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  1. JoeLike

    I am the Committee and Cubmaster

    That sounds really good. I know that the CO has been wanting our scouts to be more involved with what they are doing and I think that getting more of the CO involved would help with that.
  2. JoeLike

    I am the Committee and Cubmaster

    Since I belong to the CO I was told I am the COR too. We have a committee "on paper." I am trying to get away from just a paper committee. I want to make us to be more effective, not just cross our t's and dot our i's. It is a frustrating spot to be in. I know it isn't the role of the Cubmaster to appoint a committee. I am filling shoes I shouldn't be filling. I want to get away from that. I want us to get on the right footing.
  3. JoeLike

    Do you use any pack software?

    We use ScoutTrack.com. It works good for emails, but I think texts and a private FB group works well too. Honestly, I prefer getting a text.
  4. I am taking over as the Cubmaster and finding out that we don't have a committee. Our outgoing Cubmaster has been full-filling the role of all the committee members herself. I am definitely willing to work hard in this role but I don't want to be everything. She has worked hard as Cubmaster, but some things have taken a back burner and have resulted in a pack that is barely getting by. We aren't thriving despite the fact that we are the only pack in our city of 31,000. We only have 16 boys. I have a definite idea of the direction I want our pack to head but I am not sure sure I want to give up all the roles yet, but I want to ensure my pack will be set up in a way that it will operate without me. How would you go about establishing a pack committee in this situation?
  5. JoeLike

    New Cubmaster

    Brian, I'm definitely wanting the Dens to meet elsewhere. I too remember going to my Den Leader's house almost every meeting. Sometimes another parent hosted, but usually it was at our Den Leader's house. I'm bad at guestimating size, but I would say we have about 600 sq ft. plus a stage. We only have a few weeks left of decent weather and having light outside in the evening. Normally we break up with a group on the stage, and in the corners. We are currently running our meeting as you said. We hold an opening ceremony, do announcement and then break off into Dens.
  6. JoeLike

    New Cubmaster

    We meet at a Legion hall so we have just one open room with a stage.
  7. JoeLike

    New Cubmaster

    The part I'm struggling with is that the old CM is still there as the Webelos DL and helping me. I badly want to make changes, but it is hard to make the needed changes while the old CM is still around and helping me. For example, all the Dens meet every week at the same time and location like a pack meeting, but it is not a pack meeting. We do a flag ceremony, announcements then break off into Dens. It is too chaotic for the kids to have a good Den experience. We do not have a real monthly pack meeting. We lack a committee. The CM does everything. We take a break off for Summer. I think the first thing I will do is have real monthly Pack meetings. It seems the least intrusive.We have a lot going on until Christmas so I think I will stick with the Den meetings as they are. After Christmas, I will give the Dens more autonomy with when and where to meet. This will make Pack meetings more meaningful, and hopefully allow Den Pride to develop.
  8. JoeLike

    Blue and Gold, and Lions

    They do have Lion patches. You could create a pinning ceremony with the parents to pin the patch on or you could give each lion a compass and incorporate it into the ceremony and talk about how the compass represents the adventures they will have with their guide. Kids love compasses.
  9. JoeLike

    New Cubmaster

    I thought I was attending a meeting to become a Den Leader, but I was wrong. I am now the new Cub Master for our Pack. Our old CS leader is stepping down, and will help me until Christmas. I am blessed to have the help. We aren't a very big pack for being the only one in our city of 31,000. I was in Cub Scouts as a kid from Bobcat through Webelos. I loved it and want to make sure these kids have an awesome CS experience like I did. I still get Christmas Cards from my Den Leader from 30 years ago. Our Pack has a lot of room for growth and improvement. I can't wait to get started. Joe Leik Cub Master & USAF TSgt Pack 399