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  1. Living in Florida, summer camp is just not practical down here. I mean it is flat brutal. We compromise. We head to GA/NC mountains in the summer and do the winter camp in council. BTW, you Yankees may want to look into these Fla winter camps. Nights in the low 40s, high 30s; days in the 60s and 70s. Good MB and adult training offerings. If you want, you can tie it into a side trip to Disney or Busch Gardens. Usually happens the week after Xmas or the 1st week of January.
  2. I live in South Florida where we wear the Scout shorts all year round. It's fine for the boys, I guess. You are not gonna get the boys down here wearing long pants except in rare circumstances. But I've always been disappointed in the adult leaders attire at COHs and on Scout Sunday. Some wear the shorts, others wear the baggy Scout-issue cargo-type long pants. I guess Scouting does have a dressier long pant for adults, but I don't see many adults wearing them. I guess the long cargo pants also work well in the field. Since the Scout Shop is about 45 minutes away and since they charge a r
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