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  1. Our Pack has about 5 Webloes, 5 Bears, 5 Wolves, and 4 Tigers. The Tigers took 1st and 3rd Place in the Pack. And these cars looked like you would want a tigers car to look. Very simple design, and very modest paint job. In fact the 1st place car owner had to keep telling us which part was the front of the car. Needless to say it did not make the older more experinced Cub Scouts happy to be outdone by these young tigers. Brian
  2. While I am awake, let me throw one more topic out to everyone. We have just finished the Blue and Gold Banquet, and Scouting for food. I was wondering about having these events published in the local paper. My thoughts are getting the boys some credit for what they have accomplished, showing the community that there is a Cub Pack that is active. This can help with bringing in new membership, and with fundraising, when popcorn sales come up. My question is do we have to/need to get a release form from the parents to have the boys name and picture in the newspaper?
  3. Hi, I just woke up and as always, my brain is working on scouting stuff. Any way, somehow I was dreaming/thinking that there was a part to a (scout prominse that had the line {to be square} but when I awoke it felt so real. So my questing is that has the Boy Scout Promise/Cub Scout Promise always been the same, or has it changes somewhere along the line. My thaughs are that if it changed, that to be square meant that one was to be squared away, but in the 60's Square evolved into a different meaning. Please Help!!!! Brian
  4. I like Sam Walton thinking. You have a product that you have a 50% mark-up. You change the mark-up to 25% and and pass the savings on to your customer. You sell twice as many pieces, and your net profit is the same amount. So what did you accomplish? You have twice as many scouts and leaders in uniform. I do not think the actural cost is as high as we may think. I think its the markup that National takes to bring in a proffit target.
  5. I was tapped out abouot 1976, became a brotherhood member in the spring of 1977, and was Chapter Chief for about 2 years. I have come back to scouting as a Cub Scout Den Leader. How do I rejoin? Do I just contact our local lodge and pay my dues? What about replacing my long lost sash? I have seen that they sell them at the Council Trading Post, but I have not asked if you need to show any OA id to purchase them.
  6. Well, I was a little slow, becouse this topic was going to be my next question I was going to ask this forum. You just beat me to the it. I was thinking $3.00 per month off the top of my head. I do not think I have any of my boys in the assistance bracket, but if I did I would ask that family to be my scroungers. There are always things that one would throw away that could help. Klinex boxes, empty can goods, scraps of cloth. Also they may have old school supplies that they do not use.
  7. Wecome from Geneseo,Ill. I got involved in this web site a few weeks ago. If your pack does not work very well, you will find out that you are not alone out in the cold. These folks will help you build some shelter and stoke up a roaring campfire. Brian
  8. Thank you all, I agree that some requirments like flag raising cerimony is best done as part of a den meeting. Every meeting I explain to the boys "You cannot get any work done on your book till you open it". I had also though about a newsletter to keep the parents up to date. I am also going to explore the idea to send up date on E-mail, this was I do not have to play phone tag. Brian
  9. I belong to a pack that last year did not run any activities in the summer. Last spring I agreed to be the new Wolf Den Leader. One of the other dads to be the Pack Leader. I did not ask, when a training session would start, I did the old wait till someone calls me. Needless to say, I did do my Training last fall. Now I am scrambling to get my boys to get their Wolf Badge. The first few months I sat back and followed the book to the letter having the boys do the work at home. I think I have finally got my parents to understand that they have to work with the boys. My question is at wha
  10. When I was a scout in summer camp back about 1977, a staff member at the handycraft lodge did this one. Take about a 2" diameter of ceder branch and cut a slice about 1/2" thick. Sand it down well, and take a picture from a magazine. A jumping fish, deer mountain, any theme you want. Use a wood burner and char the edges. Now add several layer of varnish till you have a thick mirror finish. Now just add a wire loop to the back. I am guessing on the measuremant, but I hope you get the idea. Brian
  11. I have not done yet,this is my first year a cub leader, but I have lots of ideas running through my head. Help out the VFW putting flags on the graves of the Military Veterans. March in the Memorial Day Parade. Find a stream, or roadway that has trash that needs to be picked up. Plant a flower bed out on the edge of town where the city limits sighn is. Go for a family/pack bike hike. Have a family cook out and get everyone involved in a soft ball game. Go fly a kit. Brian
  12. I joined cubscouts late in my boyhood, quit when the Den Leader canciled the first camp out. Joined Boy Scouts, and loved it. Made Eagle Scout, Chapter Chief for OA, Philmont, and later Assistant Scoutmaster till I joined the Army. Now I have a son that was a tiger last year and now we are in the wolf den. Something I learned as I went through the ranks, is to listen to those that have walked the trail before you, and you may now fall into as many of the traps that they have already stumbled across. I am always looking to learn a new idea. Brian
  13. I have been involved in boy scouts for several years. I am currently a Den Leader in Cub Scouts. My wife is a Assistant Brownie Leader. The Brownie Troop is doing a activity where you bring another girl to a troop meeting. The mother of the girl she asked would not let her attend becouse she was of the oppinion that the girl scouts either promoted /suported the gay and homosexual issuies. I do not know how she came about this information. I started to do some reserch on the web, and found that there had been specific councils that had tried to remove the referance to God in the pledge, but I c
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