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  1. mgood777

    Wearing uniform hats indoors?

    Those were the standard (only, IIRC) BSA uniform socks through the seventies, up until the Oscar de la Renta uniforms came out in 1980 or 81. At that point we got the knee-high socks with the big red tops. And the red would eventually pull off.
  2. mgood777

    New rule for Eagle palms

    He earned the merit badges before his 18th birthday. His Eagle BOR was after August 1. I don't see a problem with him receiving the palm. That the merit badges were earned before August 1, or that he turned 18 before August 1, is not relevant, IMO. If this had gone into effect 31 years earlier, I would have gotten a palm. But it didn't and I didn't. Such is life.
  3. mgood777

    I am the Committee and Cubmaster

    Recruit parents, aggressively as needed. Let them know you need their help in order to have a quality program for their sons. Also recruit within your CO. A good mix of both as mentioned above is ideal, IMO.
  4. mgood777

    Freedom versus oversight while camping

    When I was a Scout, I would have straight up told him we want to move faster over rougher terrain than our adults are willing or able to hike. If I was held back by having to drag an adult along on every adventure, I probably wouldn't have stayed in the program very long.
  5. mgood777

    20 years on

    Thank you for all the work you've put into Scouting over the years. I've got 21 years in Scouting, 13 (almost 14) as an "adult leader." (I put adult leader in quotes because I'm really just a Boy Scout who never grew up.)
  6. mgood777

    The issue with girls in Scouting

    Venturing requires at least one male and at least one female adult for coed crews and coed campouts. This was the rule in Exploring long before there was such a thing as Venturing. And it was as far back as I'm aware, the rule for coed Philmont crews. I assume if BSA makes Cub Scouts and/or Boy Scouts coed, the same rule will apply. As far as I can find, there's no rule against having an all-male youth crew with all female adults, or an all female youth crew with all male adults. But if you have boys and girls, you must have men and women. I've always found this mildly amusing. I've asked this question several times. I even asked National Commissioner Charles Dahlquist. The best answer I got was "A Scout is Trustworthy." The implication, to me, is that a girl who lies on her application and says she identifies as a boy just to get in Scouting, is not living by the Scout Law and not going to make it very far. Certainly others in her troop will know if she lives as a boy all the time or if it's just an act she puts on at Scout activities. Like locks on doors are not going to keep out a determined thief. You try to make your home appear to be a tougher target than it's worth in hopes that predators move on. Same thing, YP makes it difficult for an adult to be alone with a youth in Scouting. Not impossible. The cynic in me says that it's all primarily to protect BSA from lawsuits. But at the same time it protects adult leaders from false accusations. (You have a witness.) As well as protecting youth from sexual predators or even physically abusive leaders.
  7. mgood777

    The issue with girls in Scouting

    I was mildly opposed to letting women be Scoutmasters and Assistants back when that went down. I have since been privileged to work with some outstanding female Scouters who have changed my mind on the subject. But once we had male and female Scoutmasters and Assistants, and women in the OA I figured we should go completely coed. I'm surprised it hasn't happened long before now. The Girl Scouts are, I guess, the reason BSA hasn't done that. But GSUSA is not providing the program many girls want. And professional Scouters are all about numbers, numbers which have been declining since the early seventies. They see this as a way to boost numbers. (Always keep that in mind when evaluating anything coming from a Pro Scouter, it's about numbers. One more unit, one more Scout, one more dollar. It is their lifeblood. It is behind everything they do. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. More units and more Scouts means the Aims of Scouting shared with more young people. More money provides the means. Someone has to deal with that end of things, and I'm glad it's not me.) I agree that a lot of this has probably been decided, or if not completely decided, then pretty well agreed upon and they've put out feelers to see what kind of reaction they'll get. I know our Scout Executive showed up at our Roundtable to discuss this with us. (Our district usually has 5-8 people show up at Roundtable. The SE doesn't usually grace us with his presence, let alone take over 30 minutes of the meeting.) No, we didn't get any "inside information." He just asked questions much like those in this poll and invited conversation on the subject. I don't know any more than anyone here, and probably less than some, but here's what I think will happen: Tiger Cubs will become coed. The following year, Wolf Dens will be coed. And so on, staying with that one group as they move up through Cub Scouting. During the time they're Cubs, there will be discussions of whether we should eventually have fully-coed Boy Scout Troops or have separate girls troops and boys troops. That's the part I suspect has already been decided. Beyond that I predict something like this: By the time these coed dens are Webelos getting ready to cross over, I think discussions of separate programs will evaporate and these Cubs who've been together since they were Tigers will be crossed over into Boy Scout Troops. At that point Scouting will go coed, top to bottom. Maybe they'll leave it up to the Chartered Organization whether to have coed troops or separate boys troops and girls troops. Maybe they'll encourage separate boys patrols and girls patrols within coed troops. We'll have several years to figure out how we want to handle that. See Venturing for ideas. As Crew Committee Chair of a new Crew (among several hats I wear ) I'm still figuring it out.
  8. mgood777

    Council Records Screw ups

    We have very few trained leaders. (Beyond the very basic training.) Our Council hasn't had NYLT in ten years. (Coming in August 2018.) No Wood Badge in almost that long. (Shooting for 2019.) Or Commissioners College in . . . maybe ever. (Scheduled in 2019, with the help of a couple of neighboring councils.)
  9. mgood777

    Council Records Screw ups

    I don't know if ILS-T is recorded anywhere. I know youth who've had it may wear the Trained patch under their badge of office. I don't want a bunch of people at NYLT who've never had any sort of orientation. I'm not going to kick 'em out, but I'd prefer that they've had some previous training. I didn't mean to side-track the conversation. I was just using that as an example of things we're doing at district or council level because it's not getting done at the unit level. We're working to improve our units, but in the mean time, we have a handful of people who are trying to pick up the slack.
  10. mgood777

    Council Records Screw ups

    I agree. I was just thinking of ways the district could help. Thinking out loud, sort of. We have to do a lot of hand holding or we wouldn't have a lot of what we do have here. For example, ILS-T is supposed to be taught at the troop level. I'm helping teach it at as a council level event next weekend because very few of our troops are doing it. And it's a prerequisite for NYLT. I'm the Scoutmaster next year of the first NYLT this council has had in about 10 years. Sounds depressingly familiar.
  11. mgood777

    What are your Eagle Scout Traditions?

    Old pictures showing their journey through Scouting are very cool. This is from the same Eagle COH pictured above. These two young men started Scouting together and have remained friends. One has since moved away, but they each went to the other's Eagle ceremony.
  12. mgood777

    What are your Eagle Scout Traditions?

    Invite Eagle Scouts from your district and community. Whether they're involved in your troop or not, most are delighted to be able to attend an Eagle COH. This is from a recent Eagle COH I was honored to attend. Everyone on this stage is an Eagle Scout with the exception of the pastor (light blue shirt).
  13. mgood777

    Council Records Screw ups

    I've struggled with advancement records since I was a Scout in the eighties trying to get my Eagle when National had no record of some of my merit badges. I understand "out in the boonies." Most of my Scouting has been in rural districts. The District Advancement Committee is often just one person who deals mostly with approving Eagle projects and organizing Eagle BORs, in addition to his other duties as Scoutmaster or whatever. I'd like to encourage one person from each unit, or at least one from each town, to be a member of an actual District Advancement Committee. It would probably be the unit advancement people. This group could stay in contact with council to make sure advancement reports are being entered. Possibly working through the Council Advancement Chairman, but more likely dealing directly with the professional responsible for entering the information at the council office. Unit Commissioners could help with communication here since all these people might not be inclined to hold regular meetings. One of a Commissioner's four Primary Focus Areas is "linking unit needs to district resources." Unfortunately in many rural districts, the Commissioners and District Committee are mostly just on paper and do very little. When someone is passionate about a problem, perhaps they can be recruited to actually help do something about it. Communication is the problem here with your advancement reports. Finding people willing to make sure all of the info is up to date and stay on the council about it would be a step in the right direction. An active district or council advancement person responsible for just that might be better able to get results.
  14. mgood777

    To staff woodbadge or not

    I'm on WB staff for the first time as Troop Guide. We just had our first staff training day. The course will be April-May 2018. Good group of people. It's something I've wanted to do for quite a while. I don't work with Scouts much. As a District Commissioner, I work with adults, who work with other adults, who work with Scouts. Yeah, I get to have fun with the boys, like running an event at our camporee or something like that. Several troops invite me to all their campouts, and I try to go when I can. But most of my Scouting is at Commissioner meetings, District Committee meetings, adult training events, etc.