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  1. Found this. http://www.scouter.com/forum/venturing-program/23585-sea-scout-ship-vs-venturing-crew
  2. I'm looking to start a new unit I. Our area and I've been thinking that a Venturing Crew would be the way to go, but now I'm wondering about a Sea Scout Ship instead. What's the benefits of one over the other?
  3. If this has been discussed before, I apologize, but I couldn't find it anywhere. As we are in the 21st century and we have boys bring ipads to Troop meetings with cookbooks, meritbadge worksheets, BSA handbook, etc. I'm being asked by the boys how they can get the merit badge books in PDF. I remember a year or so ago I found some nice PDF of the merit badge books online, but they've since been taken down. Does anyone know of a source for merit badge PDFs?
  4. My son in interested in learning to play the bugle and earning the merit badge. He's already playing french horn. However, funds are limited. Anyone have any suggetions on where I could find a used bugle for a thrifty scout family?
  5. These are all great ideas guys! Keep 'em coming. By the way, what is the creepy boy scout memorial in DC?
  6. Hi everyone! As we plan our next summer, we have already identified our regular in council summer camp and everyone will be going to that. For the older boys we have some going to Philmont on the high adventure trip. We are also looking to start a tradition of a third summer activity, this one is mainly for younger scouts that cannot go to Philmont, Seabase or Northern Tier. One easy idea is to choose an out of council camp. But I was also thinking that perhaps we could just arrange our own trip and wondered if other Troops have done something like that. We have a small bus and v
  7. I'm not sure if I'm a helicoper parent or not. I had a small Webelos Den for the last two years and the 4 of us did alot of stuff together. Most of the time it was me, another dad and the boys. We honestly enjoy spending time with the boys and they us. I don't worry about him doing things without me. He's been on Troop trips without me and comes back talking about it. I remember one time they went rafting and I "wanted" to go, but the other dad and I decided it was time to start getting them ready for us not being around. So I didn't go on that one and he didn't go on others. I realize
  8. WOW! I never expected so many comments. All had good advice, however some posts were a little harsh. I did have a conversation with my son last night about how the Troop will be different from the Pack. I told him that in the past I initiated when he and his fellow Webs would start working on an activity pin. I told him going forward that he will have to take the initiative to approach the SM or SPL and ask about working on advancements. I told him that I'd be happy to talk with him about something if he comes and asks me, but things are more in his court in driving his Scout c
  9. Hi! After 5 short years my son crossed over to a BSA Troop last night. As he starts his Boy Scout career, I need to relearn how to do things. I was his den leader for all these years and when it came time for the boys to work on a Webelos Activity Pin (or anything) I could plan it out, spend the time teaching the boys or just my son and sign off on it. How does it work in Boy Scout Troops? I heard that I can't just work directly with my son and sign off on things. I was told my son has to have them signed off by the ScoutMaster. That's all fine and I was expecting that to tbe
  10. You're exactly right about the boys using the compass after they cross over to a troop. That's one of our desires. Thanks for all the good advice on the types of compasses. I've got a call into Silvia, but those look to be $11-$15.
  11. Hello! We've had a good popcorn sale and wanted to reward the pack with a compass and custom lanyard. I was wondering if anyone had a source for 50-100 baseplate compasses at a discount or a place to get a custom lanyard. I've got a quote for lanyards at $1.73 each, but I'd like to do better on all of it. We want to reward them all with something, but on the other hand we don't want to go broke doing it! Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks guys. I'm not trying to rush Showman, just clarify. We are planning to do the whole puppet show thing as I think the boys will enjoy it and the pack gets a puppetshow stage out of it. But we need to expose the boys to other things too.
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