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  1. we have two bookcases on wheels & a file cabinet (for the mb manuals) since we have to store stuff in the Scouts' closet between meetings. A sheet of paper is glued into each book. On the sheet we use a date stamp to indicate when the book needs to be returned. At the next checkout, the new date is stamped below the previous date. When the sheet is full, it is removed & a new, blank sheet glued in. Until then, each book is shelved with a rubber band around it. The rubber band is to hold an index card for each book with the title, author, copyright date, etc. On checkout, the index
  2. when sailing mb was known as seamanship mb, earning the swimming mb was pre-req. Don't know why the change. I would've thought knowing how to make flotation aids out of pants or shirt would be worthwhile
  3. I don't see why this is such a problem. The Scouts gave the building to the park commission in return for free rent. If the city no longer wants to abide by the agreement, then just end the agreement and the Scouts take back their building
  4. Hendrickms24: Your son will have until age 18 to earn his bugling mb. All he has to do is get a signed blue card and make initial contact with a counselor before the merge date of Jan 2011
  5. we charge each Scout a yearly fee of $60 under the principle of each Scout pays his own way. They can pay it as five dollars a month. Alas, bicycle-type newspaper routes are long gone. We co-ordinate a buddy-system rent-a-Scout so that they can earn (each Scout becomes an independent contractor)by doing odd-jobs the troop does 3 or 4 fundraisers each year. We have found it important to set the money goal in advance, as well as what the money will be used for (most of it, anyway). These fundraisers carry a week of summer camp as well as "educational" outings. The fundraisers are well att
  6. well, forgery is just plain wrong. The situation makes me wonder if he did this in Cubs as well. If these had been first class requirements, we would tell the boy we had failed him, and he would be better off elsewhere. As for tenderfoot, in these days of not accepting personal responsibility, the SM should tell him he needs to start over, and that (for him) only certain specified people could signoff. Has the badge actually been awarded yet? Sewn on the shirt yet? There may be time to retrieve it, and hold it for safekeeping.
  7. that's 100% plain cast iron ovens; no fancy finishes
  8. I would give the ceramic (enameled?) dutch oven to your wife, and start over with an all cast iron one. Our field experience with these fancier d.o. has not been good; the finish frequently cracks, spalls with all the hard knocks. 100% ovens are more bomb-proof. Most of the advice given here is for totally cast iron ovens
  9. And I'm guessing that Indiana Jones wasn't a Life Scout after-all in the third Indy movie, huh? Harrison Ford was a Life Scout. That's why Spielberg made Indie a Life. Ford was also a merit badge counselor for reptiles
  10. I am seeing "my son" and "his son"; I am not seeing "our son". Did either of you stop and ask the kid if he wanted to go to the Jamboree -- possibly with a different troop?
  11. I believe the Fieldbook is incorrect as to the order of the steps. When I worked in a restaurant it was wash, rinse, sanitize. As Dean mentioned, the dishes & utensils should remain in the sanitizing solution for a couple minutes. You then airdry, at which time the chlorine will dissipate into the atmosphere leaving no "film" behind. Too much Cl can be as bad as too little if ingested. Older Philmont guides skip a sanitizing step. Instead, before the next meal, you place everything into boiling water for a bit even though you've washed & rinsed them at the previous meal.
  12. Many police officers prefer to be called "officer" When I was a wee lad, a lot of adults got bent out of shape when I called them sir, "Don't call me sir, I was an enlisted man."
  13. "hopefully set up in a semi-circular or circular pattern around a center point and not in a straight-line" Please don't do this. You'll increase chances of a wild critter finding its way to the center, and then going berserk when it can't easily find its way out again.
  14. I can't get the second link to work even when I include the second "t". Just Google Eliza's Tack Trunk
  15. http://www.ces.purdue.edu/extmedia/ID/ID-151.html htp://home.insightbb.com/~apmonte/TackTrunk.html hope these help. adjust dimensions as desired. "build" a version 1.0 out of cardboard (get a bike box from a bicycle store) to check on the new dimensions
  16. This seems like a good & worthwhile activity for Scouts who have earned wilderness survival mb, and want to extend their training. The knowledge and practical experience will serve them well during times of emergency such as the recent trauma in Haiti when store-bought food disappeared Both Seton and Dan Beard encouraged Scouts to go hunting (and eating what they killed), although I would draw the line at hunting elephant. They viewed hunting as the refinement and ultimate test of a person's skills in woodcraft and self-reliance. Even Baden-Powell told his boys that fresh caught frie
  17. developing character, while an important goal, is not the only goal. Physical fitness is an equal top goal, as is self-reliance. Part of self-reliance is being able to procure food. Not too many campouts are spent plowing the soil, sowing the seeds, and then harvesting. With the emphasis on camping, hiking, woodcraft & outdoor activities, Scouting is closer to being hunter-gatherers than being farmers. And, yes, as hunter-gatherers children hunted and respected life. Enough of me! Let the founders speak: According to Boy Scouts of Americas Charter The purpose of this corpo
  18. The moral aspects of killing and cleaning your own dinner rather than buying it from a store? You've totally thrown me,here! Are you concerned this may become some Ramboesque event? If so, your Scouts could learn how animals are killed in a kosher slaughterhouse. Some Native Americans used to thank the spirit of the animal for giving them sustenance; you might consider something similar. How do your children grow-up if everything is kept from them?
  19. http://www.backpackinglight.com/cgi-bin/backpackinglight/philmont.html
  20. "You want to teach them something useful about the food chain, teach them how to farm and butcher properly so they are providing for more than just themselves." When your sons are in the military, and stuck behind enemy lines, or working with a non-profit overseas when the earthquake strikes, and they run out of "official" food, you want them to starve to death?
  21. "Another way of thinkin' about it is 'don't hire stupid people.'" it's sometimes hard to tell in advance who are the stupid. We may "think" that just because someone is a good engineer, or a powerful attorney, that he/she will be competent in any and all Scouting tasks. T'ain't necessarily so
  22. "not providing chaplains is not denying people their right to practice their religion. It makes it more difficult in a lot of cases," wrong! some religious sects require a chaplain. not providing one makes it impossible to practice their religion
  23. Are you going to visit our National Jamboree (held every four years)?
  24. I, for one, would rest easier if we had lesbian scoutmasters. In these days of female teachers seducing their male students, and the possibility of adult males seducing boys, I'd see this as a good solutuion for now.
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