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  1. The Kandersteg International Scout Center KISC is located in the Berner Oberland in Switzerland. It is a camp site founded by Baden Powell himself. A bit more than 1,000 Scouts could squeeze in; BSA summer camp "Camp Alpine" had a tad over 400 scouts in 2010 I think, site neighbours from the UK, Netherlands, etc and staff even from Australia (18 year old girl). There is camp sites with showers and huge camp fire circles for hundreds of scouts as well as chatels/houses/rooms with complete kitchen/catering available. It is staffed by around 80 scouts who get room and board and a small allowance and usually staff stays for 3-6 months. Great opportunity for older scouts/eagles to experience a working-type holiday in europe in a scout setting. Beautiful landscape, great activites: hiking, mountaineering, rappeling, skiing, swimming to name a few. http://www.kisc.ch
  2. berliner

    Who Among Us Wears a Smokey Bear/Campaign hat?

    I love my Smokey I splurged and spent the 120$+ on the hat, pins, strap, shipping ... then got a rain cover from a cowboy store Started making myself a nice press too. My parade hat Very rare in Europe, I took it along to New Zealand as well, where it is still in storage As a Cub and Boy Scouts in the 80s I had the baseball caps, still have them On hikes I wear black or o.d. boobie hats, or watch caps when it gets cold. Oh and my boys told me I am not a Drill Instructor ... just to remind me ... Oh and 7 5/8 on the hat, 13 on boots ... 13 hat size? r u srz
  3. I got the NDCS patch, necker & coffecup And I loved it. Was around 2010 in Heidelberg, Germany with TAC (Trans Atlantic Council) Prepare to lug a big binder home - take an extra (empty) back with you tons of paper But learned a lot, met lots of other scouters from all over, had a great team & time & food ... Makes me want to go again - oh wait someone said every 5 years ???
  4. I cant access the entire fundraising sub forum thingy ... will play around with the new forum software some more, see if I find it ;-)
  5. add: I think it was called "Grand Administration and Fundraising 101" or so I wanted to pass it along to 2 other scouters
  6. Dont quite remember ... something about Grants & Fundraising that I had opend. But I cant find it in searches, nor even open the subforum IYWKIM. If you find it Ill owe you one
  7. Hi All, havent been here in like a year and was looking for a Funraising thread I had started, but I cant get into that area of the forum? I see one post but cant click on it? What happend to all the other topics? Was it closed while I was away, is it a glitch or what? TIA YIS
  8. What I know is the "Hoehenweg" from Ehrwald over Leermoos and back around, goes around the entire valley, I think it was 20k? Maybe 12-13 miles? When I was at Bayern High Adventure Camp we went on a dayhike up the german side of the Zugspitze. Been a loooong time ;-)
  9. berliner

    The campaign hat

    I got the 99$ BSA Official Stetson Smokey Bear from my good ol Scout shop, and I quite like it indeed. I have the official BSA hat device but I wear a gold Fleur de Lis pin instead. Now it is not crushable and it drives me nuts keeping it looking impecable. I bought a raincover from a western/riding sports shop in town here. I use 4 clothes peg to keep it in shape when stored, or get it back in shape. Saw a nice thing online: take 2 wood boards bigger than your hat, cut out just the size of the hat and then you can clamp the brim between the wood and keep that brim looking nice n fresh n sharp. Other ideas?
  10. berliner

    Can I bring my younger son to scout campouts?

    Generally no, but it depends. I agree with Moose to a T - age appropriate is the big issue. Now there is exceptions, it depends on a lot of things. Most activities your son will simply be to young to keep up. With BSA we did take the 5 year old from one of our ASMs to our Klondike Derby during the day, but we found he was to young to even understand the Troops embassy visit for example. In New Zealand the scouts go on a lot of tough hikes, and cubs cant keep up with scouts so no. We do have family camp once a year across all sections + family. Our youngest camper was 2.5 y/o girl, older brother a cub DL and big sister scout PL and dad committee, so no biggie. Our SMs youngest sons would go on hikes with us, but these cubs are tougher than venturers so no comparison LOL You just have to consider alternate activities for the young ones, they tend to need more rest, have a shorter attention span, cant handle big bows or 22s let alone fire or totin chit ...
  11. berliner

    Leaving Tracks for Others to Follow

    Sir, with all due respect: I believe Sir Baden-Powell never attended or passed a BSA Class on "Leave no trace".
  12. berliner

    I'm ashamed....well not really

    COH and parades do require different pants than field pants. Good on you for being thrifty. In New Zealand only for the christmas day parade are black pants and dress shoes requiered, the Kiwis dont have official uniform pants at all. And as long as you dont have an ASM preachin "no jeans" while wearing them ...
  13. berliner

    Obama Care Vs Affordable care act.

    Its quiet on the board but still in the media. Random facts: the US has a higher cost per person for healthcare (before ACA) but a lower life expectancy than most industrialized countries. Somehow the Europeans, Japanese and Commonwealth countries figured out how to make it work at less expense than the US. They might wait longer for a doctor, but pay less and live longer! Germany introduced a parallel private health care system, a bit like the US, and after years it is starting to fail now. State medical has its drawbacks and is getting more expensice as everyting has to keep up with inlfation I think medical service, with all the great research they do in some areas, is still a lil backward and outdated in the US. The big joke in europe at the moment is: The NSA can monitor every computer and cell phone on the planted, but ACA cant set up a functioning web site ... sad but true aye Money for war but cant afford an advil for the poor ....
  14. berliner

    Online Dead Drops

    geocaching.com sounds cool. A lot of us are already on Facebook, have personal & pack/troop pages there. Just stumbled across this the other day http://www.scoutface.org More youth than here it seems, which is good ;-)
  15. berliner

    Uniform Inspections - How do you do it?

    oi, my fav ^o^ in NZ it turned into a game-competition almost: patrol leaders would inspect their den/patrol and points could be earned/lost for the patrol of the year award (a special outing for just one patrol like sailing). Now the Kiwis are a lot more relaxed, so as long as the shirt, necker and slide where there ... not nearly as many patches down under. Class A Parade: Full on shirt (brown button, fully loaded patches, service stars & knot), black pants and black dress shoes Class A (normal, Flags and all) Full on shirt as above, but green scout cargo pants and lets face it at camp we wear boots Class B, actvity - I have a Centenial Uniform with minumum patches like a knot, name. Just basic for any activity. Class C - any scout polo Class D - any scout t shirt ;-) If the scouters lead by example, the kids tend to pick up quickly and show the newbies. For teaching a flag ceremony I had a friend from the USAF come in and they looked sharp. And I heard before: even if I wear a Smokey Bear I am not a bleeep blank bleeeeep blank blank Drill Instructor. At ease. Simple aye
  16. berliner

    hallo (hey) from Holland

    Hallo Nachbar :-) Welcome to the Forum. Most of us here are scouters, as in adult leaders. But a few scouts on this board as well. American version of a water scout would be a sea scout. New Zealand has sea scouts as well. You can learn a lot to back up your captain here, aye :-) greetings from Berlin
  17. berliner

    Troop Trouble Maker . . .

    Agreed its SM/Parent time, but as ASM for stabbing with a pencil and drawing blood I would have confiscated the Totin Chit and not worried about corners. Taking someones crutches is quite un-scout-behaviour. Special class on 1st Aid maybe? No hazzing I know, I have old school ideas ... In 2.5 years as a leader we/I only ever had 1 scout that was removed from the troop (Leaders decided, told the Committee who told the parents). But that is and should only be the very last resort. So how to manipulate a lil manipilator to stop manipulating? ...
  18. Thats great Q. I love abseiling. Or climbing up. I am so proud to be a scouter, I even push trainers over the EDGE.
  19. berliner

    Girl Cubs?

    but that is the problem: you cant introduce girls to venturing if they havent gone thrue the rest of scouting. In NZ the girls in venturing/rovers are most likely to have been in scouts since cubs. In our valley we had/have 3 scout groups with a total of 4 packs and 3 troops but only 1 crew. Especially from cubs to scouts it thins out as these days the parents make the kids choose between another activity/sport or scouts. Then after Queensscout (eagle) there is another drop with only hardcore scouts staying on for venturing or running district camps and what not. One thing I have realized in the past 3-4 years: nearly all scouts quit for a while, mostly college. But it is mostly these people that then come back with their own kids.
  20. berliner

    Christmas Parade Float

    On our Floats (big ol' flatbeds) we would put up a tent, but actually never thought of a fire. Think about: you will be rolling by, not stoping, a couple of feet higher than the people standing at the side of the road - they wouldnt be ablt to see much of anything. A tent is big. Flags on display. If you have a really big truck and too much space, but a pinewood derby track on it. My idea: take a dutch oven, place it on something to elevate it a little, put a stone circle around it and have the kids color some crunched paper in red n yellow as flames, maybe pulled apart cotton balls for flames? But people wont really see much of it. Its mostly about getting the kids on the trailer to smile and wave, and the adults to keep on repeating "do not hang your arms or legs outside of the vehicle while moving..."
  21. Aschaffenburg is safe as ... plus an adult male in BDU is maybe a tad more intimidating than a 10 year old with a flag on his sleeve. Remember if someone wants to pick a fight, that person is gonna be looking for an easy target. So if your SM/ASM are civillian and office commandos you cant act like the troops down south where nearly every ASM is an Airborne Ranger. My IOLS was with the Green Beanies, the Green Berets 8-) Yes it is sad and heck no I dont like it one bit ... but in the past 20-30 years there have been so many threats and real attacks that us handful that are not in CONUS (Continental United States) have to watch out a tad bit more. The threat is real. Usually threat reports are handed to BSA by US personel, but just like a week or 2 ago the german goverment gave out a blanket alert for ALL US posts in germany: too many people pissed off at the NSA, might lead to attacks. Mind you the german Feds gave the alert but local police cant be bothered. Given the attitude, some people think "we" have it coming anyway. So better not look too much like Yanks now. Unless ya got SM tendencies ;-)
  22. I am so proud to be a scouter, I wear a BSA Stetson smokey bear. Top that.
  23. Considering Opsec and all: Yes, behind the front lines it would be dicier. We dont have a Brigade anymore, just a handful of Jarheads. My old troop was "Outpost of Freedom". OP is different AO than PX ;-)
  24. berliner

    Girl Cubs?

    NZ Scouts became co-ed I think like 20 years ago. Maybe in another 10 years BSA will catch up ;-) My pack was about half girls. More boys with the older scouts and only 1 of 6 venturers was a girl (always got a tent by herself). NZ also has Guides, so the girls get to chose if they want to do girlie stuff or cool tomboy scout stuff 8-) Womens rights? That is the point: girls dont need toonly sell cookies all day, they can also build fires, pioneering and what not. (mind you, I always feed my scouts the guide cookies. Was founded by BPs Sister after all)
  25. berliner

    Girl Cubs?

    Australian, British and New Zealand Scouts, among others, are co-ed. From Kea (Tigers), Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers. Takes a lot of testosterone out of the wild play. On the other hand we have to check that girls and boys are in seperate tents, take an appropriate number of female leaders along etc. I think co-ed is a good idea. BSA is a bit behind the rest of the world, just give it a couple more years.