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  1. Full official uniform for all events. Even my E-bay bought Campaign Hat that has the old $7.75 price sticker inside. I will often wear my homemade replica of my old OA totem. Leather thong, Wooden arrowhead(original was stamped metal) with 2 white bone beads, and 2 red poney beeds (These represent a brother hood member. Since I am no longer a member of my original lodge, Wulepaju Lodge #140, I cannot buy a replacment metal arrowhead, so I wittled one out of one, and painted to look like stone. The only offical neckerchief that I own that fits properly is my Woodbadge necker. I occasional
  2. We only have 7 girls, and this is more of a (Building) activity than a racing activity. We were going to build them at our meeting. Thanks of all the help. I found some plans on the internet Brian
  3. Our Girl Scout Troop has asked us to do something different. As one of the girls put it "Why can''t we build something like the cub scouts do" I am thinking of space derby, becouse it would be easier to make a track. Our local pine wood derby person is booked up a year in advance for all the cub scout packs. Does anyone have plans on how to build the starting gate for this? Thanks
  4. I serve as Tiger Den Leader, Pack Trainer, Unit Commissiner for 4 packs, and Co-leader for a Girl Scout Troop. I turn that phrase around. I only spend 1 hour a week (Not) thinking about Scouting.
  5. I have heard of the Veteran Award before, and I just picked up the application yesterday. I wrote to my DE, and he said that youth time counts for this. I have to questions. How is this different than service stars? If youth time counts, then accurate records get fuzzy. I remember joining as a Bear, probably at fall round-up. I remember den meeting through the winter into spring. I remember Webeloes into summer till I quit. This gives me actual calander time about 8 months. But if you count registration time it could be shown as 2 years. Do I count the time of being active, or regist
  6. Look around at your unit, community, district, council, ect. What area''s do you see that are week, understaffed, done the same old stuff year after year, and think " I wonder why this is not done differently" Once you identify the target, figure out what you can do to make it better. Beaver Patrol C-45-07 4 Tickets down, and 1 to go
  7. This is a very deficult subject. I just attended calling hours for a young scout. He was killed in a fall at summer camp. I do not know about any of the details. He will be buried in uniform. My wife told me not long ago, that she thinks that she would do this for me when the time comes. Since I have put so much time in the scouting program, and plan to put even more time in the furure. I was wondering if anyone had seen this happen? Having all the pallbers in uiform perhaps?
  8. Does your Pack have a Boy Scout Troop that you have close ties with? Do they have a Assistant Scoutmaster who would be willing to fill the roll? This would help the Troop out when these boys are ready to cross over. They will already have a working relation to that Assistant Scoutmaster.
  9. I would put this in the confidential section, but I am not sure in the correct spelling for the adminition. Anyway, I took our Webelos Den to summer camp to see the call out ceremony for OA. I had my assisstant Den leader ask the requirments for Adults to be tapped out. All I remember is that there was a camping requirment, but I also wanted to know if someone could be picked if they served in the Cub Scout level?
  10. One of my Wood Badge Ticket items is to put together a format introduction packet for new members. I want to keep it as brief as possable, so it does get read, on the other hand I want to make it worth reading. I would like to get idea's on what to put in that new parents would need. Some of my idea's are : Map to the Council Office Council Web site Uniform Inspection Sheet (So they know where to sew patches on) Explanation of a Den, Pack, District, Council, Den Leader, Cub Master, Pack Committee. Anything else you can think of please chime in. Brian
  11. Prairie, what is it that makes Brownies lame???? Sure they do not have BB gun, archery, and Pine wood derby, but that is there program. It also is what the leaders do with the program guidlines they have. I have seen some really great Girl Scout Programs as well as real lame Cub Scout programs. It depends on the effort that the leadership puts into them. I know, becouse I am a Co-leader for a Junior Girl Scout Troop, and a Den Leader for Cub Scouts.
  12. C-45-07 Beaver Patrol at your service. We chewed(wittled) 2 inch long beaver beads,simular to WB beads, but pointed on the end. 2 each that we wore as a totem. we engraved our class number on them. We also hung them all over camp, in the dining hall, even from the flagpole when it was the eagle's turn to raise the flag. We also gave them out to staff who were our guests at our campsite. We hung them from the spade(Service Patrol) the kudu horn, needless to say, we were identified as the roudy patrol. Beaver 5 out
  13. I am a Den Leader, for my son, I am also a Co-leader for my daughter who is girl scouts along with my wife. When we are at girl scout meetings and outings, my son goes along becouse we do not have someone to take care of him. He does fairley we, but he said that he wished that he could have another boy with him for these activities. Someone asked me if it was possable to have a joint Girl Scout, and Cub Scout activity? Has anyone ever done this?
  14. In one of the requirments for this award it states. Contact the host team each month and provide support for one year. My question is what is a host team. Is this something at district level? What if there is no host team, then what will you do. Thank for any help Brian
  15. My daughters Girl Scout Troop started off as a new troop this past fall. We collected aluminum cans from various buisnesses. Our local Wal-mart store sets them out for us. About 1 garbage bag every 2 days. One of the girls dad is a fireman. He brings in 2 big bags every 2 weeks. We are averaging about $50 a month. There is a local scrap yard about 2 miles from my job. Very little laber and time is used, for a very good return. This is a good way to add extra funds for some of the exta's you may want to add to your program.
  16. Something that I have been thinking about is the District Award of Merit. I have some thoughts on it, but I would like your thoughts also. How many years of service, any Pre-requiste would you look for? Woodbadge, Eagle, participation in other than unit level? When recamandations were asked for at our Roundtable the other day, most of the people that came to mind already had it. Please share some of your thoughts of what you look for to see if someone measures up. Thanks
  17. For one of my WB ticket items, I must train and be qualified to do the Archery and BB gun range at day camp. I have asked the Camp Director, who is district training person where, who, and when to get this done, but they are slow at responding. I know this is still early, but is this a class room only, or is there field parts also that would need warmer weather.
  18. How would this different than a Pack Committee? Would it be the same? I have not taken it, or live classroom, so I do not if Troop and Pack is different. Does anyone know? Brian
  19. I am sharing a story I heard from our instructer for Leader Specifics the other day. She said that she was in uniform, and had to stop and get gas. As she was filling the car she and deep in her own thoughts, she kept hearing a muffled voice. It finally caught her attention. There was a young boy in the next car over, and he was shouting at her, but the windows were rolled up. He was saying over and over, "I'M IN CUB SCOUTS, I'M IN CUB SCOUTS" He had seen her uniform, and wanted her to know he was a Cub Scout also. I just loved to hear about this boys exitment. I wanted to share it wit
  20. We has a great fall recruiting class. We have just about doubled our Pack. We are having our 1st Pack Meeting next week, and I found a ceremony that involves a camp fire where each new scout adds a few sticks to the fire, and shows how the spirt of scouting helps the Pack grow. I had another thought where they put one hand on the staff of the Pack flag, and raise there hand in the Cub Scout Sign, and repeat the Cub Scout Promise. I also thought of having the local paper have a picture of all the new boys. I was wondering what everyone thought of this? Thanks Brian
  21. Welcome, I will give you some idea's. Thank you for stepping forward, that shows that you want to have a quality program. Take as much training as you can, it just helps you out, plus it gives you contact with other leaders. If you have time, attend District Roundtable once a month. We have several parents bring the kids to Roundtable. It will help build you knowledge. You should have Youth protection, New leader essentials, and Leader specific. These are done through out the fall. Check with your Cub Master, Pack Trainer, or local Council. At the top of this Website, it give yo
  22. I am looking for the words to a song that my old DE used to sing to us. He played a conductor and broke the audience into the different parts of a orchesta. There were drums, trumpets, violins, and bagpipes. He would start off with the line. I am the old conductor from old shubert??? land. Play for me drums,and then they would play a verse. Then each group would play a verse. Finally the whole orchestra would play. I would love to do this with my scouts.
  23. Elizabeth It sounds like you are on track. I really like your outline. One thing I like is that you have the boys off playing games while you are able to have the parents attention while you can explain how the program works, and what they are responsable for. I have seen lots of parents that just do not (Get It) till its to late. I was somewhat in a fog when my son went through Tigers. And I have Boy Scout Experiance under my belt. It also took me a long time to get used to what I thought was a lot of meetings. I really hope that you do well. Something you can also do is 2 months
  24. This is the first year that I helped out on recruiting. In the past they always did it on weekend when I work. We had 3 Cub Scout Packs there, along with 2 Boy Scout Troop that cover my town. We had a good turn out, and I would guess that each Pack picked up at 30% growth in registered members. The only problem I saw is that most of our Packs are still very weak in adult help. I was very hesitant to try to promise a program that I could not guarnty would be there for them. For Example, my Pack has no Bear Den, becouse of no parents willing to be Den Leaders. We may loose all of our Wolv
  25. I bought some fabric that best matched the Cubscout blue uniform. I had someone that does some sewing locally, and she folded it over to give the flag a double thickness. She then sewed aronnd the edges to creat a seam. I then took the flag to our den meetings. The boys glued our Council patch on both sides, our Pack numbers, and our den numbers. We punched holes at one end, and inserted metal gromets. We tyed it on to our flagpole that was painted by the boys. We used about a 3/4 dowel rod I think.
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