's going bad, etc. There's no retest. They are asked what meal did they cook for this rank or what or who did you teach with the EDGE method. The questions vary on the rank and age of the scout. It is not an inquisition and it is not an easy check off either.
  7. Why wasn't this caught at the Scoutmaster's Conference?
  8. My prayers for the boys, their families and you.
  9. I was looking for this on Amazon. Thanks for posting!
  10. Thanks for all of the replies. There are people out there that doesn't know that scouting still exists. When I make a stop with my son before or after troop meetings you would be surprised at how many people say that they didn't know there were boy scouts in the area.
  11. Recently I've seen commercials promoting the values of Girl Scouting in my area. My son has been involved in scouting for about 7 years in two different parts of the country and I have never seen a commercial promoting Cub or Boy Scouts. Is this normal for Cub and Boy Scouting?
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