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  1. Our Troop picks up the Eagle Kit, the 1st year to NESA, and a Eagle Scout bolo. We also pay for a 1/2 sheet cake.
  2. Perfect timing we are hitting the road to Philmont on Tuesday and we also have itinerary 28. I will definitely print out your post and bring it with me on the trail.
  3. The Troop pays for the standard Eagle Award Kit and the first year of the Eagle's Call Magazine. We also pay of a 1/2 flat cake(or the equivalent price towards food). We also have a large certificate printed and framed with room for all of the meritbadges the scout has earned. The chartering organization pays for his name to be added to a plaque they have hanging up and the lettering to add his name and year he became an Eagle to our trailer and bus.
  4. Sorry for waiting so long to post an update. I met with the District Executive while rechartering my Cub Scout pack. When I told him of my plan to leave he was shocked and started to work on a plan to get more scouts to the pack. The Troop is going to host an open house in mid April for the 5th grade Webelos who haven't crossed over to another troop yet. There are 43 scouts who are going to be invited but I am not sure how many will show up. But if I can get 3-4 scouts out of it I would be pleased. I have 7 4th grade Webelos scouts who have been with the pack for over 2 years and I think most
  5. We got a nice diesel bus a few years ago and in our state any vehicle what carries over 16 people is special class of the CDL license. I am still conflicted on what I am going to do. If I can't convince boys to join the troop from my own pack I am not sure if I can convince them from other packs. I know that the parents of the troop want it to go on but once they all get through their eagle projects I think I will never see them again. We are charted through a Moose Lodge so while they enjoy having us there most of the members are grandparents. We tried to have an event to get mem
  6. Thanks everyone for advice it really helped me not feel guilty for leaving. I have to meeting with the district executive on Tuesday to recharter the Pack. I am going to let him know on my plans to leave for the other troop. The other troop and ours have shared a bus before to save on gas expenses so all of the boys might be interested in joining together.
  7. I keep going on back and forth on if I should leave a Troop which will more or less kill it or stick it out. I am an ASM with a Troop with 8 scouts. We have 5 juniors, 1 sophomore, 1 7th grader, and we only have one Webelos who is crossing over. We have lost 4 scouts in the last year all of them being our younger scouts. I had 6 Webelos II coming into the year so I thought we would be good. One is crossing over, one is becoming a Catholic Squire, two are joining other troops because we have no one close to their son’s age, and two are done with scouts. We only get boys from one P
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