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    Scout game ideas

    I normally just search for team building or ice breaker games there are tons to look through online. Pinterest (No, its not all crafts) is also a great resource for finding games the more you search and look for something the more pinterest pushes out suggestions to you.
  2. my_three_sons

    Eagle Project question... help

    There has been a bunch of great advice so far my two cents would be that most ideas get shot down because the scout's idea wasn't reflected in the workbook. If the scout needs to explain the project after the coordinator looks at his workbook he needs to go back expand on his idea in the workbook. I always tell scouts that pictures are great to get your idea across{they are worth 1000 words} since most people won't read thru a workbook completely when they can just look a few pictures to get the premise. Maybe bring an example kit with or at least the instruction so the coordinator can see the scope of the project. Lastly, don't let your son get discouraged this is the part of the project where you want to find issues and flush out details it makes the rest of the project go much easier.
  3. my_three_sons

    High Adventure Ideas for 2020

    We had a crew go to Swapbase this summer the heat and humidity wasn't bad until it was time to sleep. The mosquitoes were almost none existent I didn't see any until our last night. We spent a bunch of time taking breaks for swimming since I over estimated the difficulty of the trek and we spent a lot of time canoeing before our trek. If you are looking for an outdoor adventure do trek 2 its camping outside every night in hammocks rather than house boats and cabins. We are looking at getting a crew together to go to MOHAB for 2019. I recommend giving them a call or send an email with any questions. One of the guys gave me a call to answer a few questions I had and we end up talking to close to an hour.
  4. If he likes the sleeping bag and it fits try getting a sleeping bag liner to help when its colder. You should be able to to get one for $10-$15 if you shop around. Most are advertised as comfortable up to 50 degrees alone and add 15 degrees when added to another sleeping bag. I sleep in my fleece liner all summer on top of my normal sleeping bag.
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    New YPT Launch

    Criminal Background Check
  6. my_three_sons

    New YPT Launch

    I was surprised at the camp directors response I was expecting "No, please submit your $33" but here is his response: "I would say that yes, it does meet the new rule. The reason for the change was to ensure the CBC and YPT are completed and a Merit Badge Counselor application will check those boxes. At Camp this summer we are planning to accept registered Merit Badge Counselors to satisfy the requirement. "
  7. my_three_sons

    New YPT Launch

    If an adult is registered as a meritbadge counselor and takes that new YP are they good to attend summer camp with the Troop or do they need to register for a position within the Troop?
  8. Sorry I haven't been on the forum for a week so this might post might be a little long. Last year we went on a 12 day trek at the end of July and put our itinerary choices in on April 19th then got our itinerary on the 20th. I don't know if the 7 day treks are different but give them a call and see when they will be drawn. There was a question about hiking real early. We were told we had to wait to for sunrise to start hiking because of bears. That being said the staff at Miranda told us that they weren't up early in the morning to check if anyone left before sunrise. Checking in with Baldy Town is mainly for them to give you a weather report. The day before we climbed Baldy some of the staff at Miranda had to go up Baldy to help an adult advisor who got caught in a rain storm. Once he got wet and cold he stopped for a while to warm up and he pretty much went down hill from there. My suggestion to the crew advisor would be to plan on being on the trail at sunrise. If you get into staff camp late you can always do a program in the next morning but that puts you behind the next day. Its nicer to hike during the morning that later in the day when either it going to start to get really hot or be raining. How early you need to get up to be on the trail at sunrise is up to your crew. When we started out the first day it was taking up close to an hour but toward the end it was under 30 minutes. I would spend some time during our shakedowns setting up and tearing down camp over and over. In the end give your suggestion to the crew leader and let the scouts lead. They will make mistakes but there are consequences so they will adapt. In the beginning our crew leader would always allow one member of our crew to talk him into taking 20 minutes breaks after a few days of finishing out hikes in the rain he learned that sometimes a leader has to be the bad guy and say 'no'. Post your itinerary number once you get it and I might have more input specifically for your trek.
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    Should I file a complaint

    I would let your new pack leadership know about the situation if they don't know already then let it go and work on getting the scouts ready for Boy Scouts. If your old pack isn't on the district's radar with losing two dens of 12 scouts then you have a crappy DE who probably won't be much help anyways.
  10. my_three_sons

    What should the Troop pay for at ECOH?

    Our Troop picks up the Eagle Kit, the 1st year to NESA, and a Eagle Scout bolo. We also pay for a 1/2 sheet cake.
  11. my_three_sons

    Philmont trip report / gear review

    Perfect timing we are hitting the road to Philmont on Tuesday and we also have itinerary 28. I will definitely print out your post and bring it with me on the trail.
  12. my_three_sons

    Troop Eagle gift?

    The Troop pays for the standard Eagle Award Kit and the first year of the Eagle's Call Magazine. We also pay of a 1/2 flat cake(or the equivalent price towards food). We also have a large certificate printed and framed with room for all of the meritbadges the scout has earned. The chartering organization pays for his name to be added to a plaque they have hanging up and the lettering to add his name and year he became an Eagle to our trailer and bus.
  13. my_three_sons

    Time to leave a Troop?

    I keep going on back and forth on if I should leave a Troop which will more or less kill it or stick it out. I am an ASM with a Troop with 8 scouts. We have 5 juniors, 1 sophomore, 1 7th grader, and we only have one Webelos who is crossing over. We have lost 4 scouts in the last year all of them being our younger scouts. I had 6 Webelos II coming into the year so I thought we would be good. One is crossing over, one is becoming a Catholic Squire, two are joining other troops because we have no one close to their son’s age, and two are done with scouts. We only get boys from one Pack which is part of the problem. I have tried to reach out to other packs but there two large packs (50 and 45 scouts) that have a strangle hold on the district. I think the district executive is afraid to help out the smaller troops since both of them have a large list of alumni that they are afraid to set loose on him. He is a younger guy who I think is intimidated by the old scoutmasters. I have spoken with him about this and he said he would support me with whatever I decide. At our latest committee meeting I got the impression that once the parents scouts finish up their Eagle projects they are done with scouting. In a year we are going to be left with no committee members with positions or a bus driver. I have a health condition that they could fail me on the CDL physical so that’s not an option. They are pressuring me to become the scoutmaster but I really don’t want to since I am also the Cubmaster of the pack the troop gets scouts from. This year I am also the Webelos I den leader since the last years moved away and I have a 4th grade son. We have a great charter organization with 25 years of Eagles so I am conflicted with dissolving this troop but other than my oldest being in this troop for 6 years I don't have any long term bonds with it. I took the Pack from 8 scouts to 48 in 4 years but brining a Troop back is going to be a bigger challenge. The sophomore and 7th grader are my son’s and I don’t know if they really enjoy scouts anymore. We skipped the last 3 camporees since most of the older scouts are either working, in sports or just plain don’t want to go. I got into scouting for my son’s but now I fear they are in it for me. We have another troop that I am close with the Scoutmaster that would love to take us. They have 15 scouts total with a few in both of my son’s grade. The problem is if I leave for my boys how do I still send Webelos to a troop that my own son’s left. If I go this troop is going to be done within a year. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I change my mind on this many times a day and am starting to have trouble sleeping because of it.
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    Time to leave a Troop?

    Sorry for waiting so long to post an update. I met with the District Executive while rechartering my Cub Scout pack. When I told him of my plan to leave he was shocked and started to work on a plan to get more scouts to the pack. The Troop is going to host an open house in mid April for the 5th grade Webelos who haven't crossed over to another troop yet. There are 43 scouts who are going to be invited but I am not sure how many will show up. But if I can get 3-4 scouts out of it I would be pleased. I have 7 4th grade Webelos scouts who have been with the pack for over 2 years and I think most of them plan on crossing over. I mapped out what packs generally go to what troops and the numbers are very lopsided. The two largest troops pull from a base of 4 and 5 times the cub scouts as we do. I have met with some of the Cubmasters that I know best to invite their 4th grade Webelos to some Troop events. I am sure that I won't be making any new friends at the next Roundtable meeting. A few of the Cubmasters were excited about sending boys to us since there have been camp outs where scouts were left out since there wasn't room on the bus. Both of my son's both want to work though this rough patch with the troop so I told my wife that I was going to give it another year and if things don't improve drastically I am done.
  15. my_three_sons

    Time to leave a Troop?

    We got a nice diesel bus a few years ago and in our state any vehicle what carries over 16 people is special class of the CDL license. I am still conflicted on what I am going to do. If I can't convince boys to join the troop from my own pack I am not sure if I can convince them from other packs. I know that the parents of the troop want it to go on but once they all get through their eagle projects I think I will never see them again. We are charted through a Moose Lodge so while they enjoy having us there most of the members are grandparents. We tried to have an event to get members boys join the troop and not a single boy showed up.
  16. my_three_sons

    Time to leave a Troop?

    Thanks everyone for advice it really helped me not feel guilty for leaving. I have to meeting with the district executive on Tuesday to recharter the Pack. I am going to let him know on my plans to leave for the other troop. The other troop and ours have shared a bus before to save on gas expenses so all of the boys might be interested in joining together.