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  1. My guys love chocolate layer cake with vanilla icing and red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. Two DO's, two cakes stacked with frosting in the middle and on top. Have done apple pies that same way using a glass pie plate -- two ready made crusts, canned apple filling and a couple of pats of butter.
  2. 10 Weeks to Summer Camp... But Who's Counting?

  3. http://www.backpackinglight.com http://www.trails.com http://www.whiteblaze.net
  4. I think that the councils / districts keep a single list of merit badge counselors which includes the Troop Only and when you ask for it you get the list with everyone on it, including the folks designated as Troop Only.
  5. The main problem is that when our district transferred councils (our old counsil disbanded and the districts went to nearby councils), they had everyone resubmit merit badge applications and adult applications (even if we were registered as leaders). The new council is now going though that to prepare a new list which should be done by this summer. I have the old list (from about 18 months ago), but most of the Citizenship and Communcation counselors in the area are listed as being "Troop Only." On that basis, I decided it easiest to recruit home grown talent. I am already approved for
  6. It is the boys own choice. They are motivated boys who are working toward Eagle. They know that those are the required merit badges that they need to move from Life to Eagle. Our summer camp offers all of Citizenship and Communcaitions merit badges as part of a "Trai to Eagle" program. Last year our Troop started a Venture Patrol at summer camp where the boys in the Venture patrol did camping, backpacking, mountain biking, etc. My discussion with the boys went something like "Are you doing the Venture patrol this year?" "I don't think we can because we have to do the Trail to Eagle thing
  7. OK, I'm may have been paraphrasing a paraphrasing with the "Scouting is a game for boys played in the outdoors." OK, it was Green Bar Bill. But it does sound like something Lord Baden Powel would have said: This is what makes Scouting different from school or clubs or church. It is the idea of teaching character through games played in the woods. Being able to take care of yourself is completely different in a week at Computer Camp while living at home than a week at summer camp with your Troop. Take care of your buddies has a completely different meaning when you are on
  8. They are somewhere in between introductory and certifications. Backpacking requires a 30 mile treck, Camping requires 20 nights in the outdoors, Bicycling requires a 50 mile ride, Cooking requires preparing three meals in the outdoors and at home, Hiking requires a 20 mile hike, Scuba requires PADI certification, etc. Isn't the Baden Powel quote that "Scouting is a game for boys played in the outdoors"?
  9. We're at $125 with no monthly dues. Scouts get a $25 credit to Scout Account if they sell at least $25 of popcorn and then 15% of what they sell over $200. We increased the fees last year due to a lack of fundraising. The parents sense was they would rather pay $50 more than worry about fundraising. We're hoping to use the extra funds to purchase new lightweight tents for the boys. We charge for each outing based on actual costs. We take the site cost and divide by 20 (the minimum number of scouts on a typical outing) add any per person site fee and then add food ($3 breakfast, $3 lunch,
  10. That I don't understand. The first two things any scout learns in our Troop is how to handle a knife and how to start a fire. On our winter campout, we had contests to see who could start a fire in 18 inches of snow using wood they could find around the campout. In 5 minutes the boys had nice fires going that they were able to maintain. At this weeks meeting, in response to the announcement that we will be doing an orienteering course, a recent crossover said, "I don't know how to use a map and compass." The PL responded, "don't worry, we'll teach you." We had a backpacking trip s
  11. What about backpacking? I think that backpacking is an essential outdoor skill for a Boy Scout. My list: Camping Backpacking Citizenship Everywhere Cooking (removing the cooking requirements in Camping and Backpacking) First Aid Wilderness Survival Emergency Preparedness
  12. Q: "How do you fufill your duty to God?" A: "Every religion that I'm familiar with has a emphasis on respecting people and helping others. I think those ideas are reflected in the scout law in being trustworthy, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind and reverent. I do my best to fulfill the ideas in the scout law. Let me give you some examples..." Q: "Do you believe in God?" A: "When you are on a hike and reach the top of a mountain and look for miles at the beauty of valleys, lakes, forests and fields, it is impossible not to believe that there is something greater than ourselv
  13. Most states have passed good samaritan laws to protect people who are acting within their level of training. That changes the outcome of your third situation. That is, if you do something by acting within your training you can't be held liable (unless of course your actions are grossly negligent - i.e. putting on a torniquet for a mesquito bite). However, the EpiPen is different in that it is only availabe for use under a doctor's (direct or indirect) supervision. Even the use of EpiPens by EMTs is required to be under a doctor's supervision. I cannot obtain an EpiPen to have "just
  14. I have two not inexpensive, but quality options for pants. I really like the BSA green synthetic switchback pants. You can actually put stuff in the pockets without them falling down. I liked the first pair so much, I picked up a second. The only downside is that they need to be hemmed. The other pair of pants I have a Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible. They are great, but if you put too much weight in the pockets, the belt has a hard time holding them up (which is not a problem if you put your wallet, cell phone and knife in a day pack). For shirts, I have some great BSA "Tech" or "
  15. I like the approach of asking questions related to the Scout Law and Oath. It's all right there really. Every time I see a scout not doing what they are supposed to, I go back to the scout law. All it takes is a "Bob, remember a scout is courteous" or "Tommy, remember a scout is helpful." Every time I see a scout accomplish something, it goes back to the oath. "Good job on making the 5 mile hike. You didn't think you could do it, but you tried and suceeded. A scout is brave." "I know you didn't want to do clean-up but thank you for not complaining. A Scout is cheerful." I don't vi
  16. Typically, people with severe allergic reactions will be aware of that ahead of time. The proper proceedure is that there should be two EpiPens - one on the body of the scout (with a buddy knowing where it is located) and the other with a leader trained (at a minimum) in Wilderness First Aid. I was trained to have the scout hold the pen and to assist them in administering it. i know you are joking, but Benadryl is not an appropriate treatment for anaphylactic shock and under no conditions should you ever use a whole bottle. For proper treatment see here: http://www.mayoclinic.org/fir
  17. We have Troop Guides assigned to each patrol. At the PLC meeting, we encourage the TGs to touch base with certain scouts who should be advancing. With newer scouts, we encourage them to talk to the guides about what they need for First Class advancement and how to get it. When we see a scout is really floundering, the first question (as an ASM) that I ask is "do you want to sit down and talk about what you need to do?" If the answer is yes, I tell them to bring their book next week and that we can come talk to me during the Patrol break out sessions. If they don't talk to me the next week
  18. I think that the boys can learn different styles of cooking while camping. When we do a basecamp, we bring one gear box per patrol: http://www.lowes.com/pd_44066-61896-44066_0__?productId=3551290&Ntt=storage+box&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNtt%3Dstorage%2Bbox&facetInfo=) one Coleman two burner stove, two dutch ovens and a foldable table. That is the same gear that I would bring if I was going basecamping with my family (except I have a sturdier gear box and Coleman Roadtrip stove / grill which takes up a little more space). At basecamp, they learn to cook and cleanup as a patr
  19. Stosh: I think you are confusing DEET with Permethrin. DEET is applied to skin: http://www2.epa.gov/insect-repellents/deet
  20. I'm not sure why there are THREE Citizenship badges. This is coming from an attorney who was a Political Science major in college and who is married to someone who heads up one of the partisan staffs for the state legislature. It's too much. I remember a bumper sticker when I was growing up "Think Globally, Act Locally" and Tip O'Neal's maxim that "All Politics Are Local." Based on those ideas, why not have one Citizenship badge with three components? I'm an MBC on Family Life and Personal Management. I recognize that the skills and knowledge in those areas is important, but, the mate
  21. It's always difficult with your own son. Two good questions: "What do you want to take at camp?" [insert answer]. "How does that fit in with what you need for advancement?" [insert answer]. My son has set his own goals for advancement. He did First Class within 15 months and is almost at Star -- he just needs one more month as a Den Chief. His goal is to be Life by next February and then take two years to work toward Eagle completing it in 10th grade. He picked up Swimming his first year at camp. Last summer he choose what he wanted - First Aid, Kayaking, Wood Carving and Arch
  22. There have been 57 cases of the Powassan virus reported over the last 10 years in the United States according to the CDC. http://www.cdc.gov/powassan/index.html In 2011 through 2013 there was an average of 10 cases per year. http://www.cdc.gov/powassan/statistics.html The breakdown by state from 2004 through 2014 is Maine (2), Massachusetts (1), Minnesota (20), New Hampshire (1), New Jersey (1), New York (17), Pennsylvania (1), Virginia (1) and Wisconsin (13). Curiously, none of those cases are in Connecticut where the story was published. Of those, 10% were fatal. http://ww
  23. The key to a perfect roasted marshmallow is that you cook them over the coals and not the open flames. We would let the campfire die down to red coals, demonstrate the proper way of roasting marshmallows and then let the scouts try. That reduced the number of flaming, charred and flung marshmallows by 50%. Then we could just throw a couple of logs back on to get the campfire roaring.
  24. There are really two teaching opportunities here. One is for scouts to learn to (as Stosh says) take care of each other. The other is for scouts with dietary restrictions or allergies to learn to take care of themselves. Most of the religious restrictions on food can be handled by a vegitarian menu. Both Jewish (Kosher), Hindu and Islamic (Halal) can be met this way. The easy solution (as mentioned above) is to cook the meat separately and those interested can add it to their plate. The key is making sure there are sources of protein for those boys. Vegan is a little bit harder. H
  25. The screw driver, pliers, toothpick, nail file, 2 inch dull saw and sissors are truly indispensible for survival. I like your idea of a survival situation -- a good bottle of wine, some bottles of beer and a couple of cans of food. Throw in some steaks and I'm there!
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