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  1. I would just like to put out there...... If your unit is in jeopardy of your CO drop their charter you can find another CO for your unit. If this is what you must do then so be it. But, please, work with your current CO to try to make the transition a smooth one. For example, you will need to get your existing CO's permission to move the unit to another CO even if they drop the charter. The reason for this is that the CO owns all equipment and funds of the unit. If they are not chartering a unit, they have the option of donating these items to the Council, donating to another unit, or ho
  2. "No, you missed the point, he tried to use firefighting as an example as to why having to retake training was a waste..except, that is wrong" As a FF, I didn't take his post to mean this. I took it as meaning that all you need to do is be trained in the updates to the course, not go through the entire course again. I believe it has already been said, but aren't roundtables supposed to accomplish this? I see no reason to try and make anyone go through an entire course again just for the sake of a patch. National needs to pull their heads out of their ***** on this. With
  3. Accounting software will definitely help in tracking especially when it comes to reconciling bank accounts for discrepancies and uncleared checks. Check out "GNUCASH" to see if it meets your needs. I believe its free to download and use.
  4. In our unit, we allow the money to roll over from year-to-year. You just have to make sure that your treasurer is keeping good track of the ISA's. Since we are a Troop, its not very often that we get an account that rolls over, especially with the price of summer camp and the current economy.
  5. My advice is to sit down with your COR and Committee Chairman to develop a unit Monetary policy. Even though the unit raises money through the Scouts, the money doesn't belong to the boys. It is wrong for the committee to say the money is the CO's, however the CO may have oversight in how the money is spent. If you develop a monetary policy, you could split the profits with a certain portion to go into what is known as the Scout's Account. Normally this money can be used by the boys to pay for things such as dues, camping fees, or camp programs. I recommend that you have a clause th
  6. While technically yes the CO does "own" the funds since the unit is "owned" by the CO, that doesn't mean that they can use those funds for any old purpose they please. The funds must be used for the CO's scouting program.
  7. I didn't want to take the other thread about "What CC's do?" to far off track. Since there was a discussion about summer time activities and also spring time recruiting I thought I'd get a thread started about ideas for summer time activities (even though I am no longer in Cubs). Promote your summer time activities during your spring time recruitment. Ideas for activities: 1. If you have a nearby minor league baseball team, find out if they do a Scout night. Usually after the game they will play a movie and the Scouts get to set up the tents and camp out on the field. 2. Lo
  8. I'm pretty good with Quickbooks, but do not use for our Troop. In theory you could track scout account by setting up a main checking account and then setting up sub-accounts (more checking accounts) under the main checking account and name each sub-account with a scout name or leader name. The main checking account should show the entire balance with the scout accounts showing their balances. There are many different ways of working with quickbooks, someone else may have a better way of doing this than I do.
  9. Thanks for the responses. Some excellent take away points and some good resources also. Thank you.
  10. Hello all in the Scouting Community!! I am COR for a Boy Scout Troop and a Venture Crew. We are sponsored by a Volunteer Fire Company and not a religious institution. This means that we get boys from many different faiths. Does anyone have any best practices that they use to promote the Scout's Duty to God even though they are not a religious institution. In addition, what do you do to keep it non-denominational as not to offend anyone? Thanks for your help. Don
  11. The CO owns the unit and everything associated with the unit. The CO is granted a charter by BSA, the unit is a wholly owned department of the CO. They do not operate or exist independently from a Chartering Organization. BSA will terminate your charter if you try to self exist. Some states may or may not allow you to put equipment in the name of the Troop. But even if it is in the name of the Troop, it doesn't change the fact that the Troop is a "WHOLLY" owned department of the CO.
  12. I would agree that while it is not in violation of any rules to have Husband and Wife in these positions, it does lead to control issues and it would be safe to avoid the situation if possible. I would go one step further and say that a husband/wife shouldn't sit in the roles of CC and CM/SM together either. We had a situation in a prior pack with this arrangement and when the Webelos crossed over the CC/CM went with them and the pack is now struggling. They did too much themselves.
  13. Unfortunatey you will not change my opinion. I believe the COR is still part of the Unit even though he/she represents the CO. The COR is eligible to earn the Scouter's Training Award and one of the requirements is to serve 2 years as a registered Boy Scout Leader of which they are considered as well as participate in the Troop activities. I think this all comes down to semantics. People will argue that the "Leaders" are the SM/ASM & CM/ACM and everyone else is administration (even though BSA refers to them as leaders). There really is no clear and decisive document that provides clar
  14. I have only been involved in Scouting since 2007 and a COR since 2008, so I am only giving you my opinion and not trying to start an argument. I have to disagree with the COR not being considered a unit leader. My membership card specifically identifies me as COR for "My" Troop. It lists my council, my district, and my Troop. I also have one for my Crew as well. I know the wording says I am a voting member of the Council, but everyone registered in the Council is a member of the Council, only difference is that I have the right to vote on District or Council business. As far as the J
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