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  1. Geeze Eagle707, who pissed in your wheaties this morning? Does it REALLY matter if my question was philosophical or hypothetical? Sheesh. Again, thanks to all for their constructive responses.
  2. All: Thanks for your thoughts on this. As I noted, it's largely a philosophical discussion in this specific case, but hopefully the insights you all have provided will help some future Arrow of Light leader with the same situation facing him or her. YIS
  3. All: Looking for perspectives on this. Note that this is pretty much a philosophical question, but it is rooted in the here and now. In order to earn the AOL, among other things, the Scout needs to "Be active in your Webelos den for at least six months since completing the fourth grade (or for at least six months since becoming 10 years old), and earn the Webelos badge." Note: It does NOT say that you have to be active in your den for 6 months after earning your Webelos badge. In order to earn the Webelos badge, among other things, the Scout needs to "Be an active member of your Webe
  4. Thanks! I will share with the Scouts at our next meeting...
  5. Guys: That is great! Can anyone tell me what the requirements were back then? Clearly the current "Using a computer, make six original designs using straight lines, curved lines, or both." was not part of the mix!
  6. All: Pulled out my Webelos colors from back in the day (1969-1970) and had my W1 scouts try to identify the activity badges on it. They got them all except for one, which I can't identify either! The badge looks like head of a horse (almost like a Knight in chess). Any ideas what it is/was? Thanks.
  7. Hey, guys. Let's not be too harsh here. Leaders don't know about it because the info is NOT easy to find. The link I got yesterday was great, but all the google searches in the world didn't turn it up for me. And don't even begin to ask about finding it by poking around on scouting.org... PS: Fireworks sales, eh? PPS: KIDDING!
  8. John-in-KC: Thanks. Excellent reference!
  9. Thanks for the thoughts. Nothing in the Insignia Guide on scouting.org addresses the issue, at least not that I can find.
  10. Hi, all. Had a discussion at our Pack committee meeting tonight on restrictions on uniform wear. The question regards whether or not the boys can wear their uniforms while selling popcorn, etc. I can't seem to find any official position on scouting.org on the matter. Would greatly appreciate any pointers to an official position from BSA on this matter. Thanks... YIS Tom C
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