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  1. I know what you mean. Another area is the forms to submit someone for training awards. Some of them show training sessions for the award that does not exist anymore.
  2. Our Charter is due in a little over 2 days, and we still are waiting for parents to pay next years memberships fee. Rough guess of the 54 I show on the roster, only 38 have paid. Any ideas on how to improve this. I've made anouncments at the last 2 Pack meetings. I have send many e-mails, I have asked Den Leaders to send reminders over the past 2 months. I have thought of sending a bill in the mail to see if that will work, but I kind of hate having to use the postage. Does anyone have any other idea?
  3. I have a traveling trophey called the Gilwell Staff. This is a forked walking stick. Pulled the name from a award that was given out to the best troop at summer camp. Each pack meeting a give each den leader a score card that I randemly write up. Points for attendance, percentage of attedance, uniform, scout trivia, Boys Life trivia, something I might have talked about at our last committee meeting. I try to gear it so no matter how big the den is, how experianced the leader is, they all have a even chance. Each den should do a quick huddle and answer the best that they can. If th
  4. CalicoPen, Good point. I usually try to drop in a do a short visit with each den when ever I can. It gives me a chance to get to know some of the newer boys and parents. I am not always able to do that during the Pack meetings.
  5. I'm the Cubmaster, and I dropped in to visit our Wolf Den. Den leader and Assitant were doing a great job teaching Disibilty Awarness. Den Leader was having a little trouble with her son. He is a great kid and one of my over achivers. He was dominating for mom's attention with questions, and not letting give a equal amount of attention to the entire den. I took a moment to pull him asside and explain that mom has a job to teach and work with all the boys, and he would have to give the other a chance with questions. Anyone have any other idea's on how to help her out? Dad is home with yo
  6. I received a paycheck at our Pack meeting tonight. Our council gave all new recruited scouts a special BSA logo baseball for signing up this year. I handed them out to the boys tonight. One of the tigers came up to me after the meeting and asked me to autograph his baseball. $$$$$$ Money in the bank $$$$$$$$$
  7. My Council does a annual event called HALT. Halloween At Loud Thunder. It is always a Halloween Theme. Haunted Hay Rack Ride, Midway games in the parade field, Haunted HOuse, we stand the wooden tent platforms up on end and create a maze. Dining Hall decorated and so forth. Since it is the same theme each year, they can purchase or have donated clearance halloween decorations/props from different retail buisnesses. One advantage is since everything is the same it is easier organizing and staffing each year. The only drawback is after you have gone for 2 or three years it can get a
  8. 83Eagle, Spring time recruitment is NOT a waste of time. Last year I only recruted one boy out of 25 that showed up. We do a joint roundup with 2 other packs in town. That one boy wanted to go with the others, but Mom had loyalty to our Charter Organization. She became a Tiger Den Leader, and that one boy recruited 2 of his friends by fall. This year I pulled in 15 Tigers. Biggest class in over 8 years. One place we go for Summertime activity there is a local water ski club that travels all over the country. They put on shows all summer and collect donations to cover there tra
  9. I usuall have at least one other adult with me. I bring in my patch collection and spread them on the table. I ask the boys to see if they can find any duplicates, ask what there favorite one is, what one is the oldest. I explain that patches can tell a story of where one has gone, and what they have done. I have also set up a station where they can make a homeade neckerchief slide. Popcycle sticks, stickers, and pipe cleaners with a hot glue gun. It keeps the boys busy while the parents can talk with the other leader. This way the parents are not distracted by the child and they can ge
  10. When I was a den leader, I had 2 den chiefs. Only one went to training at Pow=Wow. My problem was either giving him jobs that was over his head, or not enogh. Needless to say, it did not work out very well. A few years ago, I was asked to serve on the Pow-Wow stearing committee. From my suggestion, we had a class created "How To Use A Den Chief" This mirrored the Den Chief Training class that was also held. My goal was to prevent a young boy scout taking the training, getting all excited to do the job, and show up, and being to sit in the corner by the Den Leader, becouse they did n
  11. A few years ago, I was at work at a local big box store. I was putting a bicycle on the bike rack. I hear a loud voice. " Mom, Mom, It's him!! Thats the guy who taught me to shoot bow and arrow at camp. I look over and this guy is dragging his Mom by the hand, down the isle to meet me. I ask him if he was at Cub Day Camp. Ask if he hit the target, and did he get a bullseye. Yes, I hit the target, but not the bullseye. Out of 240 kids that went through my station over the week, I do not remember him, but he sure remembered me.
  12. I know of 2 pilgrimages in Illinois. U.S. Grant held in Galena Illinois by Blackhawk Area Council, and Lincoln held in Springfield by I think Abraham Lincoln Area Council. You could check with either of those Councils for information.
  13. I ran across this last year. One thought I had is to give Web II a specail neckerchief slide. This would have them stand out from the Web I.
  14. I was a late joiner to Cub Scouts as a youth, Bear, Webeloes Drop Out. Joined Boy Scouts at 14, and just got Eagle before 18. Did 2 years as a adult leader, and took some time off. 22 years go by and my son joins Cub Scouts. I was Tiger Dad for the first year. At that years Blue and Gold they asked for adults to fill holes in the leadership ranks. 2 of us Tiger Dads stood up. I took over as Den Leader, the other as Cubmaster. I did Wolf, Bear, and Webelos I as den leader. That spring, I had 2 assistant Webelos Leaders, and no Tiger Den Leader. I jumped back to fill the hole, and did
  15. I came up with this not long ago. I had noticed a few time scout wading up the uniform shirt and stuffing it into a bag at campouts, or coming to meetings with it in the same shape. I have the troop circled up, and I pull out of a bag a piece of cloth, I used a pillow case. I tell them to pretend that it is a American flag. I ask them if this would be ok to wad it up. No, the say, and I ask why not, its just a piece of cloth. One of the tell me it does not show respect. I then pull out a flag folded correctly, and say that this is the correct way. I then pull out a uniform shirt all
  16. Canyon Camp (Blackhawk Area Council) 75,76,77,78,80 Philmont 78 Camp L.E.Philips (Chippawa Council ?) 08 Camp Loud Thunder (Illowa Council) 09,10
  17. Canyon Camp (Blackhawk Area Council) 75,76,77,78,80 Philmont 78 Camp L.E.Philips (Chippawa Council ?) 08 Camp Loud Thunder (Illowa Council) 09,10
  18. Canyon Camp (Blackhawk Area Council) 75,76,77,78,80 Philmont 78 Camp L.E.Philips (Chippawa Council ?) 08 Camp Loud Thunder (Illowa Council) 09,10
  19. Canyon Camp (Blackhawk Area Council) 75,76,77,78,80 Philmont 78 Camp L.E.Philips (Chippawa Council ?) 08 Camp Loud Thunder (Illowa Council) 09,10
  20. Canyon Camp (Blackhawk Area Council) 75,76,77,78,80 Philmont 78 Camp L.E.Philips (Chippawa Council ?) 08 Camp Loud Thunder (Illowa Council) 09,10
  21. Canyon Camp (Blackhawk Area Council) 75,76,77,78,80 Philmont 78 Camp L.E.Philips (Chippawa Council ?) 08 Camp Loud Thunder (Illowa Council) 09,10
  22. Canyon Camp (Blackhawk Area Council) 75,76,77,78,80 Philmont 78 Camp L.E.Philips (Chippawa Council ?) 08 Camp Loud Thunder (Illowa Council) 09,10
  23. We have parents present there new neckerchief of each new level. I have also heard of ceremony's where each rank passes on neckerchiefs to the level below them.
  24. Draw, paint,or sketch an original picture using watercolor, crayons, or oil and frame it for your room or home. Know the primary and secondary colors and how to cobine colors. Make six dsings using straight lines, curved lines, or combinations thereof. Make a profile of a member of our familly. Use plastic or clay and sculpture a simple object. make a mobile. Make a construction using a combination of materials of your choice-dowels, screen wire, cellophane, string, etc. Do 5 of these.
  25. I understand you thoughts. This June if all goes well, my Cub Pack will enter our local parade. I plan to fit out as many boys as i can in uniforms that I have collected over the past few years. Yes there will be a cubscout that may be wearing a uniform that has a Eagle Scout patch on it. It also has a Jamoboree patch, and OA flap. Our theme will show scouting uniforms through history. If anyone would ask about the neckerchief he is wearing, he should just explain that even though he wears it for special occasions in memory of his grandfather.
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